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Daniel is monitoring network traffic with the help of a network monitoring tool to detect any abnormalities. What type of network security approach is Daniel adopting?

  • A. Preventative
  • B. Reactive
  • C. Retrospective
  • D. Defense-in-depth

Answer: B

Identify the spread spectrum technique that multiplies the original data signal with a pseudo random noise spreading code.

  • A. FHSS
  • B. DSSS
  • C. OFDM
  • D. ISM

Answer: B

Nancy is working as a network administrator for a small company. Management wants to implement a RAID storage for their organization. They want to use the appropriate RAID level for their backup plan that will satisfy the following requirements: 1. It has a parity check to store all the information about the data in multiple drives 2. Help reconstruct the data during downtime. 3. Process the data at a good speed. 4. Should not be expensive. The management team asks Nancy to research and suggest the appropriate RAID level that best suits their requirements. What RAID level will she suggest?

  • A. RAID 0
  • B. RAID 10
  • C. RAID 3
  • D. RAID 1

Answer: C

An attacker uses different types of password cracking techniques to crack the password and gain unauthorized access to a system. An attacker uses a file containing a list of commonly used passwords. They then upload this file into the cracking application that runs against the user accounts. Which of the following password cracking techniques is the attacker trying?

  • A. Bruteforce
  • B. Rainbow table
  • C. Hybrid
  • D. Dictionary

Answer: D

Katie has implemented the RAID level that split data into blocks and evenly write the data to multiple hard drives but does not provide data redundancy. This type of RAID level requires a minimum of _______ in order to setup.

  • A. Four drives
  • B. Three drives
  • C. Two drives
  • D. Six drives

Answer: C

If a network is at risk from unskilled individuals, what type of threat is this?

  • A. External Threats
  • B. Structured Threats
  • C. Unstructured Threats
  • D. Internal Threats

Answer: C

The network administrator wants to strengthen physical security in the organization. Specifically, to implement a solution stopping people from entering certain restricted zones without proper credentials. Which of following physical security measures should the administrator use?

  • A. Bollards
  • B. Fence
  • C. Video surveillance
  • D. Mantrap

Answer: B

Mark is monitoring the network traffic on his organization's network. He wants to detect a TCP and UDP ping sweep on his network. Which type of filter will be used to detect this on the network?

  • A. Tcp.srcport==7 and udp.srcport==7
  • B. Tcp.srcport==7 and udp.dstport==7
  • C. Tcp.dstport==7 and udp.srcport==7
  • D. Tcp.dstport==7 and udp.dstport==7

Answer: D

Heather has been tasked with setting up and implementing VPN tunnels to remote offices. She will most likely be implementing IPsec VPN tunnels to connect the offices. At what layer of the OSI model does an IPsec tunnel function on?

  • A. They work on the session layer.
  • B. They function on either the application or the physical layer.
  • C. They function on the data link layer
  • D. They work on the network layer

Answer: D

Kyle, a front office executive, suspects that a Trojan has infected his computer. What should be his first course of action to deal with the incident?

  • A. Contain the damage
  • B. Disconnect the five infected devices from the network
  • C. Inform the IRT about the incident and wait for their response
  • D. Inform everybody in the organization about the attack

Answer: C

Steven's company has recently grown from 5 employees to over 50. Every workstation has a public IP address and navigated to the Internet with little to no protection. Steven wants to use a firewall. He also wants IP addresses to be private addresses, to prevent public Internet devices direct access to them. What should Steven implement on the firewall to ensure this happens?

  • A. Steven should use a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)
  • B. Steven should use Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
  • C. Steven should use IPsec
  • D. Steven should enabled Network Address Translation(NAT)

Answer: D

James is a network administrator working at a student loan company in Minnesota. This company processes over 20,000 student loans a year from colleges all over the state. Most communication between the company schools, and lenders is carried out through emails. Much of the email communication used at his company contains sensitive information such as social security numbers. For this reason, James wants to utilize email encryption. Since a server-based PKI is not an option for him, he is looking for a low/no cost solution to encrypt emails. What should James use?

