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Online 220-901 free questions and answers of New Version:

The ability for new computers to be automatically connected to the network is provided by the

  • A. DHCP server.
  • B. DNS server.
  • C. proxy server
  • D. TACACS serve

Answer: A

Which of the following would BEST describe the capabilities of a 64-bit operating system?

  • A. Capable of managing dual NICs.
  • B. Capable of effectively managing 1TB SSD.
  • C. Capable of managing more than 4 displays.
  • D. Capable of utilizing 128GB RA

Answer: D

A user has requested a device that could be used for web-conferences while away from work. The device will mainly be used for emailing, document reviewing, and phone calls. Which of the following mobile devices would a technician MOST likely recommend?

  • A. Tablet
  • B. Smart camera
  • C. Phablet
  • D. Web camera

Answer: C

Which of the following ports is used when accessing a website with SSL encryption?

  • A. 22
  • B. 80
  • C. 110
  • D. 443

Answer: D

A VoIP system will require 23 concurrent voice channels and signaling channel. Which of the following types of service would provides the BEST connectivity to the PSTN?

  • A. ORI
  • B. BRI
  • C. E1/E3
  • D. DSL

Answer: B

A technician is tasked with selecting components to build a computer that will be used for computer-aided drafting and computer aided modeling. Which of the following components are the BEST choices? (Select TWO).

  • A. Triple channel memory
  • B. MIDI sound card
  • C. Socket 1156 motherboard
  • D. Onboard graphics
  • E. Socket 1366 CPU

Answer: AE

A user reports that all printout to a locally attached printer show only garbled characters. Which of following troubleshoot the issue?

  • A. Programs and Features
  • B. Performance monitor
  • C. System Configuration
  • D. Device Manager

Answer: D

A 27 in (68.6cm) analog monitor display shows the left and right sides are bulging. Which of the following should the technician performance FIRST to remedy the issue?

  • A. Decrease contrast.
  • B. Increase trapezoid.
  • C. Increase gamma.
  • D. Decrease pin cushio

Answer: D

A technician has configured a custom PC with an eight-core processor. 8GD of RAM a 500GB SSD, and a 100Mbps NIC for a user who utilizes it for CAD design The user has stated that every tune the CAD program is launched, it slows down and is almost unusable Which of the following should the technician do to impact system performance the MOST?

  • A. Increase the CPUs to 16 cores.
  • B. Increase the memory to 37GB.
  • C. Increase the SSD size to 1 IB.
  • D. Replace the NIC with a 1 Gbps NI

Answer: A

When referring to laser printing, which of the following describes the development process?

  • A. The corona wire places a static charge on the drum.
  • B. Toner is pulled to the charged areas of the drum.
  • C. Toner is pulled from the drum to the paper.
  • D. The toner is permanently affixed to the paper.

Answer: B

A technician receives a report from a client that is having issues with colors on a monitor. The technician notices that the monitor does not appear to have any red hues. The technician sees that the monitor has two types of inputs, VGA is currently in use, and the HDMI cable is not. The technician powers down the system and switches from using the VGA cable to the HDMI cable and the issue is resolved. Which of the following was MOST likely the issue?

  • A. One of the pins on the VGA cable was damaged.
  • B. The monitor did not natively support VGA input.
  • C. The PC was originally configured to output to HDMI.
  • D. The video card drivers were out of dat

Answer: A

A technician is troubleshooting network connectivity issue with a remote host. Which of the following tools BEST inform the technician of nodes between the client and the host? (Select TWO).

  • A. tracert
  • B. ping
  • C. tcpdump
  • D. pathping
  • E. netstate
  • F. nslookup
  • G. router

Answer: EF

After a user replaces the RAM in a laptop, the laptop makes strange beeping sounds and does not boot the OS when it is started. Which of the following could be the cause of this issue?

  • A. The new DIMM is not receiving sufficient power.
  • B. The user needs to loads the OS and update the new amount of RAM.
  • C. The new DIMM needs to be restarted on the system board.
  • D. The user needs to enter the BIOS and select the RAM from which to boo

Answer: C

A customer is having a problem with a newly installed home network Three computers and a cable modem are connected into a SOHO router with d be cables Computer I is able to access the Internet; however, Computer 2 Computer 3 have no Internal access. A technician runs the ipconfig command on Computer 1:
220-901 dumps exhibit
The technician then runs the lpconfig command on two other computers that are NOT able lo access the internet.
220-901 dumps exhibit
Which at the following it* the MOST likely reason Computer 2 and Computer 3 cannot access the internet?

  • A. The DHCP client service is disabled on Computer 2 arid Computer 3 the service should be enabled la receive the correct setting
  • B. The subnet masks are misconfigured on Computer 2 and Computer 3. The subnet masks an both computers should be set to 255 255 252 0.
  • C. The gateways ate misconfigured on Computer 2 and Computer 3 the gateways on both computers should be set to 193 134 4.1.
  • D. Computer 2 and Computer 3 are not receiving a response from the router DHCP servic
  • E. The technician should enable DHCP

Answer: C

A client, Ann, is having issues with a PC shutting down. There are no error messages displayed before the system powers off. Ann reports that this started after she installed and began using CAD software. The hard drive, video card, and RAM all meet the software requirements and have passed diagnostics. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue?

  • A. The video card has 3D acceleration disabled.
  • B. The hard drive is IDE instead of SATA.
  • C. The hard drive needs to be repartitioned.
  • D. The PSU is underpowered for the syste

Answer: D

A customer states that when booting up the workstation, there is a message that says “no operating system detected”; then, it continues to boot into the operating system. The customer is preparing to modify files on a USB drive. Which of the following should a technician perform to resolve the problem?

  • A. Reinstall the operating system to reinstall the hardware drivers.
  • B. Modify the boot.ini within the operating system.
  • C. Modify the boot sequence within the UEFI.
  • D. Disable the TPM chip to turn off data encryptio

Answer: C

A user is requesting a cable to charge and transfer data for an Apple mobile device. Which of the following connection types would satisfy the user's requirements?

  • A. MicroUSB
  • B. Molex
  • C. MiniUSB
  • D. Lightning

Answer: D

A technician is asked to repair a broken Ethernet jack in a conference room. Which of the following tools would the technician use when repairing the wall jack?

  • A. Crimper
  • B. Toner probe
  • C. Punchdown tool
  • D. Multimeter

Answer: C

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