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Which two statements are correct?

  • A. A VC type 5 transports a VLAN over MPLS.
  • B. A VC type 4 tunnels an Ethernet port over MPLS.
  • C. A VC type 5 tunnels an Ethernet port over MPLS.
  • D. A VC type 4 transports a VLAN over MPLS.

Answer: CD

Explanation: VC Type 4 is used for Ethernet VLAN mode. VC Type 5 is used for Ethernet Port mode.

Which option describes a benefits of IPv6 VPN Provider Edge?

  • A. Provider support for intra-AS and CSC scenarios
  • B. Uses separate signaling plane, which provides more security than IPv4
  • C. BGP is the preferred routing protocol for connecting two SPs.
  • D. No requirement for a separate signaling plane

Answer: D

What are three advantages of PPPoA implementation? (Choose three.)

  • A. NAP and NSP provide secure access to corporate gateways without managing end-to-end PVC
  • B. NAP and NSP use Layer 3 routing, Layer 2 Forwarding, or Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol tunnel
  • C. Hence, they can scale their business models for selling wholesale service.
  • D. Only a single session per CPE on one virtual channel (VC). The username and password are configured on the CPE, so all users behind the CPE for that particular VC can access only one set of service
  • E. Users cannot select different sets of services, although using multiple VCs and establishing different PPP sessions on different VCs is possible.
  • F. The NSP can oversubscribe by deploying idle and session timeouts using an industry standard RADIUS server for each subscriber.
  • G. If a single IP address is provided to the CPE, and NAT or PAT is implemented, certain applications such as IPTV, which embed IP information in the payload, will not wor
  • H. Additionally, if an IP subnet feature is used, an IP address also has to be reserved for the CPE.
  • I. PPPoA can use the features on the SSG.
  • J. Cisco Service Selection Gateway is not compatible with PPPoA.

Answer: ACE

What is the typical marked DSCP value for a voice signaling packet in VoIP technology?

  • A. BE
  • B. AF41
  • C. AF21
  • D. EF
  • E. AF31

Answer: E

ISP_X has IPv4 only enabled in the MPLS backbone. ISP_X must provide IPv6 services to its customers including IPv6 Internet access. Which IPv6 transition mechanism allows ISP_X to provide IPv6 connected by leveraging the existing MPLS IPv4 core network?

  • A. 6to4 tunnels
  • B. NAT444
  • C. 6PE
  • D. NAT64
  • E. 6RD
  • F. DS Lite

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
400-201 dumps exhibit
A client is unable to receive traffic from multicast streamer (R5) on, even though multicast routing is established in the network.
Which statement describes how to resolve this issue?

  • A. IGMP must be enabled for the client.
  • B. R4 must be the DR on the R4-R6 segment.
  • C. RP announcements have no multicast routing table entry.
  • D. The RP must be reachable via Fa0/0.
  • E. A static mroute must be configured to point to RP via Fa0/1 on R4.

Answer: D

Which technology provides fast forwarding path failure detection times for all media types, encapsulations, technologies, and routing protocols?

  • A. BFD
  • B. MPLS TE
  • C. NSF
  • D. UDLD
  • E. IP Dampening

Answer: A

Which option is the benefit of per-link LFA over per-prefix LFA?

  • A. It has a greater applicability
  • B. It provides greater protection coverage
  • C. It is simpler
  • D. It enables better bandwidth utilization

Answer: C

An engineer is looking into a solution for two customers that are using the network prefix The network engineer wants the network prefix to remain the same for both customers, while maintaining unique network information for each. Which approach can be used to achieve this requirement?

  • A. Assign a unique RD per customer.
  • B. Assign a unique RT per customer.
  • C. Assign a unique SOO per customer.
  • D. Assign a unique TE per customer.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
400-201 dumps exhibit
Which two configurations are shown? (Choose two)

  • A. L2TP tunnel configuration
  • B. GRE tunnel configuration
  • C. IPsec tunnel configuration
  • D. tunnel keepalive mechanism configuration

Answer: BD

An engineer is deploying SShv2-only in-band access. Which three options reflect the minimum configuration to enable the SSHv2 services on Cisco routers? (Choose three)

  • A. Define a domain name for the device
  • B. Create crypto keys by using the crypto key generate dsa command
  • C. Configure a key modules in the global configuration
  • D. Add router hostname on DNS services
  • E. Define a hostname for the device
  • F. Create an access list that defines authorized hosts for SSH

Answer: ABE

IS-IS is deployed in a service provider network with more than 500 routers using the default IS-IS metric-style. The service provider must implement MPLS TE support with lesser service impact during the migration period. Which Cisco IOS command meets this requirements?

  • A. Metric-style narrow wide
  • B. Metric-style wide
  • C. Metric-style wide transition
  • D. Metric-style narrow transition

Answer: C

400-201 dumps exhibit


    Explanation: 400-201 dumps exhibit

    In a Service provider network , a NOC engineer identifies and interface that flaps continuously. This interface connects to an EBGP peer. Which feature can reduce this instability on the service provider network?

    • A. BGP PIC
    • B. IP event Dampening
    • C. IGP Prefix Prioritization
    • D. Non-stop Forwarding

    Answer: B

    A customer wants the minimum delay for the transit traffic that traverses the service provider core. An engineer realizes that the customer sites are remotely dispersed and wants to give them a specific path through the MPLS core with guaranteed bandwidth and without relying on the shortest path of OSPF as the customer IGP. Which technology will achieve the required result?

    • A. L2VPN
    • B. IPsec tunnel
    • C. MPLS TE tunnel
    • D. L3VPN
    • E. mGRE with extensions

    Answer: C

    All secure domain routers (SDRs) have shared attribute and resources. Which three resources are shared all SDRs? (Choose three.)

    • A. privilege-level configuration
    • B. fabric cards
    • C. SNMP traps
    • D. admin-level configuration
    • E. exec-level configuration

    Answer: BCD

    Explanation: 1.4. SP high end product
    There are shared attributes and resources common to all SDRs. It is important to note that the shared resources are critical to the system's overall operation. Some examples of shared resources that are common to SDR are:
    - Environmental resources.
    - Power supplies.
    - Fan trays.
    - Fan controllers.
    - Fabric cards.
    Software related:
    * Exec-level configuration. Configuration in admin mode can affect all SDRs.
    * Admin-level configuration. Admin-level command can impact owner SDR and non-owner SDRs.
    * Process instances. A few processes are shared, systemwide processes such as LRd (SDR Deamon).
    * SNMP traps. For example, shared power, fans, and fabric-related traps.
    * SNMP polling. Shared for power, fans, and fabric-related MIBS.
    * Syslogs. Some non-owner SDRs are logged to the owner SDR.
    * Shared environment variables.

    Which two steps take place in the BGP Link State architecture ? (Choose two)

    • A. IGP is redistributed into BGP-LS
    • B. Advertise the BGP-LS NLRIs to the topology server
    • C. IGP uses BGP LS data from remote peers
    • D. Enable access to the Adj-RIB-In (BGP raw format )of a peer border router or provider edge router
    • E. BGP downloads the received BGP LS data to the IGP component on the router

    Answer: BC

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