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Universal Containers has a private sharing model for accounts and opportunities. Each sales representative is assigned to work with a desiccated sales engineer. The sales engineer will need access to their assigned sales representatives’ accounts and opportunities.
What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

  • A. Have the sales representatives manually share the accounts and opportunities with their assigned sales engineers.
  • B. Create criteria-based sharing rules to share the accounts and opportunities with sales engineer.
  • C. Enable account teams selling and have each sales representative configure their default teams.
  • D. Create a trigger to add the sales engineers to their sales representatives’ account and opportunity teams.

Answer: C

Universal Containers does NOT have a direct sales team; its channel partners are responsible for selling and servicing products. Over the past quarter, these has been an increased volume of leads. However, the Vice President of Channels has been receiving many complaints from partners on the poor quality of the leads and has noticed a significant drop in the lead conversion rate. What should a consultant recommend to improve partner satisfaction with the leads being shared?

  • A. Assign all leads to the partner channel manager to validate the lead data and manually assign to partners.
  • B. Create multiple validation rules to ensure that all fields on the lead record are populated with data.
  • C. Create a custom lead score field to assess lead quality and assign the leads that exceed this score to partners.
  • D. Use the lead score on the Find Duplicates button and assign the leads with a score in the high category.

Answer: C

A premier customer for Universal Containers needs access to confidential product roadmap information. Which two steps should a sales representative take to securely send this information using content delivery?
Choose two answers.

  • A. Remove access to content after a specified date.
  • B. Require the customer to enter a password to view the content.
  • C. Require the customer to enter a security token to download the content.
  • D. Require the recipient to log into Salesforce to access the content.

Answer: AB

Universal Containers has configured a private sharing model with opportunity team selling enabled. The company allows its sales representatives to add sales team members to their opportunities when necessary. As a result, each sales representative has opportunities they directly manage and opportunities on which they collaborate with other sales representatives. Which data set filter report would allow the sales representatives to see all opportunities they are involved with?

  • A. My team-selling and my opportunities
  • B. My team-selling shared opportunities
  • C. My team’s opportunities
  • D. My collaborative opportunities

Answer: A

Universal Containers requires its sales representatives to go through an internal certification process to sell certain groups of products.
Which two actions prevent a sales representative from adding these products to opportunities if they are NOT certified to sell them?
Choose two answers.

  • A. Use a validation rule on opportunity products to prevent them from adding products marked as required certification if they are NOT certified.
  • B. Use a validation rule on products marked as requiring certification to prevent them from being added to an opportunity.
  • C. Use a criteria-based sharing rule on products marked as requiring certification to only share the products to users who are certified.
  • D. Use a separate price book for the products requiring certification and only share the price book to users who are certified.

Answer: AD

Universal Containers’ current solution for managing its forecasts is cumbersome. The sales managers do NOT have visibility into their teams’ forecasts and are NOT able to update the forecasts. As a result, the managers are continually asking their sales representatives to provide updated forecast data via email or phone. Which two solutions should a consultant recommend to help Universal Containers improve the management of their forecasts? Choose two answers.

  • A. Enable override forecast permission in the Manager’s profile.
  • B. Configure weekly customized forecast reports and dashboards to be emailed to sales management.
  • C. Create a forecast hierarchy and assign managers to the forecast manager role.
  • D. Create forecast Chatter groups where sales representatives can post and share their forecasts.

Answer: AC

Universal Containers supports two lines of business: shipping and freight. The sales cycle for freight deals is more complex and involves more stages than the shipping sales cycle.
Which solution should a consultant recommend to meet these business requirements?

  • A. Create different record types and sales processes for each line of business, and assign different stages to each page layout.
  • B. Create different record types and sales processes for each line of business, and use workflow field updates to assign stages.
  • C. Create different record types and sales processes for each line of business, and assign different page layouts to each record type.
  • D. Create different record types and sales processes for each line of business, and assign different sales processes to each page layout.

Answer: C

Universal Containers uses PDF documents to help the Sales Team learn about new Products. Which feature should a Consultant recommend to store these documents?

  • A. File Sync
  • B. Salesforce Files
  • C. Attachments
  • D. File Contact for SharePoint

Answer: B

Universal Containers has a customer base of over 15,000 Accounts and 60,000 Contacts. The marketing manager wants to use the customer data for an upcoming new product launch but is concerned contacts may have moved to different companies.
What should a consultant recommend to ensure customer data is accurate?

  • A. Use a data cleansing tool and the Stay-in-Touch feature of Salesforce to email contacts.
  • B. Create a workflow rule for an account and contact owner to confirm contact data.
  • C. Create a workflow rule to mass email the contacts and capture any email bounces.
  • D. Use a data enrichment tool to verify account and contact data is up-to-date.

Answer: A

What is the recommended approach to relate a Person Account to another Account?

  • A. Add the Person Account to the Contact Roles.
  • B. Add the Person Account to the Account owner’s default team.
  • C. Add the Person Account to the Partners Related List.
  • D. Add the Person Account to the Account Team.

