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Customer Requirements:
You have been tasked with creating a vSphere 6.5 data center design for an organization. The organization has produced two 24 port FC switches, and Asymmetrical Active/Active storage array (2 storage Processors with 4 ports each) and 22 ESXi Hosts with 2 dual port HBAs in each. Due to budgetary constraints, the organization cannot purchase anymore equipment. They have provided the following requirements:
- The existing Fibre Channel (FC) Asymmetrical Active/Active Array and FC switches must be used.
- No single point of failure to any datastore.
- Configuration must provide failover and load balancing.
- The customer requires a solution that will accommodate virtual machines with three different I/O load requirements:
- Static web virtual machines
- Critical application virtual machines.
- Object storage for their database virtual machines. Design Requirements:
Create a logical design that be applied to each of the ESXi Hosts. The design should meet, but not exceed the customer’s requirements and should include:
- All required hardware
- All required resources
Place the required datastore(s) in the storage array(s). Connect the storage processor(s) to the storage array(s). Connect the switch(es) to the storage processor(s) and HBA(s). Connect the ESXi host to the HBA(s) and Path Selection Policies.
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    Explanation: Check below for answer solution
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    A database administrator is operating a virtual machine (VM) configured with 16 vCPU and 64GB of RAM. A recent performance audit has indicated that this virtual machine is oversized and is using less than 60% of its configured CPU and memory capacity.
    • The ESXi host that contains this VM has 2 physical processors with 10 cores per processor, and 128GB of
    • This physical host's architecture is split into two equal NUMA nodes.
    Which vCPU and RAM configuration for the VM allows for the most resources, but also provides the performance benefit of local NUMA access?

    • A. 16 vCPU and 32GB RAM
    • B. 4 vCPU and 16GB RAM
    • C. 10 vCPU and 64GB RAM
    • D. 12 vCPU and 64GB RAM

    Answer: C

    A customer wants to make its data available with a RPO of 10 minutes. Replication to the second data center will be done using the network.
    Which type of storage configuration should be used?

    • A. NFS datastore on ESXi 6.0 with vSphere replication appliance 6.0
    • B. VMFS datastore on ESXi 6.0 with vSphere replication appliance 6.5
    • C. vSAN datastore on ESXi 6.0 with vSphere replication appliance 6.5
    • D. VMFS datastore on ESXi 6.0 with vSphere replication appliance 6.0

    Answer: B

    A global financial company has requested assistance with a new cross-site failover design between two sites which will support business critical applications. Latency between the sites is less than 5ms round-trip.
    The company requires:
    • application must be restarted quickly in the event of a total site failure
    • allow for planned migration during maintenance
    • applications must be kept online even when migrated due to planned maintenance Drag each statement to its correct concept
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      Explanation: Risk--> App downtime..
      Constraint --> The product of the desing must...
      Assumption --> A limited number of storage...
      Requirement --> Latency between the two sites...

      A solution architect has been tasked with designing a new environment that meets the needs of a growing company, and has obtained this information:
      • The current capacity will be exhausted in 180 days, and the new infrastructure must be deployed and in production prior to that.
      • The new severs have a 90-day delivery time.
      • A data center for disaster recovery has been selected, and it is 20 miles way and connected by MPLS.
      • The security team will continue to utilize its current investments and VM Encryption for the new environment.
      • The backup team currently uses Data Domain, and reports show an 8.1 compression and deduplication ratio for backups.
      Based on the information obtained, which two statements are assumptions for the new design? (Choose two.)

      • A. MPLS will be used to connect the two data centers.
      • B. There is 180 days left of current capacity.
      • C. Data Domain will get an 8:1 compression and deduplication ratio with the new workloads.
      • D. A disaster will NOT affect both data centers.

