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A technician is setting up a new network and wants to create redundant paths through the network. Which of the following should be implemented to prevent performance degradation?

  • A. Port mirroring
  • B. Spanning tree
  • C. ARP inspection
  • D. VLAN

Answer: B

Explanation: The Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) is a network protocol that ensures a loop-free topology for any bridged Ethernet local area network. The basic function of STP is to prevent bridge
loops and the broadcast radiation that results from them. Spanning tree also allows a network design to include spare (redundant) links to provide automatic backup paths if an active link fails, without the danger of bridge loops, or the need for manual enabling/disabling of these backup links.

A system administrator has been tasked to ensure that the software team is not affecting the production software when developing enhancements. The software that is being updated is on a very short SDLC and enhancements must be developed rapidly. These enhancements must be approved before being deployed. Which of the following will mitigate production outages before the enhancements are deployed?

  • A. Implement an environment to test the enhancements.
  • B. Implement ACLs that only allow management access to the enhancements.
  • C. Deploy an IPS on the production network.
  • D. Move the software team's workstations to the DMZ.

Answer: A

Explanation: Environments are controlled areas where systems developers can build, distribute, install, configure, test, and execute systems that move through the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The enhancements can be deployed and tested in a test environment before they are installed in the production environment.

Which of the following technologies allows more than two transceivers with an access point?

  • A. MIMO
  • B. FIFO
  • C. 802.1x
  • D. WPA

Answer: A

Which of the following ports does SIP use?

  • A. 443
  • B. 1720
  • C. 2427/27/27
  • D. 5004/5005
  • E. 5060/5061

Answer: E


An attacker has connected to an unused VoIP phone port to gain unauthorized access to a network. This is an example of which of the following attacks?

  • A. Smurf attack
  • B. VLAN hopping
  • C. Bluesnarfing
  • D. Spear phishing

Answer: B

Explanation: The VoIP phone port can be used to attack a VLAN on the local network.
VLAN hopping is a computer security exploit, a method of attacking networked resources on a Virtual LAN (VLAN). The basic concept behind all VLAN hopping attacks is for an attacking host on a VLAN to gain access to traffic on other VLANs that would normally not be accessible.

There has been an increased amount of successful social engineering attacks at a corporate office. Which of the following will reduce this attack in the near future?

  • A. Helpdesk training
  • B. Appropriate use policy
  • C. User awareness training
  • D. Personal Identifiable Information

Answer: C

A technician has finished configuring AAA on a new network device. However, the technician is unable to log into the device with LDAP credentials but is able to do so with a local user account. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for the problem?

  • A. Username is misspelled is the device configuration file
  • B. IDS is blocking RADIUS
  • C. Shared secret key is mismatched
  • D. Group policy has not propagated to the device

Answer: C

Explanation: AAA through RADIUS uses a Server Secret Key (a shared secret key). A secret key mismatch could cause login problems.
Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) allows anetwork to have a single repository of user credentials. A network administrator can then, for example, supply the same credentials to log in to various network devices (for example, routers and switches). RADIUS and TACACS+ are protocols commonly used tocommunicate with an AAA server.

Which of the following describes a smurf attack?

  • A. Attack on a target using spoofed ICMP packets to flood it
  • B. Intercepting traffic intended for a target and redirecting it to another
  • C. Spoofed VLAN tags used to bypass authentication
  • D. Forging tags to bypass QoS policies in order to steal bandwidth

Answer: A

Explanation: The Smurf Attack is a distributed denial-of-service attack in which largenumbers of Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) packets with the intended victim's spoofed source IP are broadcast to a computer network using an IP Broadcast address.
Most devices on a network will, by default, respond to this by sending a reply to the source IP address. If the number of machines on the network that receive and respond to these packets is very large, the victim's computer will be flooded with traffic. This can slow down the victim's computer to the point where it becomes impossible towork on.

An organization is upgrading the operating system on several servers and wants to keep legacy input devices. Which of the following needs to be verified before the upgrade to ensure the input devices will be supported after the upgrade?

  • A. Driver updates
  • B. Virtual terminals
  • C. Firmware updates
  • D. IP address assignments

Answer: A

Which of the following diagnostic commands relies on proper forwarding of ICMP ECHO packets?

  • A. ipconfig
  • B. ping
  • C. route
  • D. nbstat

Answer: B

A technician has completed a survey of a wireless network and documented signal strengths. This document is known as which of the following?

  • A. LogicalNetwork map
  • B. Heat map
  • C. Network baseline
  • D. Bandwidth survey

Answer: B

A customer has not been using security on a wireless network and has recently received many attacks through this vector.
Which of the following would be the MOST secure way to harden this wireless network?

  • A. Disable the SSID
  • B. WPA encryption
  • C. VLAN implementation
  • D. WEP encryption

Answer: B

Ann, an employee, has properly connected her personal wireless router to a network jack in her office. The router is unable to get a DHCP address though her corporate laptop can get a DHCP address when connected to the same jack. Ann checks the router configuration to ensure it is configured to obtain a DCHP address. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason why the router is not receiving a DHCP address?

  • A. The administrator has enabled DHCP snooping on the network
  • B. The administrator is blocking DHCP requests that originate from access points
  • C. The administrator is blocking the wireless router's MAC address using MAC filtering
  • D. The Administrator has implemented a feature that only allows white-listed MAC addresses

Answer: D

Which of the following protocols is used to encapsulate other network layer protocols such as multicast and IPX over WAN connections?

  • A. MPLS
  • B. ESP
  • C. GRE
  • D. PPP

Answer: C

Which of the following would be used in an IP-based video conferencing deployment? (Select TWO).

  • A. RS-232
  • B. 56k modem
  • C. Bluetooth
  • D. Codec
  • E. SIP

Answer: DE

Explanation: The term "codec" is a concatenation of "encoder" and "decoder”. In video conferencing, a codec is software (or can be hardware) that compresses (encodes) raw video data before it is transmitted overthe network. A codec on the receiving video conferencing device will then decompress (decode) the video signal for display on the conferencing display.
The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a protocol for initiating an interactive user session that involves multimedia elements such as voice, chat, gaming, or in this case video.

An administrator notices an unused cable behind a cabinet that is terminated with a DB-9 connector. Which of the following protocols was MOST likely used on this cable?

  • A. RS-232
  • B. 802.3
  • C. ATM
  • D. Tokenring

Answer: A

Explanation: A DB-9 connector is used on serial cables. Serial cables use the RS-232 protocol which defines the functions of the 9 pins in a DB-9 connector. The RS-232 standard was around long before computers. It’s rare to see a new computer nowadays with a serial port but they were commonly used for connecting external analog modems, keyboards and mice to computers.

Which of the following ports would Zach, a technician, need to open on a firewall to allow SSH on the default port?

  • A. 20
  • B. 21
  • C. 22
  • D. 23

Answer: C

The software that allows a machine to run multiple operating systems at once is called the:

  • A. Server manager
  • B. Hypervisor
  • C. Boot loader
  • D. Partition manager

Answer: B

A SOHO with ten Wi-Fi equipped laptops needs a new network installed. Which of the following items would be used to setup the office using a new DSL line? (Select TWO).

  • A. Router
  • B. Wi-Fi Access point
  • C. Cable modem
  • D. Ten WiMAX adapters
  • E. Ten CAT6 patch cables

Answer: AB

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