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Which of the following biometric authentication methods is the MOST accurate?

  • A. Gait
  • B. Retina
  • C. Signature
  • D. Voice

Answer: B

Retina authentication is the most accurate biometric authentication method. Retina authentication is based on recognizing the unique pattern of blood vessels and other features in the retina. This makes it virtually impossible to duplicate or bypass, making it the most secure form of biometric authentication currently available.


Which of the following would be most effective to contain a rapidly spreading attack that is affecting a large number of organizations?

  • A. Machine learning
  • B. DNS sinkhole
  • C. Blocklist
  • D. Honey pot

Answer: B

A DNS sinkhole would be most effective to contain a rapidly spreading attack that is affecting a large number of organizations. A DNS sinkhole is a technique that involves redirecting malicious or unwanted domain names to an alternative IP address, such as a black hole, a honeypot, or a warning page. A DNS sinkhole can help to prevent or disrupt the communication between infected systems and command-and-control servers, malware distribution sites, phishing sites, or botnets. A DNS sinkhole can also help to identify and isolate infected systems by monitoring the traffic to the sinkhole IP address. References:


An organization's corporate offices were destroyed due to a natural disaster, so the organization is now setting up offices in a temporary work space. Which of the following will the organization most likely consult?

  • A. The business continuity plan
  • B. The risk management plan
  • C. The communication plan
  • D. The incident response plan

Answer: A

A business continuity plan is a document or a process that outlines how an organization can continue its critical operations and functions in the event of a disruption or disaster. It can include strategies and procedures for recovering or relocating resources, personnel, data, etc., to ensure minimal downtime and impact. The organization will most likely consult the business continuity plan when setting up offices in a temporary work space after its corporate offices were destroyed due to a natural disaster.


A security administrator recently used an internal CA to issue a certificate to a public application. A user tries to reach the application but receives a message stating, “Your connection is not private." Which of the following is the best way to fix this issue?

  • A. Ignore the warning and continue to use the application normally.
  • B. Install the certificate on each endpoint that needs to use the application.
  • C. Send the new certificate to the users to install on their browsers.
  • D. Send a CSR to a known CA and install the signed certificate on the application's server.

Answer: D

A certificate issued by an internal CA is not trusted by default by external users or applications. Therefore, when a user tries to reach the application that uses an internal CA certificate, they will receive a warning message that their connection is not private1. The best way to fix this issue is to use a certificate signed by a well-known public CA that is trusted by most browsers and operating systems1. To do this, the security administrator needs to send a certificate signing request (CSR) to a public CA and install the signed certificate on the application’s server2. The other options are not recommended or feasible. Ignoring the warning and continuing to use the application normally is insecure and exposes the user to potential man-in-the-middle attacks3. Installing the certificate on each endpoint that needs to use the application is impractical and cumbersome, especially if there are many users or devices involved3. Sending the new certificate to the users to install on their browsers is also inconvenient and may not work for some browsers or devices3.
References: 1: 2: 3:


An information security manager for an organization is completing a PCI DSS self-assessment for the first time. which of the is following MOST likely reason for this type of assessment?

  • A. An international expansion project is currently underway.
  • B. Outside consultants utilize this tool to measure security maturity.
  • C. The organization is expecting to process credit card information.
  • D. A government regulator has requested this audit to be completed

Answer: C

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a set of security standards designed to ensure that all companies that accept, process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. Any organization that accepts credit card payments is required to comply with PCI DSS.


An analyst is working on an email security incident in which the target opened an attachment containing a worm. The analyst wants to Implement mitigation techniques to prevent further spread. Which of the
following is the best course of action for the analyst to take?

  • A. Apply a DLP solution.
  • B. Implement network segmentation.
  • C. Utilize email content filtering.
  • D. Isolate the infected attachment.

Answer: D

Isolating the infected attachment is the best course of action for the analyst to take to prevent further spread of the worm. A worm is a type of malware that can self-replicate and infect other devices without human interaction. By isolating the infected attachment, the analyst can prevent the worm from spreading to other devices or networks via email, file-sharing, or other means. Isolating the infected attachment can also help the analyst to analyze the worm and determine its source, behavior, and impact. References:
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Which of Ihe following control types is patch management classified under?

  • A. Deterrent
  • B. Physical
  • C. Corrective
  • D. Detective

Answer: C

Patch management is classified as a corrective control because it is used to correct vulnerabilities or weaknesses in systems and applications after they have been identified. It is a reactive approach that aims to fix problems that have already occurred rather than prevent them from happening in the first place.
Reference: CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Official Textbook, page 109.


A company would like to set up a secure way to transfer data between users via their mobile phones The company's top pnonty is utilizing technology that requires users to be in as close proximity as possible to each other. Which of the following connection methods would BEST fulfill this need?

