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A cloud architect is tasked with isolating traffic between subnets in an IaaS platform. The networks
should be able to statefully communicate with each other. Given this scenario, which of the following should the architect implement?

  • A. Configure security groups.
  • B. Configure HIPS policies.
  • C. Configure IDS policies.
  • D. Configure a network ACL.

Answer: A

An administrator is configuring a website in the cloud. Which of the following secure network
protocols should the administrator configure?

  • A. HTTP
  • B. IPSEC
  • C. SSL
  • D. SSH

Answer: C

A cloud administrator has configured a connection between two virtual private cloud environments
at a public cloud provider that are each in different accounts. The administrator has configured the accounts correctly so they can connect to each other’s resources. Both cloud environments have policies that allow anyone from on TCP port 22. The following table shows the network configuration information:
CV0-002 dumps exhibit
However, the administrator is unable to establish an SSH connection from a server in to Which of the following is the MOST likely issue?

  • A. The network ACL is not configured to allow SSH access.
  • B. The IP configuration on one of the servers is incorrect.
  • C. The administrator does not have sufficient credentials.
  • D. The routing tables have not been updated correctly.

Answer: D

In an IaaS environment, the security team issues a new signature file to prevent specific malware threats from infiltrating the company network. Which of the following describes where the security team should deploy the updated signatures?

  • A. IDS
  • B. Spam filter
  • C. WAF
  • D. NIPS
  • E. HIPS

Answer: C

A cloud administrator is configuring a bastion host. The bastion host will be used to administer systems in the cloud remotely from the administrator’s on-premises desktop. The administrator is given the following requirements:
Ensure port 22 is open on the host and only allow the public IP of the on-premises router/firewall. Ensure port 3389 is open on the host and only allow the public IP of the on-premises router/firewall. Harden these services with PKI (where applicable).
Given this scenario, which of the following should the administrator utilize to BEST address these requirements? (Select THREE).

  • A. RDP protocol from the desktop to the bastion host
  • B. Telnet protocol from the desktop to the bastion host
  • C. SSH protocol from the desktop to the bastion host
  • D. MD5 and RC4 with a signed certificate
  • E. RSA and AES with a signed certificate
  • F. Blowfish and SHA-1 with a signed certificate
  • G. VNC protocol from the desktop to the bastion host

Answer: ACD

A courier company has virtualized its packing software application. The CSA needs to confirm the
deployment is utilizing the correct amount of CPU per virtual instance. After confirming the deployment requirements, the CSA should log into the cloud services portal to ensure that:

  • A. the VMs with the most CPU cores available have been selected.
  • B. smaller VMs are being selected to reduce the total deployment cost.
  • C. the deployment is utilizing the recommended amount of CPUs per VM.
  • D. the alarms on CPU utilization have been enabled.

Answer: C

The administrator wants to have central storage for all of the files to be stored for each VM. Which of
the following is used to connect a host to a SAN utilizing a fiber connection?

  • A. VNIC
  • B. NIC
  • C. HBA
  • D. SCSI adapter

Answer: C

Which of the following tools would an administrator use when determining the hop count between a source and a destination?

  • A. arp
  • B. nbstat
  • C. ipconfig
  • D. tracert

Answer: D

A college has implemented a private cloud for students and faculty. The college is required by their accrediting body to ensure that the cloud meets certain confidentiality and privacy requirements. Which of the following represents the LEAST intrusive testing method for the college to use, while ensuring separation of duties during the testing?

  • A. A vulnerability assessment should be conducted by the MIS department.
  • B. A penetration test should be conducted by an accredited third party.
  • C. A penetration test should be conducted by the MIS department.
  • D. A vulnerability assessment should be conducted by an accredited third party.

Answer: A

A company has just completed a security audit and received initial results from the auditor. The results show that the ethical hacker was able to gain access to the company servers by exploiting non-hardened VMs and hosts as guests and administrators. Which of the following should be implemented to harden the environment? (Select two.)

  • A. Discretionary access controls
  • B. Disable unnecessary accounts
  • C. Change default passwords
  • D. Install antivirus software
  • E. Role-based access controls

Answer: BE

A company is migrating their physical servers to virtual. The administrator is tasked with migrating
three servers:
One application server with a dual-core 3.2GHz processor that reaches 50% CPU utilization at peak time.
Two web servers, each with a dual-core 3.2GHz processor, both reaching 70% CPU utilization at peak time.
Currently, the administrator only has two hosts available, so resources will need to be set for the new VMs. Each host has two 2.4GHz quad-core processors. One host is already near maximum capacity, and the second host is at 30% CPU utilization.
Which of the following would be the BEST minimum CPU resources set on the second host for the new VMs?

  • A. 1,600 MHz for the application server and 2,300 MHz for each web server.
  • B. 3,300 MHz for the application server and 4,600 MHz for each web server.
  • C. 3,300 MHz for the application server and 5,250 MHz for each web server.
  • D. 5,250 MHz for the application server and 7,080 MHZ for each web server.

Answer: A

Which of the following is used by storage tiering to meet SLAs?

  • A. RBAC
  • B. Rules sets
  • C. Policies
  • D. Cron jobs

Answer: A

Which of the following does the administrator use to consolidate all the VMs into a single IP while allowing access to the Internet?

  • A. DNS
  • B. VLAN
  • C. NAT
  • D. DHCP

Answer: B

A cloud solution provider offers services solely to the healthcare industry which meets specific security and government regulations. This is an example of which of the following cloud types?

  • A. Public
  • B. Hybrid
  • C. Private
  • D. Community

Answer: D

A software solution must be deployed based on the most granular access level. Which of the
following methods should be used to meet the requirements?

  • A. Group
  • B. RBAC
  • C. File-based
  • D. LDAP

Answer: B

Which of the following is the BEST method to isolate iSCSI network traffic?

  • A. WWPN Zoning
  • B. WWNN Zoning
  • C. Dedicated VLANs
  • D. LUN Masking

Answer: C

A new vulnerability has been announced which affects several critical VM guests, but no patch is
available. Which of the following can the administrator perform to mitigate this risk prior to a patch being released?

  • A. Install and update antivirus software on all workstations
  • B. Apply all available software patches to VM guests and VM hosts
  • C. Disable the affected service if it is found to be unnecessary
  • D. Cluster all affected VM guests and implement resource pooling

Answer: B

Which of the following utilities would BEST help diagnose NAS mount points?

  • A. route
  • B. ping
  • C. ifconfig
  • D. nfsstat

Answer: C

A hypervisor that prevents vendor lock-in is:

  • A. a proprietary hypervisor.
  • B. an integrated hypervisor.
  • C. an open source hypervisor.
  • D. a framework hypervisor.

Answer: C

Which of the following can be used to assign priority to specific network traffic?

  • A. Load balancing
  • B. QoS
  • C. NIC teaming
  • D. Jumbo frames

Answer: B

A business is demanding faster IT services turnaround from its IT groups. The current lead time
between request and delivery is three weeks for a task that would take a competitor two days. An architect is asked to develop a solution to reduce the lead time of the request while ensuring adherence to the company policies. Which of the following is the BEST approach to achieve the stated objective?

  • A. Document the desired state, complete a root cause analysis, and execute the flow.
  • B. Revise the schedule, implement a waterfall methodology, and flatten the network.
  • C. Identify deficiencies, optimize change management, and automate the workflow.
  • D. Follow the company policies, execute the flow, and document results.

Answer: A


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