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Ucertify offers free demo for AD0-E121 exam. "Adobe Experience Manager Sites Business Practitioner Expert", also known as AD0-E121 exam, is a Adobe Certification. This set of posts, Passing the Adobe AD0-E121 exam, will help you answer those questions. The AD0-E121 Questions & Answers covers all the knowledge points of the real exam. 100% real Adobe AD0-E121 exams and revised by experts!

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A developer plans to use the Text component on its pages. However the out-of-the-box (OOTB) Tex! component does not allow authors to edit HTML source on the component. How should the developer support HTML source editing?

  • A. Extend the COTB Text component and enable the sourceedit Rkh-Text Editor (RTE) plugm.
  • B. Create a new clientlib to programmatically handle HTML source >n authoring.
  • C. Create a standalone custom Text component and handle HTML source in Sightly.
  • D. Edit the OOTB Text component directly to enable sourceedit Rich-Text Editor (RTE) plugin.

Answer: D

A customer needs to update their live site when the author triggers any content activation. What should a Business Practitioner recommend be configured?

  • A. Dispatcher Flush Agent
  • B. Static Replication Agent
  • C. Chain Replication Agent
  • D. Reverse Replication Agent

Answer: C

Regarding performance, what are the Adobe recommended response Time guidelines for uneached HTML requests?

  • A. 30% of the requests for pages should have a response in less than 100ms.
  • B. 70% of the requests for pages should have a response in less than 100mt
  • C. 20% of the requests for pages should have a response in less than1 second.
  • D. No pages should respond slower than an elapsed period o' 500ms.

Answer: B

You are running through an AEM Assets Discovery Checklist for your customer. Their main concerns are low downtime and minimum latency issues. What are two most important questions that you can ask the customer to best address their concerns? Choose two.

  • A. What is the typical network connectivity for users accessing AEM?
  • B. Do you have asset review/approval workflows?
  • C. What hours are considered "off-peak" for your content authors?
  • D. Do you intend to use Creative Cloud integration?
  • E. What are the types of assets to be migrated?

Answer: AC

A product manager wants to Incorporate content that lets users knows where they are in the purchase flow. This feature needs to be implemented efficiently and as quickly as possible.
What should the Business Practitioner recommend to meet this requirement?

  • A. Use the navigation core component
  • B. Use the list core component
  • C. Develop a custom purchase flow component
  • D. Use the progress bar component

Answer: D

Which Workflow model property should a Business Practitioner select for a workflow that will be ran often and does not require saving workflow runtime history?

  • A. Translent Workflow
  • B. Asset Offloading
  • C. Asset Microservice
  • D. Unlock Payload Process

Answer: C

Due to a major conflict In the 'add to cart" functional requirement in the e-commerce project, the development team cannot proceed with the planning and implementation. After a detailed discussion with the product Owner and development team, the requirement conflict is still not resolved.
Who should the business Practitioner meet with to resolve this issue?

  • A. • Content Owner• Architect
  • B. • Content Manager• Development Lead
  • C. • Business Owner Architect
  • D. • Scrum Waste*• Project Manager

Answer: D

A new content author joins a company for a content editing and authoring job. A user Has been created. The user needs only the minimum rights for this job. Which group should the user be added lo in order to meet this requirement?

  • A. The "administrators’’ group
  • B. The "content-authors' group
  • C. The "contributor’’ group
  • D. The "workflow-administrators’’ group

Answer: C

Which role is responsible for scope and timeline delivery to a customer?

  • A. Development lead
  • B. Quality Lead
  • C. Project Manager
  • D. Architect

Answer: C

A Business Practitioner needs to deactivate content that Is published In production. Where should the deactivation workflow be initiated?

  • A. On the dispatcher
  • B. On the author
  • C. On the CDN
  • D. On the publish

Answer: B

A business uses AEM as a Cloud Service. The production pipeline in Cloud Manager Keeps reporting a maintainability issue during the hot-fix deployment It will take more than 1 business day for the development learn to resolve the deployment issue. The business wants an immediate resolution.
What should the Business Practitioner recommend to the development team?

  • A. Uncheck Go Live Approval setting in Production Deployment Options and re-run the build
  • B. Set Important failure Behavior setting to "Continue immediately' and re-run the build
  • C. Upload the hot-fix package and install manually via the Package Manager

Answer: A

Which AEM feature provides support for content editing of single-page applications?

  • A. SPA Editor
  • B. SPA Blueprint
  • C. Fluid Experiences
  • D. AEM Assets

Answer: A

An IT company gets a new project. The sponsors want to know whether everything they are asking for can De completed within their time constraints and budget. What should the Business Practitioner recommend to meet these requirements?

  • A. Use AEM projects
  • B. Develop in MVP plan
  • C. Perform risk assessment
  • D. Onboard trained technical resources

Answer: D

A customer has a website that serves an English-speaking market. The customer wants to expand to a German-speaking market. What should the Business Practitioner recommend to seamlessly create the new website structure?

  • A. Use the MSM functionality to create a language copy
  • B. Use I18n Translator to create the language copy
  • C. Use the MSM functionality to create a Iive copy
  • D. Use an External Translation provider to create a language copy

Answer: C

A customer wants different teams to collaborate with each other by connecting Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets with Creative Cloud desktop apps: InDesign. Photoshop and Illustrator.
Which AEM feature can be used for this requirement?

  • A. Adobe Asset Link
  • B. Asset link sharing
  • C. AEM Projects
  • D. Dynamic Media

Answer: A


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