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A network design change requires an existing firewall to start accessing Palo Alto Updates from a data plane interface address instead of the management interface.
Which configuration setting needs to be modified?

  • A. Service route
  • B. Default route
  • C. Management profile
  • D. Authentication profile

Answer: A

An administrator pushes a new configuration from Panorama to a pair of firewalls that are configured as an active/passive HA pair. Which NGFW receives the configuration from Panorama?

  • A. The Passive firewall, which then synchronizes to the active firewall
  • B. The active firewall, which then synchronizes to the passive firewall
  • C. Both the active and passive firewalls, which then synchronize with each other
  • D. Both the active and passive firewalls independently, with no synchronization afterward

Answer: C

Which two virtualized environments support Active/Active High Availability (HA) in PAN-OS 8.0? (Choose two.)

  • A. KVM
  • B. VMware ESX
  • C. VMware NSX
  • D. AWS

Answer: AB

A network security engineer has been asked to analyze Wildfire activity. However, the Wildfire Submissions item is not visible form the Monitor tab.
What could cause this condition?

  • A. The firewall does not have an active WildFire subscription.
  • B. The engineer's account does not have permission to view WildFire Submissions.
  • C. A policy is blocking WildFire Submission traffic.
  • D. Though WildFire is working, there are currently no WildFire Submissions log entries.

Answer: B

A network security engineer is asked to perform a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) on a firewall
Which part of files needs to be imported back into the replacement firewall that is using Panorama?

  • A. Device state and license files
  • B. Configuration and serial number files
  • C. Configuration and statistics files
  • D. Configuration and Large Scale VPN (LSVPN) setups file

Answer: A

A company wants to install a PA-3060 firewall between two core switches on a VLAN trunk link. They need to assign each VLAN to its own zone and to assign untagged (native) traffic to its own zone which options differentiates multiple VLAN into separate zones?

  • A. Create VLAN objects for each VLAN and assign VLAN interfaces matching each VLAN I
  • B. Repeat forevery additional VLANand use a VLAN ID of 0 for untagged traffi
  • C. Assign each interface/subinterface to a unique zone.
  • D. Create V-Wire objects with two V-Wire sub interface and assign only a single VLAN ID to the "Tag Allowed field one of the V-Wire object Repeat for every additional VLAN and use a VIAN ID of 0 for untagged traffi
  • E. Assign each interface/subinterfaceto a unique zone.
  • F. Create V-Wire objects with two V-Wire interfaces and define a range “0- 4096" in the 'Tag Allowed filed of the V-Wire object.
  • G. Create Layer 3 sub interfaces that are each assigned to a single VLAN ID and a common virtual route
  • H. The physical Layer 3interface would handle untagged traffi
  • I. Assign each interface /subinterface to a unique zon
  • J. Do not assign any interface anIP address

Answer: C

Which URL Filtering Security Profile action logs the URL Filtering category to the URL Filtering log?

  • A. Log
  • B. Alert
  • C. Allow
  • D. Default

Answer: B

Explanation: profile-actions

Decrypted packets from the website will appear as which application and service within the Traffic log?

  • A. web-browsing and 443
  • B. SSL and 80
  • C. SSL and 443
  • D. web-browsing and 80

Answer: A

A Network Administrator wants to deploy a Large Scale VPN solution. The Network Administrator has chosen a GlobalProtect Satellite solution. This configuration needs to be deployed to multiple remote offices and the Network Administrator decides to use Panorama to deploy the configurations.
How should this be accomplished?

  • A. Create a Template with the appropriate IKE Gateway settings
  • B. Create a Template with the appropriate IPSec tunnel settings
  • C. Create a Device Group with the appropriate IKE Gateway settings
  • D. Create a Device Group with the appropriate IPSec tunnel settings

Answer: B

Which three file types can be forwarded to WildFire for analysis as a part of the basic WildFire service? (Choose three.)

  • A. dll
  • B. exe
  • C. src
  • D. apk
  • E. pdf
  • F. jar

Answer: DEF

Explanation: Reference:

An administrator creates a custom application containing Layer 7 signatures. The latest application and threat dynamic update is downloaded to the same NGFW. The update contains an application that matches the same traffic signatures as the custom application. Which application should be used to identify traffic traversing the NGFW?

  • A. Custom application
  • B. System logs show an application error and neither signature is used.
  • C. Downloaded application
  • D. Custom and downloaded application signature files are merged and both are used

Answer: A

A critical US-CERT notification is published regarding a newly discovered botnet. The malware is very evasive and is not reliably detected by endpoint antivirus software. Furthermore, SSL is used to tunnel malicious traffic to command-and-control servers on the internet and SSL Forward Proxy Decryption is not enabled.
Which component once enabled on a perirneter firewall will allow the identification of existing infected hosts in an environment?

  • A. Anti-Spyware profiles applied outbound security policies with DNS Query action set to sinkhole
  • B. File Blocking profiles applied to outbound security policies with action set to alert
  • C. Vulnerability Protection profiles applied to outbound security policies with action set to block
  • D. Antivirus profiles applied to outbound security policies with action set to alert

Answer: A

A network engineer has revived a report of problems reaching through vr1 on the firewall. The routing table on this firewall is extensive and complex.
Which CLI command will help identify the issue?

  • A. test routing fib virtual-router vr1
  • B. show routing route type static destination
  • C. test routing fib-lookup ip virtual-router vr1
  • D. show routing interface

Answer: C

Which command can be used to validate a Captive Portal policy?

  • A. eval captive-portal policy <criteria>
  • B. request cp-policy-eval <criteria>
  • C. test cp-policy-match <criteria>
  • D. debug cp-policy <criteria>

Answer: C

A customer wants to set up a site-to-site VPN using tunnel interfaces? Which two formats are correct for naming tunnel interfaces? (Choose two.)

  • A. Vpn-tunnel.1024
  • B. vpn-tunne.1
  • C. tunnel 1025
  • D. tunne
  • E. 1

Answer: CD

Refer to the exhibit.
PCNSE dumps exhibit
A web server in the DMZ is being mapped to a public address through DNAT. Which Security policy rule will allow traffic to flow to the web server?

  • A. Untrust (any) to Untrust (10. 1.1. 100), web browsing – Allow
  • B. Untrust (any) to Untrust (1. 1. 1. 100), web browsing – Allow
  • C. Untrust (any) to DMZ (1. 1. 1. 100), web browsing – Allow
  • D. Untrust (any) to DMZ (10. 1. 1. 100), web browsing – Allow

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
PCNSE dumps exhibit
An administrator is using DNAT to map two servers to a single public IP address. Traffic will be
steered to the specific server based on the application, where Host A ( received HTTP traffic and host B( receives SSH traffic.
Which two security policy rules will accomplish this configuration? (Choose two)

  • A. Untrust (Any) to Untrust ( Ssh-Allow
  • B. Untrust (Any) to DMZ ( Ssh-Allow
  • C. Untrust (Any) to DMZ ( Web-browsing -Allow
  • D. Untrust (Any) to Untrust ( Web-browsing -Allow

Answer: CD

A network security engineer is asked to provide a report on bandwidth usage. Which tab in the ACC provides the information needed to create the report?

  • A. Blocked Activity
  • B. Bandwidth Activity
  • C. Threat Activity
  • D. Network Activity

Answer: D

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