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Which description best describes upfade in a multipath environment?

  • A. In this situation, multiple signal paths are not sent at exactly the same tim
  • B. The receiver receives a positive crest on the primary signal and a negative crest on the secondary signal.
  • C. In this situation, the multiple signal paths are distorted and difficult to understand.
  • D. In this situation, the multiple signal paths are weaker than they should be because the signals are out of phase with each other.
  • E. In this situation, the signal is stronger than it should be because multiple signal paths are received twice at exactly the same time, which results in the multiple signals being in-phase.

Answer: D

A wireless client with ID28720486 is trying to connect to wireless network. What must be configured on the client side to connect to an infrastructure WLAN that broadcasts its SSID and uses WPA2 PSK?

  • A. PSK
  • B. type of EAP protocol
  • C. username and password
  • D. channel number

Answer: A

An installation uses a 21dBi parabolic dish. It is connected to the 802.11n radio via low loss antenna coax rated at 4dB loss/100 feet. After testing, it has been determined that 2mW of power will be lost in the cable. An EIRP producing 200mW is desired. What should the transmit power be set to?

  • A. 8mW
  • B. 3dBm
  • C. 3.16mW
  • D. 5mW

Answer: C

A customer is converting from a Flex Connect solution to a converged access solution at a remote facility. The facility currently supports 500 users with 45 access points, so he is planning to install only one switch What switch would need to be implemented to support the new converged access methodology'?

  • A. Cisco 3850 Series Switch
  • B. Cisco 6800 Series Switch
  • C. Cisco 3650 Series Switch
  • D. Cisco 4500 Series Switch

Answer: A


Which Cisco WLC command family can help to troubleshoot communication between an AP and the WLC?

  • A. (Cisco Controller) >debug capwap
  • B. (Cisco Controller) >debug ap
  • C. (Cisco Controller) >debug cac
  • D. (Cisco Controller) >debug dot11

Answer: A

Due to the terrain, a deployment requires a point-to-point wireless bridge to allow for network connectivity to a remote building. What 5GHz band would permitted to use the highest power in the U.S.?

  • A. U-NII-3
  • B. U-NII-2 Extended
  • C. U-NII-2
  • D. U-NII-1

Answer: A

Which official port should be used when configuring external RADIUS authentication on a Cisco WLC version 7.0?

  • A. 49
  • B. 1645
  • C. 1646
  • D. 1812
  • E. 1813

Answer: D

200-355 dumps exhibit
Refer to the exhibit. The site in this AirMagnet Survey heat map is ready for which level of service?

  • A. data
  • B. voice
  • C. location
  • D. RFID

Answer: A

What is Cisco WCS Navigator?

  • A. a single point of management for multiple Cisco WCS servers
  • B. a server for storing and reviewing Cisco Spectrum Expert station data
  • C. a server for storing the location data of wireless clients
  • D. a GUI for displaying the data of Cisco CleanAir APs, aligned with an uploaded map
  • E. a single point of management for multiple Cisco WLC systems

Answer: A

Wireless clients are experiencing loss of connectivity while roaming between controllers. To fix this, what configuration should be the same on all controllers within the mobility group?

  • A. management interface IP address
  • B. IP address of the virtual interface
  • C. AP Manager interface IP address
  • D. IP address of the Service Port

Answer: B

You have a small organization with multiple Cisco WCS servers. Management has become cumbersome and you are planning to deploy Cisco WCS Navigator.
When the Cisco WCS Navigator has been deployed, how are the existing Cisco WCS servers added to the Cisco WCS Navigator, which software versions are supported, and which protocol(s) do they use to communicate with Navigator?

  • A. Cisco WCS Navigator searches the enterprise intranet to locate the existing Cisco WCS servers and adds them automatically using SOAP as long as there is only a difference of one version or less between Cisco WCS and WCS Navigator.
  • B. Each existing Cisco WCS server must be added manually and use SOAP/HTTP to communicate with the Cisco WCS Navigator platform as long as the software versions of Cisco WCS and Cisco WCS Navigator are the same.
  • C. Cisco WCS must be on the same software version as Cisco WCS Navigator and each Cisco WCS server is added automatically using XML over HTTP.
  • D. When Cisco WCS Navigator is added, all the Cisco WCS servers must be added manually, each system must use the same software release as Navigator, and the Cisco WCS communicates with Cisco WCS Navigator by using SOAP/XML over HTTPS.

Answer: D

A customer wants to identify the amount of BSSID traffic that is propagating through its facility from neighboring networks. Which tool can be used to identify BSSID traffic in the facility?

  • A. Wi-Fi scanner
  • B. wireless attenuator
  • C. RF jammer
  • D. Cisco Identity Services Engine

Answer: A

What is the equivalent of 26 dBm in milliwatts?

  • A. 4 mW
  • B. 40 mW
  • C. 100 mW
  • D. 400 mW
  • E. 1000 mW

Answer: D

Which single tool helps to troubleshoot client-related issues in a WLAN?

  • A. The show and debug commands on the controller.
  • B. The show commands on the AP.
  • C. Client templates on the Cisco WCS.
  • D. Client troubleshooting on the Cisco WCS.

Answer: D

A customer cannot access the GUI on the Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller from the management interface due to network failure. Which interface can the customer use to access the WLC GUI until the network issues are resolved?

  • A. virtual
  • B. dynamic
  • C. console port
  • D. service port

Answer: D

What is the IEEE name for a group of access points that are connected by using the Ethernet?

  • A. ESS
  • B. BSS
  • C. IBSS
  • D. ISS

Answer: A

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