  • A. Cellular
  • B. NFC
  • C. Wi-Fi
  • D. Bluetooth

Answer: B

NFC allows two devices to communicate with each other when they are in close proximity to each other, typically within 5 centimetres. This makes it the most secure connection method for the company's data transfer requirements.


A company's help desk received several AV alerts indicating Mimikatz attempted to run on the remote systems Several users also reported that the new company flash drives they picked up in the break room only have 512KB of storage Which of the following is most likely the cause?

  • A. The GPO prevents the use of flash drives, which triggers a false positive AV indication and restricts the drives to only 512KB of storage
  • B. The new flash drives need a driver that is being blocked by the AV software because the flash drives are not on the application's allow list, temporarily restricting the drives to 512KB of storage.
  • C. The new flash drives are incorrectly partitioned, and the systems are automatically trying to use an unapproved application to repartition the drives.
  • D. The GPO blocking the flash drives is being bypassed by a malicious flash drive that is attempting to harvest plaintext credentials from memory.

Answer: D

Mimikatz is a tool that can extract plaintext credentials from memory on Windows systems. A malicious flash drive can bypass the GPO blocking the flash drives by using techniques such as autorun.inf or HID spoofing to execute Mimikatz on the target system without user interaction or consent. This can cause AV alerts indicating Mimikatz attempted to run on the remote systems and also reduce the storage capacity of the flash drives to only 512KB by creating hidden partitions or files on them.


An organization decided not to put controls in place because of the high cost of implementing the controls
compared to the cost of a potential fine. Which of the following risk management strategies is the organization following?

  • A. Transference
  • B. Avoidance
  • C. Mitigation
  • D. Acceptance

Answer: D

Acceptance is a risk management strategy that involves acknowledging the existence and potential impact of a risk, but deciding not to take any action to reduce or eliminate it. This strategy is usually adopted when the cost of implementing controls outweighs the benefit of mitigating the risk, or when the risk is deemed acceptable or unavoidable. In this case, the organization decided not to put controls in place because of the high cost compared to the potential fine, which means they accepted the risk. References:


Which of the following provides a catalog of security and privacy controls related to the United States federal information systems?

  • A. GDPR
  • B. PCI DSS
  • C. ISO 27000
  • D. NIST 800-53

Answer: D

NIST 800-53 provides a catalog of security and privacy controls related to the United States federal information systems. References: CompTIA Security+ Study Guide, Exam SY0-601, 4th Edition, Chapter 3: Architecture and Design, pp. 123-125


A systems integrator is installing a new access control system for a building. The new system will need to connect to the Company's AD server In order to validate current employees. Which of the following should the systems integrator configure to be the most secure?

  • A. HTTPS
  • B. SSH
  • C. SFTP
  • D. LDAPS

Answer: D

LDAPS (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Secure) is the most secure protocol to use for connecting to an Active Directory server, as it encrypts the communication between the client and the server using SSL/TLS. This prevents eavesdropping, tampering, or spoofing of the authentication and authorization data.
References: 1
CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam Objectives, page 13, Domain 3.0: Implementation,
Objective 3.2: Implement secure protocols 2
CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam Objectives, page 15,
Domain 3.0: Implementation, Objective 3.5: Implement secure authentication mechanisms 3


A store receives reports that shoppers’ credit card information is being stolen. Upon further analysis, those same shoppers also withdrew money from an ATM in that store.
The attackers are using the targeted shoppers’ credit card information to make online purchases. Which of the following attacks is the MOST probable cause?

  • A. Identity theft
  • B. RFID cloning
  • C. Shoulder surfing
  • D. Card skimming

Answer: D

The attackers are using card skimming to steal shoppers' credit card information, which they use to make online purchases. References:
SY0-701 dumps exhibit CompTIA Security+ Study Guide Exam SY0-601, Chapter 5


A network manager is concerned that business may be negatively impacted if the firewall in its data center goes offline. The manager would like to implement a high availability pair to:

  • A. decrease the mean time between failures.
  • B. remove the single point of failure.
  • C. cut down the mean time to repair
  • D. reduce the recovery time objective

Answer: B

A single point of failure is a component or element of a system that, if it fails, will cause the entire system to fail or stop functioning. It can pose a high risk and impact for business continuity and availability. A high availability pair is a configuration that involves two identical devices or systems that operate in parallel and provide redundancy and failover capabilities. It can remove the single point of failure by ensuring that if one device or system fails, the other one can take over its functions without interruption or downtime.


A security analyst is reviewing computer logs because a host was compromised by malware After the computer was infected it displayed an error screen and shut down. Which of the following should the analyst review first to determine more information?

  • A. Dump file
  • B. System log
  • C. Web application log
  • D. Security too

Answer: A

A dump file is the first thing that a security analyst should review to determine more information about a compromised device that displayed an error screen and shut down. A dump file is a file that contains a snapshot of the memory contents of a device at the time of a system crash or error. A dump file can help a security analyst analyze the cause and source of the crash or error, as well as identify any malicious code or activity that may have triggered it.


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