  • A. James could use PGP as a free option for encrypting the company's emails.
  • B. James should utilize the free OTP software package.
  • C. James can use MD5 algorithm to encrypt all the emails
  • D. James can enforce mandatory HTTPS in the email clients to encrypt emails

Answer: A

You are an IT security consultant working on a contract for a large manufacturing company to audit their entire network. After performing all the tests and building your report, you present a number of recommendations to the company and what they should implement to become more secure. One recommendation is to install a network-based device that notifies IT employees whenever malicious or questionable traffic is found. From your talks with the company, you know that they do not want a device that actually drops traffic completely, they only want notification. What type of device are you suggesting?

  • A. The best solution to cover the needs of this company would be a HIDS device.
  • B. A NIDS device would work best for the company
  • C. You are suggesting a NIPS device
  • D. A HIPS device would best suite this company

Answer: B

Which OSI layer does a Network Interface Card (NIC) work on?

  • A. Physical layer
  • B. Presentation layer
  • C. Network layer
  • D. Session layer

Answer: A

Geon Solutions INC., had only 10 employees when it started. But as business grew, the organization had to increase the amount of staff. The network administrator is finding it difficult to accommodate an increasing number of employees in the existing network topology. So the organization is planning to implement a new topology where it will be easy to accommodate an increasing number of employees. Which network topology will help the administrator solve the problem of needing to add new employees and expand?

  • A. Bus
  • B. Star
  • C. Ring
  • D. Mesh

Answer: B

A network is setup using an IP address range of to The network has a default subnet mask of What IP address class is the network range a part of?

  • A. Class C
  • B. Class A
  • C. Class B
  • D. Class D

Answer: B

Liza was told by her network administrator that they will be implementing IPsec VPN tunnels to connect the branch locations to the main office. What layer of the OSI model do IPsec tunnels function on?

  • A. The data link layer
  • B. The session layer
  • C. The network layer
  • D. The application and physical layers

Answer: C

Management wants to calculate the risk factor for their organization. Kevin, a network administrator in the organization knows how to calculate the risk factor. Certain parameters are required before calculating risk factor. What are they? (Select all that apply) Risk factor =.............X...............X...........

  • A. Vulnerability
  • B. Impact
  • C. Attack
  • D. Threat

Answer: ABD

Kyle is an IT consultant working on a contract for a large energy company in Houston. Kyle was hired on to do contract work three weeks ago so the company could prepare for an external IT security audit. With suggestions from upper management, Kyle has installed a network-based IDS system. This system checks for abnormal behavior and patterns found in network traffic that appear to be dissimilar from the traffic normally recorded by the IDS. What type of detection is this network-based IDS system using?

  • A. This network-based IDS system is using anomaly detection.
  • B. This network-based IDS system is using dissimilarity algorithms.
  • C. This system is using misuse detection.
  • D. This network-based IDS is utilizing definition-based detection.

Answer: A

The IR team and the network administrator have successfully handled a malware incident on the network. The team is now preparing countermeasure guideline to avoid a future occurrence of the malware incident.
Which of the following countermeasure(s) should be added to deal with future malware incidents? (Select all that apply)

  • A. Complying with the company's security policies
  • B. Implementing strong authentication schemes
  • C. Implementing a strong password policy
  • D. Install antivirus software

Answer: D

A local bank wants to protect their card holder data. The bank should comply with the ________ standard to ensure the security of card holder data.

  • A. HIPAA
  • B. ISEC
  • C. PCI DSS
  • D. SOAX

Answer: C

Frank is a network technician working for a medium-sized law firm in Memphis. Frank and two other IT employees take care of all the technical needs for the firm. The firm's partners have asked that a secure wireless network be implemented in the office so employees can move about freely without being tied to a network cable. While Frank and his colleagues are familiar with wired Ethernet technologies, 802.3, they are not familiar with how to setup wireless in a business environment. What IEEE standard should Frank and the other IT employees follow to become familiar with wireless?

  • A. The IEEE standard covering wireless is 802.9 and they should follow this.
  • B. 802.7 covers wireless standards and should be followed
  • C. They should follow the 802.11 standard
  • D. Frank and the other IT employees should follow the 802.1 standard.

Answer: C

John has implemented _______ in the network to restrict the limit of public IP addresses in his organization and to enhance the firewall filtering technique.

  • A. DMZ
  • B. Proxies
  • C. VPN
  • D. NAT

Answer: D


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