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In what order should the import process be run when importing suppliers?

  • A. any order
  • B. Supplier, Supplier Site, Supplier Site Contacts, Supplier Site Assignments
  • C. Supplier, Supplier Site Contacts, Supplier Site, Supplier Site Assignment
  • D. Supplier, Supplier Site Assignment, Supplier Site, Supplier Contacts

Answer: B


Which three are attributes that are recognized by Invoice Imaging?

  • A. PO Number
  • B. Payment Method
  • C. Terms Date
  • D. Invoice Number
  • E. Invoice Date

Answer: ADE

Which three types of payments can you make if you have access to Disbursement Process Management Duty?

  • A. Supplier payments
  • B. Ad hoc payments
  • C. Employee advances
  • D. Customer refunds
  • E. Reimbursement of employee expense reports

Answer: ADE


Identify two ways the invoice imaging solution works in the Cloud.

  • A. Customers scan the invoice on-premise and email the images.
  • B. Customers cannot use invoice imaging in the Cloud.
  • C. Customers scan and store the invoice images on-premise and attach them during invoice entry.
  • D. Customers ask their suppliers to scan and email the invoice.
  • E. Customers ask suppliers to send electronic invoice

Answer: AD

Which two statements are true when you are using the Intercompany Reconciliation Process?

  • A. Transaction Summary Report will show only transactions with status received.
  • B. The reconciliation period summary report will show the intercompany receivable and the intercompany payable lines generated by the intercompany balancing feature.
  • C. Ledger balancing lines are generated when the primary balancing segment value is in balance but either the second balancing segment or the third balancing segment is out of balance.
  • D. You must run the Extract Intercompany Reconciliation Data job.
  • E. The reconciliation period summary report will not show the intercompany receivables and intercompany payables lines generated for the provider and receiver of each intercompany transaction.

Answer: BD

What are the two advantages of using a spreadsheet for correcting invoice import errors?

  • A. identification of errors with clear error messages at the invoice header and line levels
  • B. identification of errors with clear error messages at the invoice header level only
  • C. ability to correct errors and re-import invoices directly from a spreadsheet
  • D. ability to correct errors within the spreadsheet and send invoice corrections for approval
  • E. ability to enter a high volume of invoices via a spreadsheet

Answer: AC

An invoice for $200 USD and a credit memo for $225 USD are due for payment and the “Apply credits up to zero amount” option is enabled for the payment process request. Which statement is correct?

  • A. The payment process request applies $200 USD of the credit memo to the invoice, leaving a remaining credit of $25 USD, and creates a payment for $0 USD.
  • B. The payment process request doesn’t select the invoice or credit memo for payment because the credit reduces the payment to - $25 USD, which is below zero.
  • C. The payment process request creates a refund for $225 USD and leaves the invoice unpaid.
  • D. The payment process request pays only $200 USD alon

Answer: D

During your business trip to the UK, you took a taxi ride and paid for it by using your personal Visa credit card. While entering your expenses, you get a warning that a different conversion rate was applied to the taxi expense by Visa than the one used by your company.
How do you handle this situation?

  • A. Do not enter the taxi expense and call your Finance Department so that they can make changes in the conversation rate settings and you do not violate the allowable limit.
  • B. Overwrite the conversion rate with the one Visa provided and enter a justification that Visa used a different conversion rate.
  • C. Use the corporate-defines conversion rate even if it means you will not be reimbursed fully.
  • D. Call Visa to address the issue and tell them to make adjustments to their conversion rat
  • E. Then, wait to get a revised statement.

Answer: A

You want to have an invoice line automatically distributed across multiple cost centers. For example, you want your monthly utility bill allocated across multiple cost centers based on a percentage. Select two methods to achieve this.

  • A. Customize the Subledger Accounting rules to allocate costs.
  • B. Define a distribution set and assign it manually to the invoice.
  • C. Enter the invoice in Payables and then use general ledger’s Calculation Manager to allocate the costs.
  • D. Define a distribution set and assign it to the supplie

Answer: AB

Which statement is true about selecting a bank account on the Create Payment page?

  • A. Bank account must match the supplier’s bank account.
  • B. There is not relationship between the business unit, bank, and L
  • C. Users can pick any bank account that is setup in their system.
  • D. LE on the bank account should be different from the LE on the invoice.
  • E. LE on the bank account should be equal to LE on the invoice.
  • F. Users can pick any bank account as long as the bank account is tied to the business uni

Answer: D

Which method can you use to route payment approval rules?

