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What single place in Content Builder would a marketer store CSS used in several Paste HTML Templates?

  • A. Style Block
  • B. Code Snippet
  • C. Script Activity
  • D. Free Form Code Block

Answer: A

A customer wants to grow the number of subscribers in the account.
Which two methods should the customer employ to acquire new subscribers? (Choose two.)

  • A. Preselect email opt-in check boxes at online checkout.
  • B. Add a “Sign Me Up” form to the homepage.
  • C. Use a list of email addresses purchased from online vendors.
  • D. Create an SMS campaign allowing customers to sign up for email.

Answer: BD

What is a function of the Content Detective tool?

  • A. It helps guarantee placement of emails into the inbox
  • B. It helps display content in a content box
  • C. It helps identify spam triggers in email content and subject lines
  • D. Ithelps track customer traffic generated by content areas within a email

Answer: C

Where can a marketer see the performance summary of a recent email send?

  • A. Summary tab
  • B. Job Links tab within Tracking
  • C. Overview Tab within Tracking
  • D. Send Performance Tab

Answer: C

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has created a new onboarding series for customers who have purchased its fitness tracker. Customers were automatically opted in and received three emails from NTO within one day. The onboarding series includes personalized recommendations but lacks an easy way to opt out or update preferences.
In this scenario, what best practice was achieved?

  • A. Opting customers in automatically
  • B. Personalized recommendations
  • C. Sending multiple emails in one day
  • D. Preventing customers from opting out

Answer: B

Which combination of audiences can be selected in the recipient section for a specific Send?

  • A. Lists and Audiences
  • B. Contacts or Audiences
  • C. Lists orData Extensions
  • D. Lists and Data Extensions

Answer: C

NTO wants to reuse a skiing promotional advertisement used in one of last winter's email campaigns. Which three methods in Content Builder can be used to locate the promotional advertisement? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Local folder structure
  • B. Search field
  • C. Content Type filter
  • D. Email Type
  • E. Tags filter

Answer: ABE


What is a personalization string?

  • A. A snippet of text that inserts subscriber attributes into an email
  • B. An automated way of scraping a websitefor content to populate inside of an email
  • C. The snippet of text at the top of the email that is visible before an email has been opened
  • D. A content area that will display based on a subscriber attribute

Answer: A

What are the key ways to improve email deliverability in emailmarketing? (Choose 4)

  • A. Use double Opt-in to avoid getting blacklisted.
  • B. Maintain a consistent "From Name"
  • C. Double Check your Subject Line, don't include RE:, FW:, Hello, Free, Special Offer, Text in all CAPS, and exclamation points!!!
  • D. Consider Subscriber engagement....send only to most engaged subscribers.
  • E. Email sign-up on website.
  • F. Use email templates

Answer: ABCD

A Marketer Sends an email to a Sendable data extension. The Data Extension has a Subscriber relationship that matches Customer_ID on the data extension to Subscriber Key on the AllSubscriber Lists.

  • A. The email will be sent to the email address stored on All Subscriber Lists
  • B. The email will be sent to the email address stored on Data Extension
  • C. The email will be sent to the field marked as the Primary Key
  • D. The email will besent to the subscriber Key on All Subscribers List

Answer: A

Northern Train Outfitters (NTO) finds 57% of its subscribers read emails on smartphones. Because of this, NTO wants to enhance itsemail viewing experience by thinking "mobile first". NTO has the resources to write the HTML and CSS Code needed to create responsively designed emails. Which option would add the code that was created outside of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to the email?

  • A. Web Paste
  • B. Text only
  • C. Template Based
  • D. HTML Paste

Answer: D

Which feature cansegment on behavioral data?

  • A. Data Filter
  • B. Data Extension
  • C. Import Activity
  • D. Tracking

Answer: A

What is a true statement about Subscriber Key? (Choose 3)

  • A. SubscriberKey allows an email address to appear multiple times in a list or All Subscribers when populated with a value other than an email address
  • B. Subscriber Key is mapped to a field in a sendable data extension when defining a Send Relationship
  • C. SubscriberKey and Primary Key are interchangeable terms
  • D. Subscriber Key is a unique identifier for a subscriber, and can be populated with an email address or another unique value
  • E. Subscriber Key determines what update types will be available when importing data

Answer: ABD

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to send monthly birthday coupons to their subscribers. What feature would allow for easy segmentation?

  • A. AMPscript
  • B. Measures
  • C. Query Activities
  • D. Data Filters

Answer: D

A marketing team is using two systems to send emails. The team wants to maintain unsubscribe information between both of thesystems. In order to remain compliant, they would like to update Marketing Cloud subscription status weekly based on unsubscribes from the other system.
Which solution should they use to maintain subscriber status?

  • A. Import unsubscribes into a dataextension, then update status with a query.
  • B. Create an automation triggered on unsubscribes from the other system.
  • C. Create a suppression workflow for the unsubscribed accounts.
  • D. Import unsubscribes with the appropriate status into All Subscribers.

Answer: D

A marketer at Northern Trail Outfitters sends a promotional offer every week to a data extension thatcontains all new subscribers from the previous week. What would the marketer create to automate the send and save time?

  • A. A User initiated Email
  • B. A Simple Send Email
  • C. A recurring Send Schedule via Guided Send
  • D. A Transactional Send Classification

Answer: C

Northern Trail Outfitters’ (NTO) marketing team is looking to use a partner to develop its dynamic emails.
After submittal, NTO specialists want to make sure the emails are reviewed before approval. What feature should the NTO marketingteam employ?

  • A. Standard Workflow Approval
  • B. Content Detective
  • C. Preview Tab
  • D. Two-Step Workflow Approval

Answer: C


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