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Exam Name: Designing the Cisco Cloud
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Which statement is true about CIFS?

  • A. It is used with Hyper-V 2012 and SQL server 2012.
  • B. It is home directories for UNIX environments.
  • C. It is used as VMWare datastores.
  • D. It is distributed Linux-based applications that require centralized fife storage.

Answer: C

A cloud administrator is considering deep packet inspection to secure the cloud infrastructure. Which three statements about DPI are true? (Choose three)

  • A. The use of DPI makes it possible to find, identify, classify, reroute, or block packets with specific data or code payloads.
  • B. DPI does not require updates and revisions to remain optimally effective.
  • C. DPI is an advanced method of packet filtering that functions at the application layer of the OSI.
  • D. DPI examines only packet headers.
  • E. DPI is essential in protecting the cloud against malicious threats such as web exploits, zeroday attacks, data exfiltration, and malware-based botnets.
  • F. DPI can increase compute, speed because it decreases the burden on the processor.

Answer: ACE

Which option describes the foundation of automated cloud design?

  • A. Start small, automate infrastructure, and define success criteria.
  • B. Automate interaction with all application services before moving on to infrastructure.
  • C. Contact your local cloud provider
  • D. Not all cloud designs are subject to automation

Answer: A

A system administrator must use Cisco UCS Director to migrate several virtual machines from one host to another without disrupting the workload In whichtwo ways can the administrator accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

  • A. migrate VM policy
  • B. migrate VM wizard
  • C. hot VW migration wizard
  • D. hot VM workflow task
  • E. migrate VM workflow task

Answer: BE

Which protocol is used to extend Layer 2 for long-distance bridging?

  • A. OTV
  • B. VXLAN
  • C. LISP
  • D. VPN
  • E. NvGRE

Answer: A

A cloud administrator is designing security policies (or the control plane of a private Cloud. Which two statements about control plane Cloud security true? (Choose two.)

  • A. The dynamic control plane is not required to have visibility to all traffic between the user and the applications.
  • B. The dynamic control plane does not require visibly into the data plane and all components that operate within the data plane.
  • C. A dynamic control plane must be able to intercept traffic as it traverses the cloud, interpret the data, and instruct the cloud architecture on how to efficiently connect the user to the appropriate application instance.
  • D. Dynamic control plane elements ate a requirement at every layer of the cloud architecture (or cloud environments to be operationally efficient and on demand.

Answer: AD

Which two statements about designing an application stack using Stack Designer are true? (Choose two)

  • A. Using Stack Designer, application stack se-vices ate created by removing the application component in containers.
  • B. Using the Slack Designer module in the prime service catalog, the application stacks can be designed as a template and published as orderable services in the Service catalog storefront.
  • C. When an application template order b completed, all provisioned applications are displayed in My Stuff > Designer Template.
  • D. The Application Slack-as-a-Service feature enables you to design Product-as-a-Service templates and services.

Answer: BC

Which three options ate examples of resiliency in the data center? (Choose three.)

  • A. infrastructure hardening
  • B. IPS appliances
  • C. pokey enforcement and access control
  • D. firewalls
  • E. application redundancy
  • F. cyber-threat -detection applications

Answer: CDF

ABC Company offers services that are tailored for different vertical markets. They want to use Software-as-a-Service but they are concerned about security. Which cloud type is best for them?

  • A. private cloud
  • B. hybrid cloud
  • C. public cloud
  • D. community cloud

Answer: B

Which describes the best option when beginning a cloud design?

  • A. Outline even/ challenge in the data center in a business justification document.
  • B. Switch to a single hypervisor provider.
  • C. Leverage automation as a foundational concept.
  • D. Hire enough resources to maintain a 5-to-1 relationship with managed devices.

Answer: B

Which three components are involved the design of Cisco Secure cloud extension? (Choose three.)

  • A. Intercloud Fabric Extender
  • B. Amazon Hybrid Cloud
  • C. third party firewall to secure the connection
  • D. Amazon Web Services
  • E. TLS tunnel, to extend the VLAN
  • F. Intercloud Fabric Switch

Answer: ACF

A cloud administrator is considering methods for securing the cloud infrastructure. Which three statements about data plane protection are true? (Choose three.)

  • A. You must preplan security policies and test them thoroughly before you implement them in an automated fashion.
  • B. Define security policies alter the creation of virtual machine environments.
  • C. Storing sensitive information on the cloud is permissible as long as the data center architecture is resilient.
  • D. Out-of-date corporate security policies contribute to data exposure.
  • E. Encrypting data at rest on the disk is extremely helpful in assuring data protection within a cloud-based data center.
  • F. Data encryption is enforced only when an application requires it.

Answer: ABE

Which two product configurations are provided by Cisco Intercloud Fabric architecture? (Choose two.)

  • A. Cisco Intercloud fabric for Business
  • B. Cisco Intercloud fabric for Providers
  • C. Cisco Intercloud fabric for Public clouds
  • D. Cisco Intercloud fabric for Hybrid clouds
  • E. Cisco Intercloud fabric for Private clouds

Answer: AB

Which three hypervisors are able to support High Availability for virtual Machines? (Choose three.)

  • A. Microsoft Virtual PC
  • B. Citrix
  • C. Parallels Desktop
  • D. HyperV
  • E. RedHat
  • F. VMWare

Answer: BCF

A cloud administrator is considering storage for a deployment. The admin needs a solution that is durable and reliable and fits the need for storing media, web assets, and backups. Which solution meets this need the best?

  • A. Cloud file storage
  • B. Cloud block storage
  • C. Cloud hybrid storage
  • D. Cloud NFS storage

Answer: C

A cloud administrator is attempting to reduce risks when accessing the data center. Which feature will control access?

  • A. unecrypted connections
  • B. RBAC
  • C. access switches
  • D. accessing devices using HTTP

Answer: B

Which large-scale Layer 2 connectivity protocol is best (or VLAN address space that is limited in large networks?

  • A. VXLAN
  • B. OTV
  • C. USP
  • D. VPN
  • E. NvGRE

Answer: A

Which statement about file-level storage is true?

  • A. It is well suited for bulk file storage.
  • B. Support external boot-up of systems connected to them.
  • C. It is complicated to implement.
  • D. It can store files and provide storage required for special applications like database VMFS.

Answer: A

Which option does not relate to the zero trust model?

  • A. secure access
  • B. orchestration
  • C. intrusion protection system
  • D. segmentation

Answer: B

A cloud administrator is designing security policies for a hybrid cloud using Cisco Intercloud Fabric. Which two security capabilities does Intercloud Fabric provide for hybrid clouds. (Choose two.)

  • A. open access cloud VMs
  • B. Encrypted VM to VM communication
  • C. open access site-to-site communication
  • D. role-based access control on cloud resources

Answer: BD

A cloud administrator is designing role-based access control security policies for a private Cloud. Which two statements are the goals of these policies? (Choose two).

  • A. to ensure that no known security vulnerabilities are present
  • B. to protect data center integrity in case of a link failure in any layer
  • C. lo provide content security services
  • D. to (educe security risks when accessing the data center
  • E. to control access so that administrators have access only to systems for which they have administrative responsibilities

Answer: AB


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