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Q41. Which two statements are true regarding the usage of the SQL*LOADER utility? (Choose two.)

A. You can load data into multiple tables during the same load session

B. You can load data from multiple files to a table during the same load session

C. You cannot perform selective data loading based on the values available in the records

D. You can use an export file generated by the EXPDP utility as an input data file to load the data

E. You can load data only if the input file is available on the disk and tape but not a named pipes

Answer: AB

Q42. View the Exhibit and examine the user information.

The user has been granted CONNECT and RESOURCE roles and no individual system privileges.

The SL_REP user executes this command to create a table:


oid number(6),

odate date,

ccode number(4),

oamt number(10,2)

) TABLESPACE purchase_space;

The PURCHASE_SPACE tablespace already exists in the database.

Which statement describes the effect of the command?


A. The command executes successfully and creates the table in the USERS tablespace.

B. The command executes successfully and creates the table in the PURCHASE_SPACE tablespace.

C. The command produces an error because the user does not have the privilege to createthe table.

D. The command produces an error because the user does not have quota in the PURCHASE_SPACE tablespace.

Answer: B

Q43. You execute the following command to change the status of the SALES tablespace:


Which statements describe the effect of the command? (Choose all that apply.)

A. The tablespace would require recovery to go back online.

B. A checkpoint is taken on all data files that are associated with the SALES tablespace.

C. The sessions that subsequently try to access the objects in the SALES tablespace receivean error.

D. The new status of the SALES tablespace is recorded in the control file when the database instance is closed.

Answer: BC

Q44. You want to create a role to meet these requirements:

1. The role is to be protected from unauthorized usage.

2. The password of the role is not to be embedded in the application source code or stored in a table.

Which method would you use to restrict enabling of such roles?

A. Create the role with external authentication. B.

Create the role as a secure application role. C.

Create the role as a password-protected role.

D. Create a role and use Fine-Grained Access Control (FGAC) to secure the role.

Answer: B

Q45. The instance abnormally terminates because of a power outage.

Which statement is true about redo log files during instance recovery?

A. Inactive and current redo log files are required to accomplish recovery

B. Online and archived redo files are required to accomplish instance recovery

C. All redo log entries after the last checkpoint are applied from redo log files to data files

D. All redo log entries recorded in the current log file until the checkpoint position are applied to data files

Answer: C

Q46. View the Exhibit and examine the command used to create the ZONEDATA table. The table contains a million rows for zonewise analysis in the DSS system. DML operations are performed very rarely on the table. You decide to prepare an index on the ZONE column to enhance the performance of the queries on the ZONE column.

Which type of index would you select in this scenario?


A. Bitmap index

B. Reverse key index 

C. Normal BTree index 

D. Functionbased index

Answer: A

Q47. You plan to move data from a flat file to a table in your database. You decide to use SQL*Loader direct path load method to perform this task. The table in which you plan to load data in an important table having various integrity constraint defined on it.

Which constraints will remain enabled by default during this operation? (Choose all that apply.)






Answer: BCD

Q48. View the Exhibits and examine lock waits. Users HR and SH complain that their transactions on one of the application tables, EMP, are waiting for response.

Which action would you take to release the lock and enable users HR and SH to continue with their transactions?

07 (exhibit):

A. Kill the session of the user SCOTT with session ID118.

B. Issue manual checkpoint using the ALTER SYSTEM command.

C. Modify the profile used by user SCOTT to reduce the CONNECT_TIME limit.

D. Flush the Shared Pool to remove the SQL statement causing "wait" in memory.

Answer: A

Q49. Examine the following output:

Which two statements about the above index are true? (Choose two.)

A. It is ignored by the query optimizer.

B. It is not used while the index is being rebuilt.

C. The index cannot be rebuilt, and has to be re-created.

D. The index is automatically rebuilt when used the next time.

Answer: AB

Q50. Note the following points describing various utilities in Oracle Database 11g:

1. It enables the high-speed transfer of data from one database to another

2. It provides a complete solution for the backup, restoration and recovery needs of the entire database

3. It enables the loading of data from an external file into table of an Oracle Database

4. It provides a tape backup management for the Oracle ecosystem

Which point describes Oracle Secure Backup?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

E. 1,2 and 4

F. 1,2,3, and 4

Answer: D