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New Cisco 300-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 – Question 11)

Question No: 2

What is the international standard for transmitting data over a cable system?





Answer: B

Question No: 3

Refer to the exhibit.

In the network diagram, Area 1 is defined as a stub area. Because redistribution is not allowed in the stub area, EIGRP routes cannot be propagated into the OSPF domain. How does defining area 1 as a not-so-stubby area (NSSA) make it possible to inject EIGRP routes into the OSPF NSSA domain?

A. by creating type 5 LSAs

B. by creating type 7 LSAs

C. by creating a link between the EIGRP domain and the RIP domain, and redistributing EIGRP into RIP

D. by manually changing the routing metric of EIGRP so that it matches the routing metric of OSPF

Answer: B

Question No: 4

A network engineer initiates the ip sla responder tcp-connect command in order to gather statistics for performance gauging. Which type of statistics does the engineer see?

A. connectionless-oriented

B. service-oriented

C. connection-oriented

D. application-oriented

Answer: C

Question No: 5

Which condition can cause unicast reverse path forwarding to fail?

A. split horizon

B. STP convergence

C. PortFast security violation

D. asymmetric routing

Answer: D

Question No: 6

Which two technologies can encapsulate an IPv6 payload in an IPv4 packet for transmission across a network? (Choose two)

A. L2TPv3

B. trunking




Answer: D,E

Question No: 7

Refer to the exhibit.

Routers R2, R3, R4, and R5 have OSPF enabled. What should be configured on the routers in area 1 to ensure that all default summary routes and redistributed EIGRP routes will be forwarded from R6 to area 1, and only a default route for all other OSPF routes will be forwarded from R5 to area 1.

A. R5(config-router)# area 1 stubR6(config-router)# area 1 stub

B. R5(config-router)# area 1 stub no-summaryR6(config-router)# area 1 stub

C. R5(config-router)# area 1 nssaR6(config-router)# area 1 nssa

D. R5(config-router)# area 1 nssa no-summaryR6(config-router)# area 1 nssa

Answer: D


External RIP routes are being routed in OSPF area 1 where they are injected as type 7 so we use (area 1 NSSA) command on the ASBR(R2) and

(Area 1 NSSA no-summary) command on R3 and R4.

You can verify issuing the command u201cshow ip ospf databaseu201d and you will see the type 7 lsau2019s on ASBR(R2) and LSAu2019s Type 5 and 7 on both the ABR routers(R3 ,R4)

Question No: 8

Which two statements about Frame Relay LMI autosense are true on a Router? (Choose two)

A. It requires the LMI type to be explicitly configured.

B. It operates on Frame Relay DTE interfaces.

C. It operates on Frame Relay DCE interfaces.

D. It operates when the line is up by the line protocol is down.

E. It requires the line protocol to be up.

Answer: B,D

Explanation: ml

Question No: 9

Refer to the exhibit.

A new TAC engineer came to you for advice. A GRE over IPsec tunnel was configured, but the tunnel is not coming up. What did the TAC engineer configure incorrectly?

A. The crypto isakmp configuration is not correct.

B. The crypto map configuration is not correct.

C. The network is not included in the OSPF process.

D. The interface tunnel configuration is not correct.

Answer: D

Question No: 10

After you review the output of the command show ipv6 interface brief, you see that several IPv6 addresses have the 16-bit hexadecimal value of "FFFE" inserted into the address. Based on this information, what do you conclude about these IPv6 addresses?

A. IEEE EUI-64 was implemented when assigning IPv6 addresses on the device.

B. The addresses were misconfigured and will not function as intended.

C. IPv6 addresses containing "FFFE" indicate that the address is reserved for multicast.

D. The IPv6 universal/local flag (bit 7) was flipped.

E. IPv6 unicast forwarding was enabled, but IPv6 Cisco Express Forwarding was disabled.

Answer: A

Question No: 11


You have been asked to evaluate an OSPF network setup in a test lab and to answer questions a customer has about its operation. The customer has disabled your access to the show running-config command.

Areas of Router 5 and 6 are not normal areas, inspect their routing tables and determine which statement is true?

A. R5's Loopback and R6's Loopback are both present in R5's Routing table

B. R5's Loopback and R6's Loopback are both present in R6's Routing table

C. Only R5's loopback is present in R5's Routing table

D. Only R6's loopback is present in R5's Routing table

E. Only R5's loopback is present in R6's Routing table

Answer: A

Topic 4, VPN Technologies

45.Refer to the following output:

Router#show ip nhrp detail via, Tunnel1 created 00:00:12, expire 01:59:47 TypE. dynamic, Flags: authoritative unique nat registered used

NBMA address:

What does the authoritative flag mean in regards to the NHRP information?

A. It was obtained directly from the next-hop server.

B. Data packets are process switches for this mapping entry.

C. NHRP mapping is for networks that are local to this router.

D. The mapping entry was created in response to an NHRP registration request.

E. The NHRP mapping entry cannot be overwritten.

Answer: A

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