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For which objects quick create is available?


    Explanation: Lead, account, contact, forecast, opportunity

    To transfer records, what permissions are required?


      Explanation: ALL of the following are required: — “Transfer Record” or “Transfer Lead”. — “Edit” on the specified object. — “Read” on the records being transferred.

      Apex sharing reason can be used for

      • A. Manual sharing of records or one-off sharing which is done on a record basis
      • B. General sharing rule
      • C. Both of above

      Answer: A

      A field marked as required while creating the field can be removed from some page layouts.

      • A. True
      • B. False

      Answer: B

      What are details of order of execution among validation rules, auto-response rules, assignment rules, triggers, escalation rules, workflow rules etc.?


        Explanation: 1. System validation rules are executed like data type checking of the field values. So error for text value in numeric field etc. 2. Before triggers execute. 3. Custom validation rules are executed like required field check validation rule. So in the before trigger you can assign value to any such field which was left blank while creating the record & the custom validation rule won't give error then.

        NEW QUESTION 6
        Conflict Resolution tool is available in?


          Explanation: Connect Offline

          NEW QUESTION 7
          CORRECT TEXT
          How can a user check how many licenses of each license type (like Salesforce, Salesforce Platform, – Free etc.) are in use?


            Explanation: Go to Setup -> Company Profile -> Company Information

            NEW QUESTION 8
            CORRECT TEXT
            What access can be granted through sharing rules?


              Explanation: Read/Write Read Only Full access cannot be granted through sharing rules.

              NEW QUESTION 9
              CORRECT TEXT
              Why is picklist values limiting of Stage picklist (of Opportunity) not implemented directly through picklists available for editing for the record type?


                Explanation: With Sales Process many different Sales Processes can be created with different values in the Stage picklist for each of them & they can be used interchangeably with any record type on a plug-n-play basis. Otherwise the values in the Stage picklist would have to be tediously modified each time if it were done using picklist available for editing for any record type.

                NEW QUESTION 10
                CORRECT TEXT
                What is the difference between Apex Data Loader and Import Wizard as far as displaying error messages is concerned?


                  Explanation: Apex Data Loader
                  Always gives error messages for failures. Error message given if text value provided in field of type number and loading of the record fails irrespective of whether the field is a compulsorily required field or not. Import Wizard. Is not consistent in giving error messages. For example, if a text value is specified in a field of type number (PAN number custom field created on Contact of type Number),

                  NEW QUESTION 11
                  Identify the features of a workflow rule. (Select all that apply.)

                  • A. It triggers an action when a record meets the criteria for the rule.
                  • B. It can trigger only immediate actions.
                  • C. It is evaluated before the rule is created.
                  • D. It can be triggered on import of data.

                  Answer: AD

                  NEW QUESTION 12
                  CORRECT TEXT
                  To enforce data format using validation rule, which function should be used?


                    Explanation: REGEX

                    NEW QUESTION 13
                    CORRECT TEXT
                    If OWD of Opportunity is set to private, then which all opportunities can a user view?


                      Explanation: As OWD of Opportunity is set to private, so any user will be able to view only these opportunities:
                      1. Opportunities owned by the user.
                      2. Opportunities shared with the user using Opportunity Sharing Rule.
                      3. Opportunities owned by users below this user in the organization role hierarchy as 'Grant Access Using Hierarchies' is always checked for standard objects. It cannot be unchecked.
                      4. Opportunities on which this user has been added as an Opportunity Team member

                      NEW QUESTION 14
                      CORRECT TEXT
                      Fill in the missing word: A change set can be used to deploy metadata only between ___ orgs.


                        NEW QUESTION 15
                        How many versions of a flow can be active at one time?

                        • A. 1
                        • B. 2
                        • C. 3
                        • D. 4

                        Answer: A

                        NEW QUESTION 16
                        You cannot reference cross-object formulas in roll-up summary fields.

                        • A. True
                        • B. False

                        Answer: A

                        NEW QUESTION 17
                        Which of these can have only one of them active at a time?

                        • A. Validation rule
                        • B. Assignment rule
                        • C. Auto-response rule
                        • D. Workflow rule
                        • E. Escalation rule
                        • F. Approval process
                        • G. Sharing rule

                        Answer: BCE

                        NEW QUESTION 18
                        CORRECT TEXT
                        List the types of resources available to use in a flow (6 items)


                          Explanation: Variable Constant Formula Text Template Choice Dynamic Choice

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