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An administrator is deleting a manual pool that contains unmanaged desktop sources and selects the Leave active option.
How will the administrator's action affect connections to the pool?

  • A. Connections will remain active until the user logs off.
  • B. Connections will be accepted until the desktop source is unregistered.
  • C. Connections will remain active for the period of time specified by the administrator.
  • D. Connections will remain available until the next session state monitoring interval.

Answer: A

Users at a branch office are experiencing poor virtual desktop performance. The branch office has ten users and a 2Mbps link to the datacenter.
Some of the users frequently access video content, but the performance issues began occurring after a recent Group Policy Object (GPO) change. The performance issues
do not occur when the same users connect from the main office, which has a 10Mbps link to the data center.
Which PCoIP GPO change is most likely the cause of the performance issues?

  • A. Turn off Build-to-Lossless = Enabled
  • B. PCoIP session audio bandwidth limit = 100kbps
  • C. PCoIP client image cache size = 260MB
  • D. Maximum PCoIP session bandwidth = 4Mbps

Answer: D

An administrator needs to provide access to applications for users regardless of whether the users have network access.
Which two VMware components should the administrator choose? (Choose two.)

  • A. VMware Workspace
  • B. VMware ThinApp
  • C. VMware Horizon View
  • D. VMware Mirage

Answer: BD

An administrator in a large organization needs to delegate authority to manage a group of desktops to another administrator at a remote site. The desktops have been placed in a folder in View Administrator so that a user can be assigned to manage those desktops only.
The remote site administrator must be able to:
✑ Perform all desktop, session, and pool-related operations
✑ Manage persistent disks
✑ Resync, Refresh, and Rebalance linked-clone pools and change the default pool image
What is the most restrictive predefined role that can be assigned to meet these requirements?

  • A. Administrators
  • B. Agent Registration Administrators
  • C. Global Configuration and Policy Administrators
  • D. Inventory Administrators

Answer: D

An administrator receives reports from users connected to View PCoIP sessions of slow desktop responsiveness and blurry images. Additionally, some users report being randomly disconnected from their sessions.
The administrator determines the following:
✑ Network Latency is 100ms.
✑ PCoIP Packet Loss is more than 5%.
Which two solutions should the administrator implement to resolve the issues? (Choose two.)

  • A. Increase priority of PCoIP traffic.
  • B. Enable the Turn Off Build-to-Lossless GPO Setting.
  • C. Disable Spanning Tree on the switches.
  • D. Add additional vNICs to the virtual desktops.

Answer: AB

Several users within a corporation installed a team collaboration utility onto their Mirage- managed systems. The systems became erratic, so they uninstalled the application, but the problem remained.
An administrator needs to repair the users' systems and ensure they are compliant with the corporate image. All user profile data must remain intact.
What should the administrator do?

  • A. Revert to Snapshot with Restore System Only option selected.
  • B. Enforce All Layers with the Preserve user applications option selected.
  • C. Revert to Snapshot without Restore System Only option selected.
  • D. Enforce All Layers with the Remove user applications option selected.

Answer: D

An administrator needs to configure Persona Management with a Dedicated Linked Clone Pool. The administrator is aware that users save large files to their user profiles and needs to avoid long load times of the user data.
What should the administrator do to enhance performance of Persona Management when loading the user data?

  • A. Enable the Remove local persona at log off policy.
  • B. Configure Persistent Disks with Persona Management.
  • C. Enable View Storage Accelerator.
  • D. Configure Non-Persistent Disks with Persona Management.

Answer: B

An administrator is attempting to configure a new linked-clone pool to use software 3D rendering and notices that the 3D Renderer option is unavailable.
The pool settings are as follows:
✑ Default display protocol is set to PCoIP.
✑ Allow users to choose protocol is set to Yes.
✑ Max resolution of any one monitor is set to 1920 x 1200.
✑ Max number of monitors is set to 2.
Which setting change should the administrator make to allow the 3D Renderer to be enabled?

  • A. Change the Default display protocol setting to RDP.
  • B. Change the Allow users to choose protocol setting to No.
  • C. Change the Max resolution of any one monitor setting to 2560 x 1600.
  • D. Change the Max number of monitors setting to 1.

