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Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) just hired a new associate who is brand new to email marketing to start creating and deploying the company's monthly campaigns. NTO wants to ensure no mistakes are made.
Which two elements of the send canbe reviewed with Approvals? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Hyperlinks
  • B. Subject Line
  • C. From Name
  • D. Send Count

Answer: BC

A marketer is building a highly personalized email that is sent daily to one million subscribers. The dataneeded for the email is located in several data extensions.
What feature should the marketer use to merge the data into a single data extension to improve sending?

  • A. Profile Management
  • B. File Triggers
  • C. SQL Query Activities
  • D. Data Filters

Answer: C

NTO completed a data review process and discovered their data extension folders contain hundreds of filtered data extensions which are never used. What tool could NTO use to alleviate the number of filtered audiences that are created for sending?

  • A. Filter Activity
  • B. Data Filter
  • C. SQL Query
  • D. Filtered Group

Answer: A

The Northern Trail Outfitters' email team is creating a reusable content block for its Deals to Run With campaign. They will cross-promote thiscampaign in other emails in a single-column content area. This content will have one image, with text below it.
How could the email team create one content area and reuse it across other emails using Content Builder without writing any custom HTML?

  • A. Create a Free Form content block.
  • B. Create an Image content block.
  • C. Create an HTML content block.
  • D. Create a Text content block.

Answer: A

A customer managed to automate nightly imports and also has the ability to manually import files via the import wizard ,what needs to be reconfigured in the marketing cloud account,

  • A. enhance ftp
  • B. encryptedftp
  • C. data loader
  • D. file transfer

Answer: A

Approximately 50% of Northern Trail Outfitters' (NTO) subscribers open emails on their mobile devices, while the remaining 50% of subscribers open their emails on their desktop. The Chief Marketing Officer of NTO would like the emails to render well on both desktop and mobile devices, but does not want to spend a significant amount of time developing for each environment.
What is the recommended design approach?

  • A. Responsive Design
  • B. Desktop-centnc Design
  • C. Static Design
  • D. Mobile-aware Design

Answer: D

A marketer would like to improve open rates for weekly email campaign. On which area of email design should the marketer focus?

  • A. Envelope content
  • B. Footer
  • C. Email body
  • D. Link Content

Answer: A

A marketing manager would like to run the Recent Email Sending Summary report and have the resulting file sent via email.
Which results file format is available for selection when generating this report?

  • A. Data File (.csv)
  • B. Image File (.jpg)
  • C. Word Document (.docx)
  • D. Compressed File (.tar.gz)

Answer: A

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is launching a custom, corporate-branded apparel website. They are
concerned aboutthe new initiative's campaign impacting deliverability on its consumer retail sends. NTO has purchased a second IP address to be used for the corporate site's email sending.
What feature would be used to specify which IP address is used for retail vs. corporate?

  • A. Delivery Profile
  • B. Send Definition
  • C. Send Classification
  • D. Sender Profile

Answer: A

A marketing manager is looking at the Tracking Overview Tab from a send to an audience of 1000, where the Total Opens are 1000, but the Unique opens are 100. They are excited about having a 100% open rate.
What should they know about Total Opens?

  • A. Total opens indicates how many subscribers opened the email.
  • B. Total opens includes every time the email was displayed with images.
  • C. Total opens w a great indicator of campaign success.
  • D. Total opens may not include email clients that render email with images off.

Answer: B

A customer leverages transactional messages to send order confirmations. What type of message should be used in this situation?

  • A. Test Send
  • B. User-Initiated Email
  • C. Send Flow
  • D. Triggered Email

Answer: D

What does the validate tool check for? (Check all that apply)

  • A. The presence of an unsubscribe link
  • B. Invalid email address
  • C. A physical mailing address
  • D. Correct syntax for attributes
  • E. That each content area specified in the dynamic content rule exists

Answer: ACDE

If you don't have the option for offline tactics what could you consider? (Select 3)

  • A. Require email to create an account on website
  • B. Registration with incentive on website
  • C. Drive online loyalty program registration requiring email address
  • D. Promotecontent via social media that does not requires email registration to access

Answer: ABC

A marketer creates a new sendable data extension, and defines the Customer_ID field as the field in the Send Relationship that relates to Subscribers on Subscriber Key. What will the send status in All Subscribers beassociated with?

  • A. The Customer_ID field in the Data Extension
  • B. The Subscriber ID in a System Data View Table
  • C. The Email_Address field in the Data Extension
  • D. The Email Address Profile Attribute

Answer: A

A customer would like to automate a weekly email campaign using Automation Studio. Which send method would the customer use to configure the email?

  • A. Send Preview
  • B. User-Initiated
  • C. Test Send
  • D. Guided Send

Answer: B

What is a table within the application database that stores sendable subscriber data as well as relational data like purchases, inventory, rewards programme data?

  • A. Data Table
  • B. Data Extension
  • C. Data List
  • D. List
  • E. Subscriber Table

Answer: B

Northern Trait Outfitters is using a Smart Capture form on a CloudPage to capture contest registrations in a data extension. Corporate has requested a nightly file with all registrants in this data extension be sent daily from Marketing Cloud to an external SFTP.
Which automation configuration should be used to achieve this?

  • A. Schedule Starting Source > Data Extract Activity > File Transfer Activity
  • B. File Drop Starting Source > SQL Query Activity > File Transfer Activity
  • C. Schedule Starting Source > SQL Query Activity > File Transfer Activity
  • D. File Drop Starting Source > Data Extract Activity > File Transfer Activity

Answer: D


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