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Tests have been specified for the latest software release and users have prioritised these.
However, there are some dependencies between tests as shown in the table below (e.g. Test ID. ‘123’ cannot be run until Test ID. ‘456’ has been successfully completed).
CTFL_Syll2018 dumps exhibit
Which test execution schedule best meets the prioritisation and dependency conditions?

  • A. 3, 5, 7, 10, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 1.
  • B. 5, 7, 4, 3, 9, 10, 1, 6, 8, 2.
  • C. 6, 1, 2, 9, 4, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10.
  • D. 1, 4, 3, 5, 2, 7, 9, 10, 6, 8.

Answer: D


Test objectives for systems testing of a safety critical system include completion of all outstanding defect correction. Regression testing is required following defect correction at all test levels. Which TWO of the
following metrics would be MOST suitable for determining whether the test objective has been met? [K2]

  • A. Regression tests run and passed in systems testing
  • B. Incidents closed in systems testing
  • C. Planned tests run and passed in system testing
  • D. Planned tests run and passed at all levels of testing
  • E. Incidents raised and closed at all levels of testing
  • F. a and e
  • G. b and c
  • H. d and e
  • I. a and b

Answer: A


Which of the following options explain why it is often beneficial to have an independent test function in an organisation?

  • A. To improve defect finding during reviews and testing
  • B. To ensure that developers adhere to coding standards
  • C. To limit communication between developers and testers
  • D. To provide better metrics for the stakeholders

Answer: D


Which of the following is a role of a formal review? [K1]

  • A. Adjudicator
  • B. Moderator
  • C. Governor
  • D. Corrector

Answer: B


The following sentences refer to the Standard for Software Test Documentation' specification (IEEE 829). Which sentence is correct?

  • A. The key to high quality test documentation regimes is strict adherence to this standard
  • B. Any deviation from this standard should be approved by management, marketing & development
  • C. This test plan outline is relevant for military projects For consumer market projects there is a different specification with fewer items
  • D. Most test documentation regimes follow this spec to some degree, with changes done to fit a specific situation or organization

Answer: A


Which of the following activities is appropriate to the test planning stage?

  • A. Analysing the test basis
  • B. Assigning resources for the planned activities
  • C. Designing the test environments
  • D. Writing a test execution schedule

Answer: B


A new testing tool has been selected for an organisation and a pilot project has successfully completed. The next step is to deploy the tool within the organization.
What is a key success factor in tool deployment?

  • A. Estimate a cost-benefit ratio based on a firm business case
  • B. Determine whether benefits will be achieved at reasonable cost
  • C. Provide support for the test team using the tool
  • D. Assessment of organisational maturity, strengths and weaknesses

Answer: A


Given the following decision tables, what is the expected result for the test case listed below?
CTFL_Syll2018 dumps exhibit
Test Case: Purchase a Toaster weighing 9kg for £10.

  • A. No need to pay in cash, no free delivery.
  • B. Must pay in cash, no free delivery.
  • C. No need to pay in cash, free delivery.
  • D. Must pay in cash, free delivery.

Answer: A


Which of the following statements describes regression testing?

  • A. Retesting of a fixed defectII Testing of an already tested programII
  • B. Testing of new functionality in a programI
  • C. Regression testing applies only to functional testingV Tests that do not have to be repeatabl
  • D. because they are only used once
  • E. II
  • F. I
  • G. IV, V
  • H. I.IV
  • I. I, III, IV

Answer: A


A software company decided to buy a commercial application for its accounting operations. As part of the evaluation process, the company decided to assemble a team to test a number of candidate applications.
Which team would be the most suitable for this goal?

  • A. A team from an outsourcing company which specializes in testing accounting software
  • B. A team with a mix of software testers and experts from the accounting department
  • C. A team of users from the accounting department that will need to use the application on dairy basis
  • D. A team from the company's testing team, due to their experience in testing software

Answer: D


Which of the following statements is true?

  • A. Incident management tools are used by testers only
  • B. A configuration management tool has nothing to do with testing
  • C. Test management tools are used by managers only
  • D. A requirements management tool may be considered as test support tool

Answer: A


Which of the following would be the LEAST likely to be used as the basis fcr a test exit criteria?

  • A. Cost of testing performed so far
  • B. Number of unfixed defects
  • C. Confidence of testers in tested code
  • D. Test schedules

Answer: B


Which of the following lists contains only black-box test techniques?

  • A. Exploratory testin
  • B. State transition testing, Control flow testing
  • C. Decision table testin
  • D. Use case testing, Control flow testing
  • E. Decision table testing, Use case testing, State transition testing
  • F. Use case testing, Statement testing, State transition testing

Answer: B


Which of the following is a correct set of boundary values to test the "Group Size" parameter, as defined by the following statement;
"In a reservation system for groups visiting a small museum, the graphical user interface presents a field asking the number of group members. Group size can be anywhere from 2 to 20 visitors"

  • A. 0,1,8,21,22
  • B. 0,1,2,3,10,19,20,21,22
  • C. 2,3,19,20
  • D. 1,2,20,21

Answer: C


Which type of review has the following main purposes:
discussing, making decisions, evaluating alternatives, finding defects, solving technical problems and checking conformance to specifications, plans, regulations, and standards?