Answer: C

Universal Containers wants to track the campaigns that influence won opportunities.
Which two actions should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement using standard functionality? Choose two answers.

  • A. Have the administrator specify a timeframe that limits the time a campaign can influence an opportunity after the campaign first associated date and before the opportunity created date.
  • B. Automatically add child campaigns of the primary campaign source if the child campaigns have an end date that fails before the opportunity close date.
  • C. Add campaigns to opportunities when the campaign is related to a contact that is assigned a contact role on the opportunity prior to the close date.
  • D. Have representatives populate a field on the opportunity record with the dollar amount of the expected revenue from the campaigns that influenced the opportunity.

Answer: AC

Universal Containers acquires sales leads each year through trade shows. Occasionally, duplicate leads are generated when the marketing team imports leads that already exist in the system. What should a consultant recommend to prevent duplicate leads in the system?

  • A. Upload the leads to Data.com to remove the duplicates and select the option to have them automatically imported.
  • B. Upload the leads and click the “Find Duplicates” button for each of the leads to identify potential duplicate lead records.
  • C. Upload the leads using Data Loader and enable the “Find Duplicates” setting to prevent duplicate records.
  • D. Upload the leads using Data Import Wizard and select the appropriate field to match duplicates against existing records.

Answer: D

Universal Containers wants to associate some contacts with more than one account (e.g., a contact in an employee of one account and on the boards of several other accounts). Which solution should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

  • A. Enable contacts to multiple accounts feature.
  • B. Clone the contact record and add it to the second account.
  • C. Add the contact to the partners related list on the second account.
  • D. Associate the contact to other accounts using a custom lookup field.

Answer: C

Universal Containers has a large sales department that is dispersed worldwide. Sales managers want greater visibility into the opportunities in progress with their respective teams and want to receive email notifications when opportunities reach key metrics ( e.g. progress to a certain stage or reach a specific probability). However, individuals want to control the frequency of their email notifications. Which two solutions should a consultant recommend? Choose two answers.

  • A. Configure the individual Salesforce for Outlook email settings to control notification frequency.
  • B. Configure Chatter Feed Tracking to provide updates for the key metrics the sales managers are looking for.
  • C. Create a report filtering for the desired criteria and individuals subscribe to the report.
  • D. Define a workflow rule and email task that is triggered when key fields are updated to new values.

Answer: BC

Universal Containers wants to implement a sales methodology that focuses on identifying customer’s challenges and addressing them with its offerings. Which sales methodology is described above?

  • A. Relationship selling
  • B. Target account selling
  • C. Direct selling
  • D. Solution selling

Answer: D

Universal Containers sells two product lines that each use a distinct selling methodology. Additionally, each product line captures different information that is used to sell the products.
What should a consultant recommend to support selling the two product lines?

  • A. Create one page layout, two sales processes, and validation rules to capture relevant opportunity information.
  • B. Create two page layouts, one opportunity record type, and one workflow rule to assign the correct page layout to the record type.
  • C. Create two sales processes and two page layouts; assign them to two different opportunity record types for each product line.
  • D. Create two page layouts and two sales processes; assign them to the respective product lines to collect relevant information.

Answer: C

Universal Containers recently completed the implementation of a new Sales Cloud solution. The stakeholder committee believes that sales user adoption is best measured by the number of daily logins. Which two measures of sales user adoption should be considered? Choose two answers.

  • A. Number of reports exported to Excel for analysis
  • B. Number of neglected opportunities over time by role
  • C. Completeness of records entered into the new system
  • D. Overall effectiveness of mass email campaigns

Answer: BC

The sales management team of Universal Containers has noticed that opportunities are taking longer to close. Historically, it has taken 30 days for a new opportunity to be moved to closed/won. Recently, this time period has increased to 45 days. Which two reporting tools can the sales management team leverage to help determine the cause? Choose two answers.

  • A. Report on campaign return on investment (ROI)
  • B. Report on the discount approval time for quotes
  • C. Dashboard of month-over-month trend of lead conversions
  • D. Dashboard of opportunity stage duration

Answer: BD

The members of an opportunity team at Universal Containers are working together to close an opportunity. The sales engineer on the team is having trouble keeping up with the active quote. How can the sales engineer identify the opportunity’s active quote?

  • A. Reference the last modified date on the quotes.
  • B. Reference the synced quote field on the opportunity record.
  • C. Reference synced quote history on the opportunity.
  • D. Follow the opportunities’ quotes in Chatter.

Answer: B

Universal Containers wants to equip its sales team with mobile capabilities. The sales team needs to quickly look up contacts, accounts, and opportunities and easily log calls. Due to limited coverage in certain geographic areas, the sales team wants access to customer information even without an Internet connection. Which mobile solution is appropriate for the Universal Containers’ sales team?

  • A. Salesforce Mobile app
  • B. SalesforceA App
  • C. Custom hybrid App
  • D. Salesforce Touch App

Answer: A


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