Answer: B

An administrator is overcommitting storage in an attempt to more efficiently use the available capacity. The administrator needs to ensure that linked-clones are evenly distributed across available datastores.
Which feature of View should the administrator use?

  • A. Storage DRS
  • B. Storage vMotion
  • C. Rebalance
  • D. View Storage Accelerator

Answer: C

An administrator is preparing a Windows 7 virtual machine for View and is reviewing Windows services as part of the optimization process.
Which Windows service must the administrator ensure is started?

  • A. Windows Firewall
  • B. Disk Defragmenter
  • C. Windows Defender
  • D. Routing and Remote Access

Answer: A

An administrator has completed upgrading the View pods in two datacenters to Horizon 6. To facilitate the new Continuity of Operations initiative, the administrator needs to implement global entitlements via the new Cloud Pod Architecture.
Which capability of the administrator's current environment is incompatible with Cloud Pod Architecture?

  • A. Dedicated Full Clone Pools
  • B. HTML Access
  • C. ThinApp Entitlements
  • D. Persona Management

Answer: B

Which two requirements must be met to enable use of the View Composer Array Integration feature? (Choose two.)

  • A. A Full-Clone Desktop Pool
  • B. A Linked-Clone Desktop Pool
  • C. An NFS Array
  • D. A VMFS Array

Answer: BC

An administrator deployed a linked-clone pool with virtual desktops running Windows XP for a branch office. The Active Directory server supporting the office is a Windows Server 2008 Read Only Domain Controller (RODC). The administrator makes the following changes to Sysprep:
✑ Join the Domain
✑ Use the Virtual Machine name for the NetBIOS name
When the administrator attempts to provision the desktops using View Composer, the following error message is displayed:
View Composer agent initialization state error (18): Failed to join the domain (waited 565 seconds)
What should the administrator do to provision the virtual desktops?

  • A. Configure the desktop pool to use Quickprep instead of Sysprep to provision the Linked Clones.
  • B. Log in to the parent virtual machine and apply the RODC compatibility update for X
  • C. Take a new snapshot and recompose the pool.
  • D. Configure the virtual desktops to synchronize time from another domain controller that is available on the network.
  • E. Log in to the parent virtual machine and reinstall the View Agen
  • F. Take a new snapshot and recompose the pool.

Answer: B

An administrator needs to configure a user for View Composer to add computers to the domain. Company policy restricts the administrator account from being used.
Which three non-default permissions must be added to the account to accomplish this? (Choose three.)

  • A. Delete Computer Objects
  • B. Create Computer Objects
  • C. List Contents
  • D. Write All Properties
  • E. Read Permissions

Answer: ABD

An administrator is creating a View full clone desktop pool and needs to enable the 3D Rendering feature. However, the option to select the 3D Renderer is unavailable.
What should the administrator do to enable this feature to be selected?

  • A. Set the default display protocol to RDP.
  • B. Install the latest View Feature Pack.
  • C. Enable the 3D Rendering option on the ESXi hosts.
  • D. Set Allow users to choose protocol to No.

Answer: D

An administrator is preparing a virtual machine guest OS for a View pool deployment. A security policy requires that non-VMware View Clients must not be able to connect directly to virtual desktops using RDP.
Which configuration option should the administrator choose to meet the requirement?

  • A. Set Allow users to choose protocol to No
  • B. Set Default display protocol to PCoIP
  • C. Set AllowDirectRDP to Disabled
  • D. Set Default display protocol to RDP

Answer: C

Refer to the Exhibit.
2V0-651 dumps exhibit
An administrator recently updated a linked-clone desktop pool with optimizations to improve performance. After the desktop pool is recomposed, users are unable to connect to their client printers. The administrator examines the services on the desktop, as shown in the exhibit.
Based on the exhibit, which Windows service is causing the client printers to fail to connect to virtual desktops?

  • A. Desktop Window Manager Session Manager
  • B. VMware USB Arbitration Service
  • C. TP AutoConnect Service
  • D. Windows Firewall

Answer: C

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