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Exam Name: Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Developer (SU21)
Certification Provider: Salesforce
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A developer needs to configure a DataRaptor to retrieve data from a single object.The structure of the output data does not need to be changed.
Following best practices, which type of DataRaptor should the developer use?

  • A. DataRaptor Transform
  • B. DataRaptor Extract
  • C. DataRaptor Load
  • D. DataRaptor Turbo Extract

Answer: D

An OmniScript displays data from an API using Integration Procedure, but some of the data is missing. Which two configuration errors could cause this? Choose 2 answers

  • A. The element name for the missingdata does not match the JSON node key in the Integration Procedure Response.
  • B. The Integration Procedure Preview Input Parameters do not match the JSON sent from the OmniScript.
  • C. The JSOW sent from the Integration Procedure Action does not match any ofthe Original Input for the Integration Procedure
  • D. The missing data is trimmed in the Integration Procedure Action Response JSON Path.

Answer: AD

What is the reason for this? Refer to the exhibit below.
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit

  • A. The WLC PubSub Messge flag in the Set Values action of the parent OmniScript has not been set.
  • B. The flag passData.JSON in the parent OmniScript in not configured correctly.
  • C. A developer failed to include a Navigate Action Element to pass data from the parent OmniScript.
  • D. Both parent and embedded OmniScripts have thesame element name for the Set Values element.

Answer: C

A developer needs to build a multi-step intake form. Each step must allow the user tocancel the intake at any time. The developer is using an LWC OmniScript to build the form.
How should the developer implement the cancel functionality for all steps using the LWC OmniScript

  • A. Check the Enable Cancel checkbox in the Setup tab under Cancel Options.
  • B. Add a navigation Action inside each step and set the Component name to ‘’Cancel’’,
  • C. Add a navigation Action outside each step and set the Element Name to ‘’Cancel’’,
  • D. Add a navigation Action inside each step and set the ElementName to ‘’Cancel’’,

Answer: A

A developer needs to build a DataRaptor Transform to send current weather to both an OmniScript Card Layout. Which of these samples would be valid for the Expected Output JSON?
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit

  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D

Answer: D

A developer is building an OmniScript and needs to save to Salesforce and to an AWS Order Management system.
Which OmniScriptelement could save all of this data?

  • A. DataRaptor Post Action
  • B. HTTP Action
  • C. Integration Procedure Action
  • D. DataRaptor Load Action

Answer: C

Refer to the following row-versioned calculation matrix.
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
The developer needs to delete the row that contains the Code CA-SF. If the developer deletes that row in Version 3, what is the result?

  • A. The row is delete only in Version 3.
  • B. The row is deleted In Versions 2 and 3 but will remain in Version1.
  • C. The row is deleted in Version 3 and Version 1.
  • D. The row is deleted in all versions

Answer: A

A developer needs to change some field labels on a FlexCard. The FlexCard is currently deployed to production. The developer that the best course of action is to version the FlexCard rather than cloning it.
Which factor wouldlead the developer to this decision?

  • A. The new version of the FlexCard will be used in a new Console, and the current version of the FlexCard should remain unchanged.
  • B. Another team member is developing new action, fields and styling for the current version of the FlexCard.
  • C. The new and current versions will be displayed together on the same target.
  • D. All instance of the FlexCard must be updated with the changes.

Answer: B

A developer is troubleshooting an Integration Procedure with two elements: A Remote Action named FetchCart and a Response Action namedResponseCart.
In Preview, what JSON node shows the data sent to the Response Action?

  • A. FetchCart
  • B. Response
  • C. ResponseCartDebug
  • D. ResponseCart

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit

  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B

Answer: A

When launching an OmniScript from an action on a FlexCard, the OmniScript displays, but no Salesforce data is populated:
Which two errors could cause this behavior? Choose 2 answers
Choose 2 answers

  • A. The Id Field for Actions in the FlexCard is blank.
  • B. There is no active version of the Data Raptor Extract.
  • C. There is no active version of the OmniScript
  • D. In the DataRaptor Extract Action, the Input Parameters Filter Value is misspelled.

Answer: AD

A developer creates an OmniScript to update billing information. After analyzing the different types of customer interactions that occur at the company, the developer determines updating billing information should be included in the majority of customer interactions, which are represented by more than 20 different FlexCards.
What is the most efficient way for the developer to configure the action that invokes the OmniScript?

  • A. As an OS Action
  • B. As a Custom Action
  • C. As an OmniStudio Action
  • D. As a Lightning Action

Answer: C

A developer needs to create a list of cases for an account in a single Datable in a FlexCard. Like the one shown below.
OmniStudio-Developer dumps exhibit
How can the developer configure the FlexCard to display thecase records in this way?

  • A. Enable the record Looping feature on the data table elements
  • B. Select the Repeatable Mode property on the data table elements
  • C. Enable the Repeat Records feature on the FlexCard Setup tab
  • D. Disable the Repeat Record featureon the FlexCard setup tab

Answer: D

A developer configure a Flexcard with a DataRaptor data source that uses the as an. When the developer clicks Views Data on the FlexCard, valid datadisplays. However, when the developer previews the layout, the FlexCard does not display. What could cause this error?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. The Data Node field for the FlexCard is empty.
  • B. The RecordId in the Test Data Source settings ins for the wrong record type.
  • C. The attribute haven’t been configured to pass the data to the fields.
  • D. There is not Salesforce record for the FlexCard based on the RecordId in the layout’s Test Data Source Settings.

Answer: BC

In a calculation procedure, what is required for the output of a calculation step to be used in an aggregation step?

  • A. It must be included in constants.
  • B. It must be amatrix lookup step.
  • C. It must be a calculation step.
  • D. It must be included m the calculation output.

Answer: D

A developer examines data received from an external data source. The data is nested two levels down in the JSON structure.
Which OmniStudio tool could the developer use to simplify this data?

  • A. A guided workflow
  • B. ADataRaptor Transform
  • C. An HTTP Action Element
  • D. An integration Procedure

Answer: B


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