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What is the Developer Console?


    Explanation: The developer console is another tool for coding, debugging and testing applications. The developer console can be used to edit Visualforce pages components, and controllers.

    In a multistep process, when do you decide the decision criteria and approval assignment?

    • A. Creating initial submission actions
    • B. Defining recall actions
    • C. Deciding step definition
    • D. Setting final approval actions

    Answer: C

    Which of the following statements are true about field history tracking? (Select all that apply.)

    • A. it allows developer s to choose only custom fields for tracking changes.
    • B. It allows developers to choose up to 20 fields per object for tracking changes.
    • C. It does not track old and new values for long text area fields and multi-select picklists.
    • D. It replaces an old entry with a new entry in the History related list, any time a user modifies any of the standard

    Answer: BC

    If no record name is provided in the csv file while inserting a new record into Salesforce, then how is the record name field populated?


      Explanation: If no record name is provided in the csv file while inserting a new record into Salesforce, then the record id value is put into the recordname field of this new record.

      'Sharing' button has been added to the page layout of the 'Account' object. OWD of account is public read/write. On any Account record, the Sharing button is still visible for sharing that record using an Apex Sharing Reason. What could be the reason?


        Explanation: The OWD of the related opportunities, cases or contacts could be private or public read-only. So there is scope for sharing the account.

        NEW QUESTION 6
        What is the drawback of loading leads/cases using the Apex Data Loader as compared to creating them from the UI?


          Explanation: When leads/cases are loaded using the Apex Data Loader, there is no provision for providing ‘true’ value for the ‘Assign using active assignment rule’ checkbox. So the leads/cases always get assigned to the user who is doing the data load operation.

          NEW QUESTION 7
          CORRECT TEXT
          What is the difference between Export and Export All in Apex Data Loader?


            Explanation: Deleted records are stored in Sales force for 45 days. In 'Export All' the deleted records also get exported. In ‘Export’ the deleted records do not get exported.

            NEW QUESTION 8
            OWD of Account is private then OWD of Opportunity can be private or public read-only or public read/write.

            • A. True
            • B. False

            Answer: B

            NEW QUESTION 9
            CORRECT TEXT
            What is the limit for Fields History Tracking per object?


              Explanation: 20 fields per object

              NEW QUESTION 10
              CORRECT TEXT
              Which are the 3 record access levels?


                Explanation: Read only, Read/write, Full access (this includes delete, change owner permissions)

                NEW QUESTION 11
                CORRECT TEXT
                Which are the 3 types of Assignment Rules?


                  NEW QUESTION 12
                  CORRECT TEXT
                  What is a cross-object formula?


                    Explanation: Formulas that span to related objects and reference fields on those objects. These objects can even be across multiple levels of a relationship.

                    NEW QUESTION 13
                    CORRECT TEXT
                    Building your Data Model Who can view encrypted fields?


                      Explanation: Users with the "View Encrypted Data" permission

                      NEW QUESTION 14
                      If OWD is private for a custom object Position, then a user can view only those Position records which are owned by him if no one down the role hierarchy below him has created any Position record and t here is no sharing rule on Position object.

                      • A. Always true
                      • B. Not always true

                      Answer: B

                      NEW QUESTION 15
                      CORRECT TEXT
                      What is Salesforce CRM Content?


                        Explanation: With Salesforce CRM Content you can organize, share, search, and manage content within your organization and across key areas of the Salesforce application. Content can include all file types, from traditional business documents such as Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to audio files, video files, Web pages, and Google docs.

                        Topic 3, Volume C

                        NEW QUESTION 16
                        CORRECT TEXT
                        The sales team would like to include a Chatter feed about the record on the Contact page. What tool should you use?


                          Explanation: Page layout - the chatter field can be included by using the page layout without the need for a custom page.

                          NEW QUESTION 17
                          CORRECT TEXT
                          Who gets full access to a record?


                            Explanation: 1. Record Owner
                            2. User in a role higher than the owner in the role hierarchy
                            3. Users with "Modify All Records" permission

                            NEW QUESTION 18
                            CORRECT TEXT
                            Queues exist for which objects?


                              Explanation: Queues exist for, Leads, Cases and custom objects.

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