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An auto insurance company has different rates for each state in the country. The company needs to manage the rates separately, but the formula to calculate the premiums is the same. All the input and output are the same; only the values in the rating tables differ.
Which OmniStudio tool should the consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

  • A. DataRaptor Transform with an interface Map
  • B. Aggregation Steps in a Calculation Procedure
  • C. Class-based Calculation Procedure
  • D. Grouped Calculation Matrix

Answer: D

A business needs to display installed products for field service technicians on service calls using a mobile device The installed product information must be summarized so the technician can see key details at a glance. How the technician also needs to sometimes access a list of past service dates for each product.
Which two FlexCards features should the consultant recommend to meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Use flyouts
  • B. Use card states
  • C. Enable the Responsive property
  • D. Customize the styling

Answer: AC

Which of the following is a key difference between Integration Procedures and DataRaptors?

  • A. DataRaptors can access data from external sources.
  • B. DataRaptors can invoke multiple actions in a single server call.
  • C. Integration Procedures can access data from external sources.
  • D. Integration Procedures can retrieve data from multiple related objects.

Answer: C

A business wants to create a reusable OmniScript to capture customer payment information during the order process. The business decides that the first step of the payment process should include:
• Payment type (credit card or bank account)
• Payment amount
Which two elements should the consultant recommend for this step of the process? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Number
  • B. Radio
  • C. Multi-select
  • D. Currency

Answer: BD

When a customer calls to add a new primary contact to their account, call center agents need to complete a I contact form. The agent enters the new contact information using an OmniScript and then needs to generate PDF with the contact information pre-filled that can be shared with the customer.
Which OmniStudio tool should the consultant recommend to generate the pre-filled PDF'

  • A. OmniStudio Action
  • B. Integration Procedure
  • C. DataRaptor
  • D. Calculation Procedure

Answer: C

A company needs to create some boundaries for their sales teams regarding the minimum and maximum discounts that can be applied to their orders. The discount thresholds are set using adjustments such as 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, and 30%. The minimum adjustment and the maximum adjustment are determined by their region and their customer lifetime score.
Which two OmniStudio tools should the consultant recommend to meet these requirements' Choose 2 answers

  • A. OmniStudio Action
  • B. Calculation Procedure
  • C. Calculation Matrix
  • D. DataRaptor Transform

Answer: BC

A customer needs to create an OmniScript to capture payment Information. In the first step of the process, it user selects a payment type such as credit card, debit card, or direct bank account payment. Each payment t should display with a different icon. The process should check to see if the customer has any saved payment information of that type, and if there is, no further action is required. If there is no saved payment informatic then the user should be allowed to enter the information, and the process should save It.
Which three OmniScript elements should be used to meet these requirements? Choose 3 answers

  • A. DataRaptor Transform Action
  • B. Select
  • C. DataRaptor Extract Action
  • D. Radio
  • E. DataRaptor Post Action

Answer: CDE

A business has a requirement to display cases in a console for service agents. Cases can have a variety of statuses, including Active, Closed, or Escalated. When a case is Closed, agents need to be able to reopen the case. When the case is Active or Escalated, agents should not have the option to reopen the case.
Which FlexCard functionality can be used to meet this requirement?

  • A. Conditional View
  • B. Flyouts
  • C. State
  • D. Styling

Answer: A

A company wants to create a guided process for their customers. The process needs to retrieve data from Salesforce as well as external systems, and the steps of the process will branch depending on input from the user. Users will complete the process in a single session.
How should the consultant design the solution to meet these requirements?

  • A. FlexCards and Integration Procedures
  • B. FlexCards and DataRaptors
  • C. OmniScripts and Integration Procedures
  • D. OmniScripts and DataRaptors

Answer: C

An insurance company wants to create an OmniScript that allows the user to review and change account number such as phone number and website. In this process, the following functionality is needed:
• Enter the company's website
• Enter the account phone number
• Each field should display on a separate line of the page
Which three elements should the consultant include in the OmniScript design solution? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Number
  • B. Text Area
  • C. Telephone
  • D. Line Break
  • E. Text

