Network Appliance NS0-159 Exam Questions 2021

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You complete an installation of a FAS8200 that has two separate stacks of disk shelves. In this scenario, which NetApp tool should be used to validate the disk shelf cabling?

  • A. Config Advisor
  • B. OnCommand System Manager
  • C. OnCommand Unified Manager
  • D. Hardware Universe

Answer: A

You use the Automated Workload Analyzer (AWA) to identify workloads that would benefit from which feature?

  • A. Flash Pool aggregates
  • B. Advances Disk Partitioning
  • C. storage efficiency
  • D. FabricPool capacity tier

Answer: A

Which three configurations does ONTAP Select support? (Choose four.)

  • A. 2-node cluster hosting NAS and iSCSI
  • B. 3-node cluster hosting NAS and iSCSI
  • C. single-node cluster hosting NAS and iSCSI
  • D. 4-node cluster hosting NAS and iSCSI
  • E. 6-node cluster hosting NAS and iSCSI

Answer: ACDE

Explanation: ONTAP Select can be deploy in a solution of 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 nodes for NFS, SMB/CIFS & iSCSI

You want to create a FlexGroup volume that contains four aggregates with eight constituents each.
In this scenario, what is the value of the aggregate list multiplier?

  • A. 2
  • B. 32
  • C. 8
  • D. 4

Answer: D

Which two LIF role types allow LIF migration among nodes? (Choose two.)

  • A. cluster management
  • B. node management
  • C. intercluster
  • D. data

Answer: AD

You want to create a new storage pool of SSDs to provide a performance tier for FlashPool-enabled aggregates on node1 and node2. You expect that the FabricPool aggregates on node1 will require more of the performance tier than the aggregates on node2.
Which action satisfies the requirement?

  • A. Use the storage pool reassign command to reassign storage pool allocation units from node2 to node1.
  • B. Use the storage disk reassign command to reassign disk from SSD storage pool from node2 to node1.
  • C. Use the storage pool add command to add HDDs to the FabricPool aggregates on node1.
  • D. Use the storage pool modify command to change the parity of the RAID groups in the storage pool to RAID-4.

Answer: A

You configure a new LUN on a NetApp cluster, and you can successfully access it from the host. An application using the new LUN is having storage performance problems, and ONTAP is reporting misalignment on the LUN.
In this scenario, what is causing the performance and misalignment problems?

  • A. The LUN was created with the incorrect OS type.
  • B. The host does not support ALUA.
  • C. The igroup is configured without Selective LUN Mapping (SLM).
  • D. The host is using a non-optimized SAN path.

Answer: A

Click the Exhibit button.
NS0-159 dumps exhibit
While troubleshooting performance issues, you notice that only one port in the NetApp interface group a0a is actively sending or receiving data.
Referring to the exhibit, what should you do to ensure that both ports in the interface group are actively used?

  • A. Change the distribution function to ip.
  • B. Verify that the network switch has flow-control enabled.
  • C. Change the interface group mode to multimode_lacp.
  • D. Verify that the physical cabling is properly connected to ensure a network link.

Answer: C

Your company has two separate, untrusted Active Directory (AD) domains. You need to serve CIFS shares to users in both AD domains and will later merge to one AD domain. The end goal is to serve all CIFS shares out of a single SVM.
In this scenario, which two actions will meet both requirements? (Choose two.)

  • A. Create two SVMs.
  • B. Execute the volume rehost command.
  • C. Create one SVM.
  • D. Execute the volume modify command.

Answer: AD

Which two statements about replicating FlexGroup volumes are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. You can increase the capacity of a FlexGroup volume that is being replicated.
  • B. You cannot perform a resync on a FlexGroup SnapMirror relationship after it has been broken.
  • C. The SnapMirror relationship type must be XDP.
  • D. The SnapMirror relationship type must be DP.

Answer: AB

You want to configure Active Directory authentication for a cluster. You have performed the following actions:
- created the SVM,
- joined the SVM to Active Directory,
- created the domain tunnel.
You attempt to log in to the cluster as an Active Directory user but access is denied. How would you solve this problem?

  • A. Create a custom role that allow Active Directory tunneling.
  • B. Create a cluster user account with the same username and password as the Active Directory user.
  • C. Create an Active Directory user account on the cluster.
  • D. Create a cluster user account within Active Directory.

Answer: C

You relocate an aggregate to a different node by using the storage aggregate relocate command. In this scenario, which rule applies?

  • A. You can only relocate an aggregate that is not assigned to a specific SVM.
  • B. You must first break the relationship to move an aggregate that hosts a replication destination.
  • C. You can only relocate an aggregate to the HA partner node.
  • D. You cannot relocate an aggregate that is hosting a FlexGroup constituent volume.

Answer: C

Click the Exhibit button.
NS0-159 dumps exhibit
After you successfully deploy cluster CDOT93, you log in to System Manager and notice the error shown in the exhibit.
Which command must you use to correct the error?

  • A. storage failover giveback – node CDOT93-01
  • B. storage failover modify – node * -enabled false
  • C. storage failover giveback – node CDOT93-02
  • D. storage failover modify – node * -enabled true

Answer: D

You are running out of space on an aggregate and decide to move a FlexVol volume to a different aggregate. You do not want to move the Snapshot copies with the volume.
Which two actions satisfy your requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use the volume move command on the FlexClone volume.
  • B. Use the storage aggregate relocation command on the node.
  • C. Create a FlexClone volume.
  • D. Use the volume rehost command on the FlexClone volume.

Answer: AB

When a cluster is created, which two objects are required to provide management access? (Choose two.)

  • A. data LIFs
  • B. data SVM
  • C. management LIFS
  • D. admin SVM

Answer: CD

You have a new cluster and must create a LIF on a port that uses LACP and VLAN. What is the correct order of network tasks that are required before you create the LIF?

  • A. ifgroup -> VLAN -> add port to broadcast domain
  • B. VLAN -> ifgroup -> add port to broadcast domain
  • C. add port to broadcast domain – ifgroup -> VLAN
  • D. add port to broadcast domain -> VLAN -> ifgroup

Answer: A

Your customer has a Windows user that must access a volume with UNIX security style permissions. What must be done to enable the Windows user to access the volume?

  • A. A separate volume with an NTFS security style must be created.
  • B. The volume's security style must be changed to NTFS.
  • C. The volume's security style must be changed to Mixed.
  • D. The Windows user must be mapped to a valid UNIX user.

Answer: A

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