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Which of the following tools can be used to perform tasks such as Windows password cracking Windows enumeration, and VoIP session sniffing?

  • A. John the Ripper
  • B. Obiwan
  • C. Cain
  • D. L0phtcrack

Answer: C


Which of the following statements about Secure Shell (SSH) are true? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose three.

  • A. It was designed as a replacement for TELNET and other insecure shells.
  • B. It is a network protocol used primarily on Linux and Unix based systems.
  • C. It allows data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two networked devices.
  • D. It is the core routing protocol of the Internet.

Answer: ABC


John works as a professional Ethical Hacker. He has been assigned a project to test the security of www.we-are-secure.com. He wants to test the effect of a virus on the We-are- secure server. He injects the virus on the server and, as a result, the server becomes infected with the virus even though an established antivirus program is installed on the server. Which of the following do you think are the reasons why the antivirus installed on the server did not detect the virus injected by John?
Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

  • A. The virus, used by John, is not in the database of the antivirus program installed on the ser ver.
  • B. The mutation engine of the virus is generating a new encrypted code.
  • C. John has created a new virus.
  • D. John has changed the signature of the virus.

Answer: ABCD


You are the program manager of the BHG Program. One of the projects in your program will be using new materials that are somewhat untested. You are worried that there may be delays and waste because the project team is unaware of how to accurately use these materials. You elect to send the people that will be using the new materials through training on how to complete their project work. You also allow them to purchase some of the materials to experiment on their use before the actual project work is to be done. You want to ensure that mistakes do not enter into the project. What type of action have you provided in this scenario?

  • A. This is an example of team development.
  • B. This is an example of a corrective action.
  • C. This is an example of quality assurance.
  • D. This is an example of a preventive action.

Answer: D


Which of the following types of attacks cannot be prevented by technical measures only?

  • A. Social engineering
  • B. Smurf DoS
  • C. Brute force
  • D. Ping flood attack

Answer: A


In a complex network, Router transfers data packets by observing some form of parameters or metrics provided in the routing table. Which of the following metrics is NOT included in the routing table?

  • A. Bandwidth
  • B. Load
  • C. Delay
  • D. Frequency

Answer: D


Kelly is the project manager of the NNQ Project for her company. This project will last for one year and has a budget of $350,000. Kelly is working with her project team and subject matter experts to begin the risk response planning process. When the project manager begins the plan risk response process, what two inputs will she need?

  • A. Risk register and the results of risk analysis
  • B. Risk register and the risk response plan
  • C. Risk register and the risk management plan
  • D. Risk register and power to assign risk responses

Answer: C


Which of the following statements are true about Public-key cryptography? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.

  • A. Data encrypted with the secret key can only be decrypted by another secret key.
  • B. The secret key can encrypt a message, and anyone with the public key can decrypt it.
  • C. Data encrypted by the public key can only be decrypted by the secret key.
  • D. The distinguishing technique used in public key-private key cryptography is the use of symmetric key algorithms.

Answer: BC


Which of the following statements about digital signature is true?

  • A. Digital signature is required for an e-mail message to get through a firewall.
  • B. Digital signature verifies the identity of the person who applies it to a document.
  • C. Digital signature decrypts the contents of documents.
  • D. Digital signature compresses the message to which it is applied.

Answer: B


Which of the following statements about testing are true?
Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

  • A. A stub is a program that simulates a calling unit, and a driver is a program that simulates a called unit.
  • B. In unit testing, each independent unit of an application is tested separately.
  • C. In integration testing, a developer combines two units that have already been tested into a component.
  • D. The bottom-up approach to integration testing helps minimize the need for stubs.

Answer: BCD


Security is responsible for well-being of information and infrastructures in which the
possibilities of successful yet undetected theft, tampering, and/or disruption of information and services are kept low or tolerable. Which of the following are the elements of security?
Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

  • A. Availability
  • B. Confidentiality
  • C. Confidentiality
  • D. Authenticity

Answer: ABCD


You work as a Network Administrator for Infonet Inc. The company has a Windows Server 2008 domainbased network. The network has three Windows Server 2008 member servers and 150 Windows Vista client computers. According to the company's security policy, you apply Windows firewall setting to the computers on the network. Now, you are troubleshooting a connectivity problem that might be caused by Windows firewall. What will you do to identify connections that Windows firewall allows or blocks?

  • A. Configure Network address translation (NAT).
  • B. Disable Windows firewall logging.
  • C. Configure Internet Protocol Security (IPSec).
  • D. Enable Windows firewall logging.

Answer: D


Computer networks and the Internet are the prime mode of Information transfer today. Which of the following is a technique used for modifying messages, providing Information and Cyber security, and reducing the risk of hacking attacks during communications and message passing over the Internet?

  • A. Risk analysis
  • B. Firewall security
  • C. OODA loop
  • D. Cryptography

Answer: D


You are the project manager for TTX project. You have to procure some electronics gadgets for the project. A relative of yours is in the retail business of those gadgets. He approaches you for your favor to get the order. This is the situation of _____.

  • A. Bribery
  • B. Irresponsible practice
  • C. Illegal practice
  • D. Conflict of interest

Answer: D


In which type of access control do user ID and password system come under?

  • A. Physical
  • B. Power
  • C. Technical
  • D. Administrative

Answer: C


You work as a Network Administrator for Tech World Inc. The company has a TCP/IP- based router. You have configured a router on your network. You want to accomplish the following goals:
l Configure the router to require a password to move from user EXEC mode to privileged EXEC mode.
l The password must be listed as a hidden entry in the configuration file. You run the following command: enable password <password>
Which of the goals will this action accomplish?

  • A. The password will be listed as a hidden entry in the configuration file
  • B. The action will accomplish neither of the goals
  • C. The action will accomplish both the goals
  • D. The router will require a password to move from user EXEC mode to privileged EXEC mode

Answer: D


You switch on your mobile Bluetooth device to transfer data to another Bluetooth device. Which of the following Information assurance pillars ensures that the data transfer is being performed with the targeted authorized Bluetooth device and not with any other or unauthorized device?

  • A. Data integrity
  • B. Confidentiality
  • C. Authentication
  • D. Non-repudiation

Answer: C


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