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Universal Containers has recently launched a site for its retailers. Retailers able to collaborates with other retailers around topic; however, retail managers aren’t’ able to see records owned by their peers and subordinates.
What should be done to resolve the issue?

  • A. Retail managers need to be given super User access.
  • B. Retail managers needs to be put in the execute role in the Role Hierarchy
  • C. A Sharing Set needs to be created.
  • D. A sharing Rule needs to be created.

Answer: A

Universal Containers has implemented Chat, but agents are complaining that they have to capture several pieces of information before being able to service the customer.
What should an administrator do to capture information upfront on the Experience site?

  • A. Create a flow for customers to fill out before initiating Chat.
  • B. Enable Chat for only authenticated users and pass the user's information on hidden fields.
  • C. Deploy a unique chat per topic.
  • D. Create a pre-chat form to fill out before initiating Chat.

Answer: D

To which three objects can the Partner Super User access be applied? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Opportunities
  • B. Accounts
  • C. Cases
  • D. Custom Objects
  • E. Campaigns

Answer: ACD

Insightopia is planning to create a high-performance site for its partners. The Home page will feature multiple custom component that will provide insights and trends along with near real-time updates.\Which template should Insightopia consider for its site?

  • A. Partner Central
  • B. Customer Account Portal
  • C. Build Your Own (LWR)
  • D. Help Center

Answer: C

What is a prerequisite for creating a user that has a Partner Community license?

  • A. Select ‘’Enable as Partner’’ in the Experience Workspace.
  • B. Ensure that the partner user has the ‘’ Enabled as partner’’ permission set.
  • C. The ‘’Enable as Partner’’ action must be present on the Account page layout.
  • D. The Enable as Partner’’ action must be present on the User page layout.

Answer: C

Bloomington Caregivers (BC) wants to share Covid-19 related information with all site visitors, including unauthenticated users.
Which three things should BC in mind about unauthenticated or guest user access? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Guest user external organization-wide default are always set to Private.
  • B. Guest user can’t access records via manual sharing
  • C. Guest user can’t records via manual existing records
  • D. Guest user can’t be members of public groups or queues.
  • E. Guest user external organization-wide defaults are always set to Public.

Answer: ABD

What are three goals Ursa Major Solar can accomplish with experience Cloud moderation functionality? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Allow members to remove other member from the Experience site if desired.
  • B. Track Flagging and moderation activity within the Experience site.
  • C. Allow members to flag posts comments files, and messages that are inappropriate or spam.
  • D. Designer specific users as moderators so that they can closely monitor the size.
  • E. Give members Audience Targeting permissions within the Experience site.

Answer: BCD

No Moré Homelessness (NMH) is about to create a public site for volunteers where they will be able to sign up for volunteering opportunities at local events. Each registration will result in a record being created for a custom Event Registration object.
Which three considerations should NMH keep in mind for records created by guest users? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Queues cannot be assigned as owners of records created by guest users.
  • B. When possible, one should create and assign queues as owners of records created by quest users.
  • C. Setting the default owner for records created by guests is an option in Experience Cloud sites.
  • D. Default owner does not need Read/Write access to view the records created by guest users.
  • E. Any active user in an org can be assigned as the default owner of records created by guest users.

Answer: BCE

Ursa Major Solar would like the navigation menu in the customer portal to be vertical. Which two options make this possible?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Edit the default navigation
  • B. Download an app from AppExchange
  • C. Fix the header’s Position.
  • D. Write custom code

Answer: BD

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) is building a portal for its premium B2B customers, Customer will be able to access their account information, open cases, download NDAs, and create dashboards Which user license allows UMS to meet these requirements?

  • A. Customer Community
  • B. Channel Account
  • C. Commerce Portal
  • D. Platform Portal

Answer: B

Cloud Kicks (CK) is planning to build a social intranet site as well as an HR help site for its employees using Experience Cloud. Most employees either work in sales or service and currently use Salesforce.
Which user license should be recommended for CK's employees to access Experience Cloud sites?

  • A. Salesforce Authenticated Site
  • B. Salesforce Unlimited
  • C. Customer Community
  • D. Platform Portal

Answer: C

Northern Trail Outfitters has configured chat so customers can quickly get answers to their questions by chatting with an agent while browsing the Experience site.
How should an administrator embed the chat window in an Experience site?

  • A. Add the Embedded Service component to Builder pages.
  • B. Create a custom component using the Embedded Service API.
  • C. Configure the Embedded Service connector.
  • D. Create an Embedded Service quick action.

Answer: A

The Salesforce Administrator at Universal Containers (UC) has set up topics. UC is going through a rebranding phase and wants to simplify topics but keep articles that have been assigned to the topics.
How should the Salesforce Administrator accomplish this?

  • A. Mark old topics as Inactive and assign articles to the new active topics.
  • B. Merge similar topics in Content Management.
  • C. Delete existing topics and assign articles to newly created topics.
  • D. Keep existing topics and reassign articles to newly created topics.

Answer: B

Which three considerations should be made when using Criteria-Based Audiences? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Components in the template header and footer sections cannot be assigned to an audience.
  • B. Salesforce must be contacted if you need to use the domain criteria in sandbox or Developer Edition orgs.
  • C. Up to 2,000 audiences can be created.
  • D. Domain criteria are not available in sandbox or Developer Edition orgs.
  • E. Record Type criteria cannot be assigned to a component.

Answer: ADE

Dreamscape flowers is looking to launch a public site for its current customers and prospects. Which three actions are performed automatically when a site is created Expense Cloud? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Creation of a guest role
  • B. Creation of moderation criteria that are applied only to guest users
  • C. Creation of a guest profile
  • D. Creation of sharing mechanisms that are available only to guest users
  • E. Creation of a guest user record

Answer: CDE

Cloud Kicks has packaged its Customer Support Community. The community includes navigation menu items that link to standard and custom objects.
Which two points should the Experience Cloud consultant consider when reviewing the package? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Custom list views for custom objects are not included as dependencies.
  • B. Custom list views for custom objects are included as dependencies.
  • C. Custom list views for standard objects are not included as dependencies.
  • D. Custom list views for standard objects are included as dependencies.

Answer: BC

How can Sharing Sets be used to share records with Customer Community users?

  • A. Create one Sharing Set and add the objects to share in the Sharing Set.
  • B. Create one Sharing Set, select the ‘All Objects options for the Sharing Set, and add the Customer Community profiles to the Sharing Set.
  • C. Create one Sharing Set and use a Sharing Rule to share records with users in the Sharing Set.
  • D. Create one Set per object and add the Customer Community profiles to each Sharing Set.

Answer: A


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