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How can you configure VCS Expressway to make sure an external caller cannot reach a specific internal address?

  • A. You add a search rule to block any call to the specific URI on the internal VCS Control.
  • B. VCS Expressway only forwards calls to Cisco Unified Communications Manager who block calls.
  • C. You add the specific URI in the firewall section of the VCS Expressway and block it.
  • D. You block the call with search rule that has a high priority in the VCS Expressway.You make a transform on the VCS Expressway to direct the call to VCS Control, which can block the call.

Answer: B

Which three steps are necessary to configure mobile and remote access on Cisco VCS Control? (Choose three)

  • A. Register voice gateways with Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • B. Configure Cisco VCS for Cisco Unified Communication
  • C. Configure Directory Services for Cisco Unified Communication
  • D. Discover Cisco Unified Communicators Manager and IM&P Servers.
  • E. After the discovery confirm the connectivity between Cisco VCS Control with Cisco Unified Communication Manager and IM&P
  • F. Configure DNS and NTP

Answer: ABF

Which statement is true when considering a Cisco VoIP environment for regional configuration?

  • A. G.711 requires 128K of bandwidth per call.
  • B. G.729 requires 24K of bandwidth per call.
  • C. The default codec does not matter if you have defined a hardware MTP in your Cisco Unified Communications Manager environment.
  • D. To deploy a Cisco H.323 gatekeeper, you must configure MTP resources on the gatekeeper and only use G.711 between regions.

Answer: C

Company X has a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster and a Cisco Unity Connection
cluster at its head office and implemented SRST for its branch offices. One Monday at 2:00 pm, the WAN connection to a branch office failed and stayed down for 45 minutes. That day the help desk received several calls from the branch saying their voicemail was not working but they were able to make and receive calls.
Why did the users not realize the WAN was down and prevented access to their voicemail?

  • A. All the phones should have started ringing the instant the WAN connection failed to signal the start of SRST mode.
  • B. All calls should have dropped when the WAN failed so users would be instantly aware.
  • C. Although the phones were still working, the users should have noticed that the phone displays said "SRST Fallback Active".
  • D. The voice administrators at the head office did not call the users to notify them.

Answer: C

How is VCS connected to Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

  • A. Add Cisco Unified CM to the configuration of VCS Control.
  • B. Create a SIP trunk between VCS Express and Cisco Unified CM.
  • C. Create a SIP trunk between Cisco Unified CM and VCS Control.
  • D. Configure VCS Control as a gateway in Cisco Unified CM.
  • E. Create a H.225 trunk between VCS Control and Cisco Unified CM.

Answer: C

Which three devices or applications support call preservation? (Choose three.)

  • A. a software conference bridge
  • B. Cisco Unified IP Phone 7962G
  • C. an annunciator
  • D. SIP trunks
  • E. JTAPI applications
  • F. TAPI applications
  • G. CTI applications
  • H. third-party H.323 endpoints

Answer: ABD


A video endpoint is configured with SIP only. What does a video endpoint use to register with the
VCS Control?

  • A. IP address
  • B. SIP URI
  • C. MAC address
  • D. system name

Answer: B

Which two steps must you take when implementing TEHO in your environment? (Choose two.)

  • A. Implement local failover.
  • B. Implement SIP to POTS.
  • C. Load-balance PRI connections.
  • D. Load-balance route lists within the cluster.
  • E. Implement ICT trunks to remote locations.
  • F. Implement centralized failover.

Answer: AD

Which component of Cisco Unified Communications Manager is responsible for sending keepalive messages to the Service Advertisement Framework forwarder?

  • A. Call Control Discovery requesting service
  • B. Hosted DNs service
  • C. Service Advertisement Framework client control
  • D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager database
  • E. Service Advertisement Framework-enabled trunk
  • F. gatekeeper

Answer: C

Which configuration can you add to Mobile Connect to explicitly allow or block calls to remote
destinations based on the caller ID of the caller?

  • A. access list
  • B. route filter
  • C. external call control
  • D. call anchoring

Answer: B

What happens when a user logs in using the Cisco Extension Mobility Service on a device for which
the user has no user device profile?

  • A. The Extension Mobility log in fails.
  • B. The device takes on the default device profile for its type.
  • C. The user can log in but does not have access to any features, soft key templates, or button templates.
  • D. The device uses the first device profile assigned to the user in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Answer: B

How many active gatekeepers can you define in a local zone?

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 5
  • D. 10
  • E. 15
  • F. unlimited

Answer: A

What is an advantage of TEHO?

  • A. TEHO implemented with ISRs eliminates PSTN toll charges.
  • B. TEHO implemented with ISRs can reduce PSTN toll charges.
  • C. TEHO implemented with AAR reduces toll charges.
  • D. TEHO implemented with CFUR reroutes calls.

Answer: B

When configuring a secure SIP trunk to which Cisco Unified Communications Manager trust store
must you upload the Cisco VCS certificate?

  • A. CallManager-trust
  • B. ipsec-trust
  • C. tomcat-trust
  • D. TVS-trust

Answer: A

There are two call control systems in this item.
The Cisco UCM is controlling the DX650, the Cisco Jabber for Windows Client, and the 7965 and 9971 Video IP Phones.
The Cisco VCS and TMS control the Cisco TelePresence Conductor, the Cisco TelePresence MCU, and the Cisco Jabber TelePresence for Windows.
DNS Server:
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Device Pool:
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Speed Dial:
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SIP Trunk:
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What two tasks must be completed in order to support calls between the VCS controlled endpoints and the Cisco Unified CM endpoints? (Choose two.)

  • A. Media Resource Group List.
  • B. Configure a SIP trunk on the Cisco Unified CM to point to the Cisco VCS.
  • C. Configure a neighbor zone on the Cisco Unified CM to point to the Cisco VCS.
  • D. Configure a SIP trunk on the Cisco VCS to point to the Cisco Unified CM.
  • E. Configure a neighbor zone on the Cisco VCS to point to the Cisco Unified CM.

Answer: CD

Which statement about the SAF Client Control is correct?

  • A. The SAF Client Control is a configurable inherent component of Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
  • B. The SAF Client Control is a non-configurable inherent component of Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
  • C. The SAF Client Control is a non-configurable inherent component of the Cisco IOS Routers.
  • D. The SAF Client Control is a configurable inherent component of the Cisco IOS Routers.

Answer: B

Which two options should be selected in the SIP trunk security profile that affect the SIP trunk
pointing to the VCS? (Choose two.)

  • A. Accept Unsolicited Notification
  • B. Enable Application Level Authorization
  • C. Accept Out-of-Dialog REFER
  • D. Accept Replaces Header
  • E. Accept Presence Subscription

Answer: AD

An engineer must ensure that Expressway-E listens and only its legit sender of such traffic is Expressway-C. Which port must be opened to accomplish this task?

  • A. 2000
  • B. 2111
  • C. 222
  • D. 233

Answer: A

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