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What must be configured in a MarketingCloud account to use the import wizard?

  • A. Enhanced FTP
  • B. File Transfer
  • C. Data Loader
  • D. Encrypted FTP

Answer: A

Which two subscriber audiences can be created by using Measures in a Data Filter? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Subscribers who have opened an email in the past 30 days.
  • B. Subscribers within a 30-mile radius of a zip code.
  • C. Subscribers who have submitted spam complaints in the last week.
  • D. Subscribers who have not clicked in the past three months.

Answer: AD

A marketing team has a series of emails that will be sent to prospective customers. The audience will be built from data stored in two data extensions. they wouldlike to test engagement across multiple versions of the creative to determine which is most effective. Which tools will accomplish this?

  • A. Email Studio and Audience Builder
  • B. Automation Studio and Journey Builder
  • C. Journey Builder and Email Studio
  • D. Automation Studio and Content builder

Answer: C

When importing data into marketing cloudthe list detective is triggered for which of the following?

  • A. Data Extenstions
  • B. List Model
  • C. Email Addresses
  • D. Email Alias

Answer: B

Which 3 options are available to create a template in marketing cloud? Choose 3

  • A. Content Builder
  • B. Template Editor
  • C. Paste HTML
  • D. Mobile Template Editor

Answer: ABC

A NTO branding guidelines require heavy use of imaginary on its websites, app, e-mails, ads etc., what are two ways that NTO can optimize its email design to honor branding guidelinesand ensure subscribers are getting the best experience possible.
Choose two answers

  • A. style or text for when images do not display automatically
  • B. add background colors that match branding
  • C. let them be completely image based
  • D. use custom corporate font to match NTObrand

Answer: BD

Select three true statementsabout Content Detective?

  • A. Scans subject line and email body for spam triggers
  • B. Will remove invalid email address
  • C. Does not scan HTML code
  • D. Offers resolutions

Answer: ACD

Which three content blocks do you need to create using AMPscript to enable personalization?

  • A. First Name, Introduction, Conclusion
  • B. Full Name, Introduction, Conclusion
  • C. Greeting, First Name, LastName
  • D. Greeting, Introduction, Conclusion

Answer: D

A marketer needs to create an attribute named Gender that has a drop-down menu with appropriate values in the Profile Center. How can this beaccomplished? (Choose 2)

  • A. Select the data type as Text
  • B. Set a custom maximum length of six
  • C. Create restricted values
  • D. Select the attribute as required

Answer: CD

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to leverage ContentBuilder templates to streamline the email creation process. For its monthly email newsletter, NTO includes content specific to the company's loyalty and non-loyalty members.
How should NTO build the email?

  • A. Create dynamic content with a SQL Query activity.
  • B. Create a template-based email using dynamic content.
  • C. Create multiple versions of the email for loyalty and non-loyalty members.
  • D. Create a template and lock content In the template.

Answer: A

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to create a landing page that contains subscriber information passed to it from email links on the page. They use a Smart Capture form to capture email addresses, reply dates, and responses from subscribers.
Mow should their data extension be set up?

  • A. Create a data extension with email address asthe Primary Key and reply date and response fields as nullable.
  • B. Create a data extension with email address, reply date, and response fields as nullable.
  • C. Create a data extension with email address, reply date, and response fields as non-nullable.
  • D. Create a data extension with email address as non-nullable; reply date and response fields as nullable.

Answer: C

Northern TrailOutfitters (NTO) would like to improve email open rates to increase subscriber engagement and improve deliverability.
What action should NTO take to increase open rates?

  • A. Send earlier in the day to give subscribers more time to check email.
  • B. Add a clear, brief, and urgent call-to-action.
  • C. Use images, not text, to improve email look and branding.
  • D. Include relevant preheader text in every email.

Answer: D

Each time Northern Trail Outfitters sends their monthly promotional email, the volume of supportcalls spike. The executive team wants the marketing team to slowly send emails throughout the day to avoid customers waiting on hold.
Which feature should be used?

  • A. Send Email Activity
  • B. Send Flow
  • C. Triggered Send
  • D. Send Throttling

Answer: D

A new data extension named "Orders" contains order data. One row is recorded for each customer's order. Customers can place multiple orders.The data extension Orders relates to other data extensions. The data extension Orders contains the following fields:
OrderNumber: a unique alphanumeric order number customerID: a numeric customer identification number OrderDate: the system date and time for the order
Instructions: an optional alphanumeric string that contains customer delivery notes. Which statement accurately reflects the configuration of the Orders Data Extension?

  • A. The OrderNumber field will be a Number data type field
  • B. All fields inthe data extension are nullable
  • C. CustomerID will be used as the Primary Key
  • D. OrderNumber will be used as the Primary Key

Answer: D

Which statement regarding editing an email template is true? (Choose 2) *****

  • A. Updating an email to reflect changes made in its template can be done in the email properties
  • B. Changes to a template cannot be made once it is saved in the application
  • C. Changes to a template are automatically inherited in emails built from that template
  • D. A template does not automatically affect emails created from that template

Answer: BD

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) launched a new custom Preference Center to allow customers to provide details around their personal information such as age, gender, and outdoor sporting interests.
In which two ways should NTO honor customers’ preferences when creating emails? (Choose two.)

  • A. Create dynamic rules based on customers’ preferences in order to send specific content.
  • B. Use AMPscript to dynamically pull in content associated with customers’ preferences.D18912E1457D5D1DDCBD40AB3BF70D5D
  • C. Send customers one email per preference choice to ensure customers receive what they want.
  • D. Create emails to include all preference options so that customers don’t miss any content.

Answer: AB

Which Classic content tool mirrors the logic used by spam-filtering software to identify words, phrases, and patterns that are likely to trigger filters and then recommends a resolution to each identified problem in an email? Choose one answer.

  • A. Content Builder
  • B. Content Detective
  • C. Inbox Preview
  • D. Triggered Send

Answer: B



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