      Answer: BD

      A company has one data center site running 50 hosts and 400 virtual machines and requires a vSphere 6.5 design.
      1. The CIO wants to add a secondary site for Disaster Recovery (DR) with A hours RPO.
      2. The application developer is concerned about anticipated growth as several new projects begin.
      3. The CISO is worried about data leaks and theft.
      4. The CTO would like to buy new servers with better specifications and higher consolidation ratio.
      Determine the critical requirements for each of the key stakeholders. Some requirements might have more than one stakeholder.
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        Explanation: Client CIODisaster RecoveryBusiness ContinuityData IntegrityClient CTOCostPerformanceClient DeveloperPerformance

        NEW QUESTION 7
        Categorize the tools as providing either Availability or Recoverability.
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          Explanation: AvailabilityFTHARecoverabilityProactive HAvCenter HAvSphere ReplicationVADP

          NEW QUESTION 8
          The customer has two sites that must operate independently of each other in the event of a WAN failure. During normal operations, administrators from each site must be able to manage the other site through the vSphere Web Client.
          Which vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) and Platform Services Controller (PSC) diagram shows the VMware-recommended design that satisfies these requirements?
          3V0-624 dumps exhibit

          • A. Exhibit A
          • B. Exhibit B
          • C. Exhibit C
          • D. Exhibit D

          Answer: D

          Explanation: https://www.opvizor.com/understanding-the-impacts-of-mixed-version-vcenter-server-deployments/

          NEW QUESTION 9
          In the vCenter HA configuration below, drag the two correct components to the blank boxes in this diagram. The same component may be used more twice (Choose two.)
          3V0-624 dumps exhibit


            Explanation: Platform services controller

            NEW QUESTION 10
            A company is in the process of deploying a modern video-streaming application.
            • The application is able to scale (expand and collapse) its steaming nodes in the form of CentOS 7.x 64bit virtual machines, based on demand.
            • This IO-Intensive application has a high CPU demand and generates a significant number of disk operations (IOPS).
            • To host the application, the company decided to implement a brand-new VMware cluster with vSphere 6.5
            • The company would like a significant reduction in CPU utilization as well as a possible increase in throughput.
            Which virtual disk adapter should be recommended for the company's physical design?

            • A. LSI Logic Parallel
            • B. VMware Paravirtual
            • C. BusLogic Parallel
            • D. LSI Logic SAS

            Answer: B

            NEW QUESTION 11
            A business organization has different types of network traffic, and all the types of traffic must be kept separated. The design architect knows that the number of required networks is greater than the number of physical ports in the system.
            Which three choices can the architect use to keep the traffic separated? (Choose three.)

            • A. Combine vMotion, Management, and vSAN to one VMkenel port.
            • B. Configure VLANs to create separate networks.
            • C. Purchase hardware that supports a greater number of network ports.
            • D. Utilize Private VLANs.

            Answer: BCD

            NEW QUESTION 12
            An organization's security policy requires a design where the ESXi hosts will be manageable only through vCenter Server.
            Which two security configurations will help meet this requirement? (Choose two)

            • A. enable lockdown mode strict
            • B. disable DCUI access
            • C. enable lockdown mode normal
            • D. disable shell access

            Answer: AD

            NEW QUESTION 13
            Which two types of workloads are efficiently consolidated when virtualized? (Choose two.)

            • A. Workloads that do NOT require user input and are constantly processing large amounts of batched data.
            • B. Workloads that will consume all available assigned resources.
            • C. Workloads that are NOT CPU bound; most of their time is spent waiting for external events such as user interaction.
            • D. Workloads that do NOT require access to specific physical resources such as a hardware dongle or graphics card.

            Answer: CD

            NEW QUESTION 14
            A validation plan is used to do which of the following? (Select all that apply.)

            • A. Verify the design
            • B. Verify that the system is functional
            • C. Verify that the system meets requirements
            • D. Meet current best practices

            Answer: ABC

            NEW QUESTION 15
            A development team must provide layer 2 network isolation between virtual machines that are in the same VLAN. The solutions architect must provide additional security between the virtual machines on the same subnet.
            How can this be done without consuming more VLANs?

            • A. Use Virtual Switch Tagging
            • B. Use Private VLANs.
            • C. Use Virtual Guest Tagging.
            • D. Use External Switch Tagging.

            Answer: B

            NEW QUESTION 16
            A customer is using a vSphere APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) compatible storage array. The VASA provider is published as a virtual appliance.
            To ensure recoverability, where must the VASA prowler and vCenter server virtual machines be stored?

            • A. The VASA provider and vCenter Server will be placed on the standard datastore (VMFS, NFS).
            • B. The VASA provider and vCenter Server will be placed on the vVol datastore.
            • C. The vCenter Server will be placed on the vVol datastore and the VASA provider will be placed on the standard datastore (VMFS, NFS).
            • D. The VASA provider will be placed on the vVol datastore and the vCenter Server will be placed on the standard datastore (VMFS, NFS)

            Answer: A

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