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Given the code fragment:
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How can you get all property names of a JMS message in the JMS consumer onMessage operation?

  • A. String [] props = msg.getPropertyNames();
  • B. Enumeration props = msg.getPropertyNames();. Iterator props = msg.getPropertyNames();
  • C. List<String> props = msg.getProperties();

Answer: A

Which class do you use to handle an incoming JSON Message as a stream?

  • A. JsonReader
  • B. JsonObjectBuilder
  • C. JsonParser
  • D. JsonObject

Answer: A

Given the code fragment:
1Z0-900 dumps exhibit
Which code can be added to register both of these methods to receive BankEvent notifications only if an instance of BankActivityService is already instantiated in the current context?

  • A. @Observes(notifyObserver=IF_EXISTS) on line 3 and line 6
  • B. @Observes(during=IN_PROGRESS) on line 1
  • C. @Observes(during=AFTER_COMPLETION) on line 1
  • D. @Observes(notifyObserver=IF_EXISTS) on line 4 and line 7 before method parameter declaration

Answer: A

Given the code fragments:
1Z0-900 dumps exhibit
Which action completes this composite primary key implementation?

  • A. Add @IdClass annotation at line 1.
  • B. Add @Embeddable annotation at line 1 and replace both @Id annotations with @EmbeddedId annotations.
  • C. Add @IdClass(ContactId.class) annotation at line 2.
  • D. Add @Embeddable annotation at line 1 and @EmbeddedId(ContactId.class) at line 2.

Answer: D

You are a shop floor manager and you have received an order which is a back-to-back order in nature. You need to reserve 100 pieces of an item in order to finish you order. However, there are only 50 pieces available for reservation.
If you process this request, how many pieces are provided as the fulfillment for the order?

  • A. 50 pieces, because full 100 quantities are not available.
  • B. 25 pieces, only half of the quantities can be reserved.
  • C. 0 pieces, because partial fulfillment of reservation not supported.
  • D. 100 pieces, 50 from on-hand and 50 in the form of a purchase order.

Answer: C

You are building the User Preferences page of an application. A user can change values, such as his or her name, password, address, company, and so on. These values are sent to a CDI backing bean via AJAX when the user tabs out of each field. However, the values must be retained in the CDI bean and stored in the database only when the user clicks the Save button.
Which two scopes will allow your CDI bean to retain its state while the user is interacting with the User Preferences page? (Choose two.)

  • A. Dependent
  • B. View
  • C. Session
  • D. Request
  • E. Application

Answer: CD

A shipment has not yet been created for a pick that you are running. How is the due date calculated?

  • A. request date from the order line
  • B. schedule ship date from the order line
  • C. promise date from the order line
  • D. system date
  • E. earliest acceptable date from the order line

Answer: B

What is true about Message-Driven Beans (MDBs)?

  • A. MDBs can participate in transactions.
  • B. MDBs are invoked synchronously.
  • C. Each MDBs can process messages only from a single client.
  • D. MDBs retain data caches between client calls.

Answer: A

Your customer has a complex financial reporting structure.
Which three elements should you define first in order to form a basis for this reporting?

  • A. Tax, Legal, and Industry
  • B. Managerial, Operational, and Industry
  • C. Legal, Managerial, and Functional
  • D. Legal, Autonomy, and Operational

Answer: C

In Supply Chain Orchestration, Automated Change Management performs which two functions?

  • A. change to need by dates of a purchase order
  • B. splitting of a sales order
  • C. changing the ship method on a sales order
  • D. change to item attributes
  • E. changing the supplier on a purchase order

Answer: AB

Which three statements are true for an expense destination transfers that does NOT require a receipt at destination inventory organization?

  • A. There is no cost associated to the transaction.
  • B. There is no put away transaction in Inventory since the item is expensed.
  • C. A receipt is required on interorganization expense destination transfer orders between the from and to organizations.
  • D. The transfer order is considered received and delivered at the time of shipment.
  • E. The destination inventory is not incremented.

Answer: ABE

As part of implementing Oracle Cloud for your customer, you defined multiple Business Units. The customer wants you to define an Inventory Organization that is associated with all the business units and not just one particular business unit.
How do you achieve this?

  • A. Define the Inventory Organization without associating it with any location.
  • B. Leave the Management Business Unit field blank in the Inventory Organization definition.
  • C. Leave the Profit Center Business Unit field blank in the Inventory Organization definition.
  • D. It is not possible to define an Inventory Organization that is associated with more than one business unit.

Answer: D

An inventory transaction is important to the system through an FBDI template.
Which transaction state denotes that an inventory transaction is created in the Oracle Inventory Management application?

  • A. Created
  • B. Validated
  • C. Deferred
  • D. New
  • E. Staged

Answer: B

What are the four steps for the move request process flow?

