Improved IBM C9010-022 – An Overview 131 to 140

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Q131. – (Topic 2) 

Which command displays from which disk the operating system was last booted? 

A. last 

B. bosboot 

C. getconf 

D. bootlist 


Q132. – (Topic 2) 

Users on a server are receiving errors stating that they cannot fork any additional processes. The administrator checks server paging space and finds that it is only 5% used. 

What is the next most likely cause of theforking issue and what action should be taken to resolve it? 

A. Corruption has occurred to the bos.rte.control fileset. Reinstall the fileset with the -f option. 

B. The number of fixed licenses has been reached. Use 'chlicense' to increase the limit andreboot the system. 

C. System requires additional table space as well as paging space. Check the table space and increase as required. 

D. The system has the default maxuproc system attribute. This should be increased to a value appropriate for the environment. 


Q133. – (Topic 3) 

Where is the file size limit for all users defined? 

A. /etc/security/environ 

B. /etc/security/limits 

C. /etc/security/environments 

D. /etc/environment 


Q134. – (Topic 1) 

An LPAR is configured with strict logical volume mirroring across two disks for resilience. The administrator would like to ensure if one disk fails the volume group stays online. Which command will ensure that the datavg volume group stays online? 

A. varyonvg -n datavg 

B. mirrorvg-Q-c 2 datavg 

C. mklvcopy -e m -s y (each logical volume name) 2 

D. chvg -Qn datavg 


Q135. – (Topic 4) 

Which of the following is a supported source for creating a Versioned WPAR? 

A. An existing AIX 5.2 mksysb 

B. AIX 5.3 base product media 

C. An AIX 6.1 Global Environment 

D. NIM AIX 5.3 lpp_source and spot 


Q136. – (Topic 2) 

An AIX LPAR has been saved using the mksysb command to a file called LPAR1_mksysb located in the /backup directory. Which command displays the contents of the mksysb backup? 

A. mksysb-v-f/backup/LPAR1_mksysb 

B. restore -Tqf /backup/LPAR1_mksysb 

C. listvgbackup -f/backup/LPAR1_mksysb 

D. backup-i -v-f/backup/LPAR1_mksysb 


Q137. – (Topic 1) 

What option will boot an LPAR directly from DVD media, without any user interaction required, when starting the LPAR from the Hardware Management Console (HMC)? 

A. Normal 

B. Diagnostic with default boot list 

C. System management services 

D. Open firmware OK prompt 


Q138. – (Topic 2) 

How can administrators ensure that the Integrated Virtual Ethernet (IVE) adapters in their servers have the latest available firmware? 

A. By upgrading the given IBM Power Systems server to the latest available system firmware. 

B. By using inventory scout to query the installed firmware level against the available level. 

C. By using either the managing HMC, SDMC or IVM to query and update the adapter firmware. 

D. By using the Ismcode AIX command with the query flag. 


96. – (Topic 2) 

What is required to support VLANs in an AIX partition? 

A. IEEE 802.1Q compatible adapter 

B. Promiscuous mode disabled 

C. IEEE 802.3ad compatible interface 

D. QoS must be enabled 


Q139. – (Topic 4) 

In which two ways can the pre-login message for an AIX LPAR be changed? (Choose two.) 

A. Issue thechsyscommand 

B. Edit the /etc/security/login.cfg file 

C. Change the /etc/motd file 

D. Use thechseccommand 

E. Modify the /etc/security/environ file 

Answer: B,C 

Q140. – (Topic 2) 

Solid State Drives (SSDs) have been added to a POWER7 system, and the administrator would like to migrate filesystems with high I/O activity to the SSDs. What TWO options or commands will assist the administrator with identifying filesystem activity? 

(Select 2) A. svmon 

B. tprof 

C. filemon 

D. Hot File Detection 

E. fileplace 

Answer: C,D