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You build a full package and notice that there is a problem with the server package build process for one of the business function objects, B9840, Which is the CINSTALL library. The problem is shown as “ERROR” on the R9621s.pdf.
Which log file the Enterprise Server should you examine to determine the cause of the error in the business function compilation?

  • A. CINSTALL.sts
  • B. B9840.err
  • C. CINSTALL.log
  • D. SvrPkgBuild.log
  • E. JDE.log

Answer: D

EnterpriseOne provides the Server Manager as its interface where administrator can capture vital resource information about the running EnterpriseOne Kernels.
Which two diagnostic types can be captured as a part of resource Manager?

  • A. Users
  • B. Paging
  • C. Memory
  • D. Disk I/O
  • E. CPU

Answer: CE

Which statement is false about EnterpriseOne post-installation tasks?

  • A. The installation plan must be configured or installed from the Deployment Server’s JDEPLAN (planner) environment.
  • B. Media Objects (P98MOQUE) can be build from the Deployment Server’s deployment environment.
  • C. Client and Server packages can be build from the Deployment Server’s deployment (planner) environment
  • D. The Signon Security Server can be configured from the Deployment Server’s deployment environment.
  • E. ESUs must be applied from the Deployment Server’s JDEPLAN (planner) environment.

Answer: A

When defining a new Full package definition for development Workstation, which three must you include in the definition?

  • A. Parent package
  • B. Features
  • C. Objects
  • D. Database
  • E. Foundation

Answer: ACD

Which of the following tasks is not required to re-run the upgrade plan for failed table conversion?

  • A. re-running the specification merge conversion
  • B. copying the tables from database backup
  • C. deleting the tables related to the failed table conversion in the database
  • D. modifying the status of the failed table conversion from 50 (failed) to 30 (validated) in the upgrade plan
  • E. running the upgrade plan again in attended or unattended mode

Answer: D

You have built a full package and noticed that there was a problem with the client package build process for one of the business function objects, B9840, included in the CINSTALL library because it reported "ERROR" in the R9622c pdf.
Which log file should be examined to determine the cause of the business function compile problem?

  • A. CINSTALL.log
  • B. Clientpkgbuild.log
  • C. BuildLo
  • D. txt
  • E. CINSTALL.sts
  • F. B9840.err

Answer: A

What are three mandatory prerequisites when ceating and submitting a server-only package build for the DV920 path code?

  • A. There must be database connectivity to the Central Object - DV920 data source.
  • B. The compiler must be present on the build machine or client machine.
  • C. The compiler must be present on the Enterprise Server machine.
  • D. The Enterprise Server must be up and running.
  • E. There must be database connectivity to the Central Object - PS920 data source.

Answer: ABD

Which three actions can be performed by using the "Work With User Security" application (P98LPSEC)?

  • A. Reset the JDE login password for self and other JDE user accounts.
  • B. Change sequencing for any role assigned to users.
  • C. Turn on or turn off the “Need for Security Server” option.
  • D. Enable or disable the “Security History” for any user.
  • E. Modify and copy the user security record one user to another user.

Answer: ABD

Which two statements are correct about Role Sequence and Hierarchy (is set to true)?

  • A. Security information from multiple roles can be merge into a single role by using the Role Relationship (P95921) application.
  • B. The sequence number for a role cannot be changed manually after the role is created.
  • C. Windows clients and web client are identical in how they use role sequence to determine which security record is applied.
  • D. If a security records conflict arises, JDE security will choose the role with highest sequence number and apply security only for that role.
  • E. Changing roles after sign- on impacts object security, menu filtering, and display of menu information.

Answer: DE

The ACME company wants to upgrade the development environment from E19.1 and decides to run a Data-Only upgrade.
Which two conversions are not required during the execution of Data-Only upgrade plan?

  • A. Object librarian copy
  • B. Specifications merge
  • C. Media object conversion
  • D. table and index generation
  • E. security table conversion

Answer: AC

Which Option determines whether a data source is shown in Machine Search & Select (W986115E) of the P986115 application?

  • A. Data Class
  • B. Data Source Use
  • C. OCM Data Source
  • D. Data Source Type
  • E. Use Table Owner

Answer: B

When trying to add new CAFE1 content, you do not get potion to drag the EnterpriseOne from content typing because it is missing in the list.
Which of the following security setups will you review to fix this issue?

  • A. Action Security
  • B. Feature Security
  • C. View Security
  • D. Content Security
  • E. Row Security

Answer: D

When attempting to sing in to a workstation, you receive a database password entry from requesting credentials to access the system database. You validate that you credentials are working correctly by signing to EnterpriseOne on another workstation and through the web console.
Identify three causes of this issue.

  • A. The system user that is assigned to your account is not authorized to access the database tables.
  • B. Under the [SECURITY] section in the workstation's JD
  • C. ini, the security server field is not configured correctly.
  • D. The role assigned to your user account do not permit you to perform the required activities.
  • E. A user has commented out portions of the [SECURUTY] section in the workstation's JD
  • F. ini in an attempt to circumvent the established security.
  • G. The workstation may not have been able to connect to the database server.
  • H. The password that you are using does not adhere to the configured password policy rules.

Answer: BCF

There are three BSSV servers: BSSV1 and BSSV2 on Machine M1 and BSSV3 on Machine M2. How would you cluster these servers to attain high availability?

  • A. vertical clustering within all three servers.
  • B. vertical clustering within BSSV2 and BSSV3, and then horizontal clustering in BSSV1.
  • C. vertical clustering within BSSV1 and BSSV3, and then horizontal clustering in BSSV2
  • D. horizontal clustering within all three servers
  • E. vertical clustering within BSSV1 and BSSV2, and then horizontal clustering in BSSV3

Answer: C

Which two statements are true about deploying JDE on OPC by using JDE One-Click provisioning tools?

  • A. after provisioning, CNC needs to run install plan and Workbench to up the provisioning JDE servers.
  • B. Web server clustering is only by using Oracle Traffic Director and Oracle HTTP Server.
  • C. Deploying the JDE web Servers on Java Cloud Server (JCS) is not supported.
  • D. Deploying the JDE database on top of a database server that is running in Compute Cloud service is not supported.
  • E. Deploying the JDE database on Database Cloud Service (DBCS) is supported.

Answer: DE

Which Package Assembly form must you use to define the system code files to be included in a package?

  • A. Object Component form
  • B. Foundation Component form
  • C. Database Component form
  • D. Features Component form
  • E. Language Component form

Answer: D


Which statement is false concerning the installation of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Deployment server?

  • A. The least planner ESU should be installed before starting the installation plan.
  • B. The ODBC data source must be configured before beginning the installation.
  • C. All the server that are participating in the solution must meet the specified minimum technical requirements.
  • D. Disk space must be checked to ensure that appropriate capacity is available for desired installation components.
  • E. The hardware servers that are participating in the solution must have been properly sized by an authorized hardware vendor.

Answer: B

You want to install a JDE 9.2 development client with Tools Release Which two of the following local Oracle databases (OEE) can be used?

  • A. OEE 12c with enhanced encryption and legacy encryption
  • B. OEE 11gR2 with enhanced encryption
  • C. OEE 12c with legacy encryption
  • D. OEE 11gR2 with legacy encryption
  • E. OEE 12c with enhanced encryption
  • F. OEE 10g

Answer: AB


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