  • A. Serial and FYI (For Your Information)
  • B. Approval Groups
  • C. Both Parallel and Sequential
  • D. Sequential
  • E. Parallel

Answer: B

You want to route invoices to three different approvers at the same time and only one approver needs to approve the invoice. Which approval ruleset should you use?

  • A. InvoiceApproversSingleParticipantInParallelMode
  • B. InvoiceApprovers
  • C. InvoiceApproversParallelParticipantInParallelMode
  • D. InvoiceApproversFYIParticipantInParallelMode

Answer: A

You have invoices with distributions across primary balancing segments that represent different companies.
What feature should you use if you want the system to automatically balance your invoice’s liability amount across the same balancing segments on the invoice distributions?

  • A. Suspense Accounts
  • B. Subledger Accounting’s Account Rules
  • C. Intercompany Balancing
  • D. Payables’ Automatic Offset
  • E. Payables’ Allow Reconciliation Accounting

Answer: D

Reference: Functionality (page 54)

You have created an approval rule as follows:
Rule 1: If the invoice amount > $1000, route it to User 1. Rule 2: If the invoice amount < $1000, auto approve it.
Now, the user creates an invoice for $1000 and routes it for approval. What will happen?

  • A. The system will issue an error message after the approval has been initiated.
  • B. Invoice will not be processed.
  • C. Invoice will be sent to User 1 for approval.
  • D. Invoice will be auto-approve

Answer: B

Certain suppliers that your customer regularly deals with are exempt from tax. How would you configure tax for this?

  • A. Define a Tax Status and Rate for Exempt, define a Party Fiscal Classification of Exempt, assign it to the relevant suppliers, and write a rule to incorporate the exempt Party Fiscal Classification.
  • B. Enable the relevant suppliers for Offset Tax and create an Offset Tax to remove the calculated tax line from these suppliers.
  • C. Define a Tax Status and Rate for Exempt, define a Supplier Fiscal Classification of Exempt, assign it to the relevant suppliers, and write a rule to incorporate the exempt Supplier Fiscal Classification.
  • D. Create a new Tax Regime for the Exempt tax and subscribe the exempt suppliers to the tax regime on the Configuration Options tab.

Answer: B

You need to submit a 1099 report; your State format has changed slightly since last year. How should you submit your 1099s for the State in the current year?

  • A. Run and submit your 1099s because it will automatically refilect any changes.
  • B. Edit the 1099 template to refilect the changes, and then run and submit the 1099 report.
  • C. Generate a 1096 form and submit it instead.
  • D. Manually enter the 1099s for the State and submi

Answer: B

Which is the Payables tool based on real-time data?

  • A. Essbase Cube
  • B. Oracle Financial Reporting (FR)
  • C. Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)
  • D. Smart View
  • E. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA)

Answer: B


Which two statements are true related to configuration package?

  • A. You can export and import the custom roles from Oracle Identity Manager.
  • B. You can export and import selected business object services.
  • C. You can export and import selected business units.
  • D. You can export and import the approval rules from the approval management engine.
  • E. You can export and import the allocation rules from the allocation manage

Answer: AB

Which two statements about the submission of invoices by suppliers using Supplier Portal are true?

  • A. A supplier can submit a single invoice against multiple purchase orders across different currencies and organizations.
  • B. A supplier can validate the invoice after submitting it.
  • C. A supplier can make changes to the invoice after submitting it.
  • D. A supplier can submit a single invoice against multiple purchase orders, provided the currency and organization for all the invoice items are the same as those on the purchase orders.
  • E. A supplier can submit invoices against open, approved, standard, or blanket purchase orders that are not fully billed.

Answer: BE

Which three attributes are captured during the scanning of invoice images?

  • A. Invoice Date
  • B. Invoice Number
  • C. Terms Date
  • D. PO Number
  • E. Payment Method

Answer: ABD

If you accidentally paid an invoice using Create Payment flow, can you undo the operation?

  • A. Cancel the invoice and create a new one.
  • B. yes, by creating a credit memo to offset the payment
  • C. yes, by canceling the payment process from the process monitor
  • D. no
  • E. yes, by voiding the payment created

Answer: E

Which dashboard or workarea displays the Scanned Invoices region for invoices processed through the Payables Integrated Imaging solution?

  • A. Invoices Workarea only
  • B. Payables Dashboard and Invoices Workarea
  • C. Payables Dashboard only
  • D. Manage Invoices page
  • E. C-Level executives

Answer: A



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