Answer: CDE

A company needs a guided process for their internal support department that will provide the following functionality:
• Allow the user to enter their employee id
• Retrieve name, mobile phone, title, and email using the employee id
• Display the user's details on a page
• On another page, allow the user to enter case details, including subject, category, severity, and description Which three elements should the consultant recommend to meet these requirements using an OmniScrip? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Messaging
  • B. DataRaptor Post Action
  • C. Calculation Action
  • D. DataRaptor Extract Action
  • E. Steps

Answer: BDE

A business needs a 360° view of their accounts, including a FlexCard to display all of the products sold to the account. The business identified 20 different data elements and 10 actions that users would need when viewing the product information. Once all of the elements were collected together on the FlexCard, it looked cluttered.
What FlexCard feature should the consultant recommend to address this issue?

  • A. Zones
  • B. States
  • C. Actions
  • D. Flyouts

Answer: D

In OmniScript, how can pages or groups of fields be controlled based on the choices made by the user?

  • A. Add Cancel and Save options for the user
  • B. Create child OmniScripts for branched flow
  • C. Use the Conditional View property on a Step or Block element
  • D. Use the Radio Input property for a Step or Block element

Answer: C

A business has a requirement to display an account and all of the associated contacts on a page. The number contacts will vary for each account. For each contact, the page should display first name, last name, email, at phone number with options to edit the contact information or send a message. The primary contact for an a should be highlighted with a blue border.
Which two FlexCards features should the consultant recommend to meet these requirements? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Datatable
  • B. Flyouts
  • C. States
  • D. Repeat Block

Answer: AC

A telecommunications company wants to create a 360° view of their customers, including all customer install products grouped by service address. During the discovery phase of the project, the consultant identifies that installed products can have 4 different statuses. Agents complete different processes, depending on status of installed product. The consultant creates an inventory of all statuses and processes as shown below.
• Status = Active o Pay bill
o Review usage o Cancel service
• Status = Suspended o Pay bill
o Reconnect service o Cancel service
• Status = Pending installation o Set up billing
o Schedule installation o Cancel installation
• Status = Canceled
o Reconnect service o Cancel service
• Status = Pending installation o Set up billing
o Schedule installation o Cancel installation
• Status = Canceled o Pay bill
o Disconnect service o Reconnect service
Which two FlexCard features should the consultant use to meet these requirements? Choose 2 answers

  • A. States
  • B. OmniStudio Action
  • C. Custom Style
  • D. Flyout

Answer: AB

what can a DataRaptor Extract do?

  • A. Create data in multiple related objects
  • B. Extract data from a spreadsheet
  • C. Retrieve data from multiple related objects
  • D. Load data from external sources

Answer: C

A business is creating a new OmniScript that will allow agents to launch a guided selling process from an account detail page. The consultant reviews the initial design proposed for the OmniScript and sees that the process ^ the following steps:
• Step 1: Enter account name to retrieve account information
• Step 2: Review and edit account information
• Step 3: Select products
• Step 4: Enter payment information
Following best practices, what suggestion should the consultant make to improve the design?

  • A. Remove Step 1 and prefill the account information automatically.
  • B. Divide Step 2 into two steps, so each task is distinct.
  • C. Use an Edit Block in Step 4 to enter payment information.
  • D. Use Multi-select elements in Step 3 for the product list.

Answer: A

A business implements several OmniScripts and requests a design review to identify possible improvements. During the review, the consultant notices that each OmniScript needs to update address data, but each OmniScript collects the information differently using different labels and input elements.
What can the consultant recommend to improve these OmniScripts?

  • A. Create new versions of the OmniScripts to collect the address information.
  • B. Create a reusable OmniScript to update address information.
  • C. Use a DataRaptor Transform to standardize the data format.
  • D. Add an address typeahead element to all the OmniScripts.

Answer: B

A consultant wants to proceed with a FlexCard canvas design that will display data from a legacy billing system. The legacy billing system is being extended to add a SOAP endpoint that will allow for the data to be retrieved in XML format. However, the endpoint is not ready yet.
Which data source should the team use to make progress on the design?

  • A. DataRaptor
  • B. Apex REST
  • C. Integration Procedures
  • D. Apex Remote

Answer: C


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