  • A. Technical Review
  • B. Inspection
  • C. Walkthrough
  • D. Informal review

Answer: A


Which of the following statements about test reports are TRUE?

  • A. Test reports shall be approved by the test team.I
  • B. Test reports shall give stakeholders information as basis for decisionsII
  • C. Test reports shall summarize what happened through a period of testing,I
  • D. Test reports shall be approved by the development team, the test team and the customer
  • E. Test reports shall include information about remaining risks.
  • F. II,1V
  • G. I
  • H. II
  • I. IV
  • J. I, II
  • K. V
  • L. II, II
  • M. V

Answer: A


Which statement correctly describes debugging? [K2]

  • A. Testers identify defects, developers locate and correct defects, testers confirm the correction has cleared the original defect
  • B. Developers identify defects, testers locate defects, developers correct and confirm the correction has cleared the original defect
  • C. Testers identify and locate defects, developers correct defects and confirm the correction has cleared the original defect
  • D. Developers identify, locate and correct defects, testers confirm the correction has cleared the original defect

Answer: A


Functional and structural tests are alternative test types that may be used separately or together at which test level? [K1]

  • A. At the component test level only
  • B. At all test levels
  • C. At integration testing and system testing levels only
  • D. At all levels from integration testing to acceptance testing

Answer: B


Which one of the following statements about testing techniques is TRUE?

  • A. Exploratory testing can replace black box techniques when testing time is very limited
  • B. Test execution scheduling should give priority to experienced based testing
  • C. Specification based techniques can be used as a substitute for a poorly defined test basis
  • D. Experienced based techniques are systematic and produce detailed test documentation

Answer: A


Consider the following excerpt from a defect report:
To recreate the failure we used test file TST_01_TC_16.dat which is available in the common shared folder''. Which incident report objective does this excerpt satisfy?

  • A. Provides developers with information to isolate the failure
  • B. Provides ideas for test process improvement
  • C. Does not belong in an incident report.
  • D. Provides test leaders with information to report test progress

Answer: A


System testing is:

  • A. Used to search for defects in software modules that are separately testable.
  • B. The responsibility of the users of a system.
  • C. Concerned with the behavior of a whole system/product as defined by the scope of a development project.
  • D. Triggered by modifications, migration or retirement of the software system.

Answer: C


A booking system for a city bus service prices its fares according to the time of travel:
• Peak-time tariff starts at 0600 and finishes at 1000 am
• Off-peak tariff applies during all other times of service
• The bus service does not operate between 2300 and the start of the next day’s peak service Note that all times mentioned are inclusive.
When applying the equivalence partitioning test design technique, which of the following options, shows test case inputs that each fall into a different equivalence partition?

  • A. 0600, 1000, 1200
  • B. 1001, 1300, 2259
  • C. 0100, 0800, 2200
  • D. 2400, 1000, 2301

Answer: D


Which of the following tool types is the most useful one for a test manager?

  • A. Modeling tool
  • B. Static analysis tool
  • C. Coverage measurement tool
  • D. Defect tracking tool

Answer: C


In a system designed to work out the employee tax to be paid:
_ An employee has $4,000 of salary tax free.
_ The next $1,500 is taxed at 10%.
_ The next $28,000 after that is taxed at 22%.
_ Any further amount is taxed at 40%.
Which of these is a valid Boundary Value Analysis test case?

  • A. $28,000
  • B. $1,500
  • C. $33,501
  • D. $5,000

Answer: C


Which of the following test types are non-functional tests?
I) Acceptance test
II) Regression test
III) Stress test
IV) Component test
V) Reliability test

  • A. I, III and V
  • B. II and IV
  • C. I
  • D. Ill and V
  • E. III and V

Answer: B


Which of the following are triggers for Maintenance testing?
a) System migration from one platform to another.
b) Retirement of a system.
c) Preparation for an audit of a system.
d) Modifications to a system.
e) Development of a whole new system.

  • A. a, c and d.
  • B. b, c and e.
  • C. a, d and e.
  • D. a, b and d.

Answer: A


Which of the following can be a common objective of testing?

  • A. Gaining confidence about the level of the system's quality
  • B. Fixing defects to improve the system's quality characteristics
  • C. Providing information as part of the debugging activity
  • D. Making sure the system performs as fast and as efficient as needed

Answer: B


Which of the main activities of the fundamental test process does the task ‘verify the test environment set up is correct’ relate to? [K1]

  • A. Planning and control
  • B. Analysis and design
  • C. Implementation and execution
  • D. Evaluating exit criteria and reporting

Answer: C


Testing and Debugging are key activities in the software development lifecycle. Which of the following are DEBUGGING activities?
a) Designing tests to find failures.
b) Locating the cause of failures.
c) Analysing and fixing the defects.
d) Executing tests to show failures.

  • A. a and d.
  • B. a and b.
  • C. b and c.
  • D. c and d.

Answer: B


Which of the following statements is true?
I) Test planning activities include selecting the test object
II) Test strategy implementation is NOT a part of test planning
III) Choosing appropriate test techniques is part of test design
IV) Test schedule and exit criteria modification are part of test planning

  • A. I, II
  • B. II, III
  • C. I.IV
  • D. II
  • E. IV

Answer: C


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