  • A. Create shipment
  • B. Create Movement Request
  • C. Confirm pick slips
  • D. Run the Movement Request Pick Slip Report
  • E. Physically move the material
  • F. Run pick slip allocation

Answer: BCDE

Given the code fragment:
1Z0-900 dumps exhibit
1Z0-900 dumps exhibit
Which two steps, when performed independently, enable the index.xhtml page to print the following text: The Id is 12345? (Choose two.)

  • A. Replace line 2 with: @Inject public void setAcc(Account acc)
  • B. Replace line 3 with: @Inject public Account getAcc()
  • C. Replace line 1 with: @Inject private Account acc;
  • D. Replace line 3 with: public @Inject Account getAcc()
  • E. Replace line 1 with: private @Inject Account acc;
  • F. Replace line 2 with: public void setAcc(@Inject Account acc)

Answer: DF

1Z0-900 dumps exhibit
Which annotation do you use on line 1 to ensure that clients immediately time out when attempting to concurrently invoke callMethod () while another client is already accessing the bean?

  • A. @AccessTimeout (value = 1, unit = TimeUnit.SECONDS)
  • B. @AccessTimeout (null)
  • C. @AccessTimeout (-1)
  • D. @AccessTimeout (0)

Answer: D

You are working with JMS publish-subscribe operations.
What happens when a producer publishes a message to a topic for which a durable subscription exists but there are no subscribers available?

  • A. The publisher waits for a subscriber, who then consumes i
  • B. However, the publisher will time out if no consumer arrives within the given timeout period.
  • C. The publisher sends the messag
  • D. However, it is never consumed because there wasn’t anything listening when it arrived, regardless of the message timeout length.
  • E. The publisher successfully sends a message, which will be consumed later, once there is a subscriber, assuming the message hasn’t timed out.
  • F. The message publisher is immediately notified about the lack of subscribers and can decide for itself if, and when, to resend.

Answer: C

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If an exception is thrown inside the if block, what effect will it have on the transaction?

  • A. The transaction will be committed.
  • B. The transaction will be suspended.
  • C. The transaction will be rolled back.

Answer: C

You need to exchange large binary messages using chunks in a WebSocket application. Identify two ways in which you can receive partial messages. (Choose two.)

  • A. Define an @OnMessage method with a single MimePart parameter.
  • B. Use a ChunkListener interface implementation.
  • C. Use a MessageHandler.Partial<ByteBuffer> interface implementation.
  • D. Define an @OnMessage method with byte [] as the first parameter and a boolean as the second parameter.

Answer: CD

Your customer wants to prevent customer shipments out of a specific subventory. They are setting up a material status to control this.
Which transaction do they need to disallow?

  • A. Sales Order Pick
  • B. Sales Order Issue
  • C. Ship Confirm
  • D. Miscellaneous Issue
  • E. Move Request Putaway.

Answer: B

Given the code fragment from a Facelet page:
1Z0-900 dumps exhibit
On Line 1, you ae asked to insert a search box that displays the text “Search Here” via a placeholder.
Assume searchMB is a valid Managed Bean.
Which two options enable you to create a search box with a placeholder attribute on Line 1? (Choose two.)

  • A. <h:inputText value=“#(searchMB.query)”><f:param name=“placeholder” value=“Search Here”/></h:inputText>
  • B. <h:inputText value=“#(searchMB.query)” placeholder=“Search here”/>
  • C. <input jsf:id=“search” placeholder=“Search here” jsf:value=“# (searchMB.query)”></input>
  • D. <h:inputText pt:placeholder=“Search Here” value=“#(searchMB.query)”/>
  • E. <input id=“search” jsf:placeholder=“Search Here” value=“$(searchMB.query)”></input>

Answer: CE

Which statement is true about JAX-RS resource implementation?

  • A. The REST resource implementation class must extend the class
  • B. The REST resource class can be implemented as a stateful Enterprise JavaBean (EJB).
  • C. The REST resource class can be implemented as a Plain Old Java Object (POJO).
  • D. The REST resource implementation class must not be final.

Answer: A

Given the code fragment:
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How long does this cookie persist?

  • A. until server shutdown
  • B. until garbage collection in the servlet instance
  • C. this request
  • D. until browser shutdown

Answer: D

1Z0-900 dumps exhibit
What will be the response to a HEAD request?

  • A. The findAll() method will be called and the employee list will be returned.
  • B. The findAll() method will be called and no employees will be returned.
  • C. No method will be invoked and no error will be returned.
  • D. No method will be invoked and a 404 error will be returned.

Answer: C

A Persistence application locks entity x with a LockModeType.PESSIMISTIC_READ lock type. Which statement is true?

  • A. LockModeType.PESSIMISTIC_READ is the synonym of LockModeType.READ
  • B. This operation will force serialization among transactions attempting to read the entity data.
  • C. This operation will result in a TransactionRolledbackException if the lock cannot be obtained.
  • D. If the application updates the entity later, and the changes are flushed to the database, the lock will be converted to an exclusive look.

Answer: B


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