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In your WebLogic Server environment, applications will not access a single database server. Instead they will access a cluster of redundant database servers. This database product was purchased from a vendor other than Oracle. You want to provide transparent failover to the applications as they communicate with the database cluster. Which type of WebLogic data source should you create?

  • A. generic data source
  • B. multi data source
  • C. GridLink data source
  • D. parallel data source

Answer: B

You are using the Configuration Wizard to create a new domain that will consist of a cluster of a of three managed servers along with an instance of WebLogic server acting as HIPT proxy to distribute traffic to the cluster.
Which three steps should you perform with the Configuration Wizard?

  • A. Create one Cluster.
  • B. Install Oracle HTTP Server.
  • C. Create one Coherence server.
  • D. Create four managed servers.
  • E. Assign three servers to a cluster.
  • F. Specify a proxy port tor the administration serve

Answer: ADE

Consider a domain that includes a dynamic cluster of three servers. Your network administrator requires all servers to bind the specific domain name
Which Administration console action implements this requirement?

  • A. Use a $(macro)in the server templates listen address.
  • B. Assign each dynamic server a separate machine.
  • C. Create multiple server templates for the cluster.
  • D. Update the cluster’s listen address prefi

Answer: A

Which two statements are true about WebLogic data sources?

  • A. Data sources are targeted to a domain.
  • B. Data sources are bound in the JNDI tree of a server.
  • C. Data sources are based on the JMS specification.
  • D. A data source contains a connection pool.
  • E. A domain requires at least one data sourc

Answer: BD

Which three statements are true about the Change Center in the Administration Console? (Choose three.)

  • A. The Change Center has a link to view any servers that need to be restarted
  • B. In a Development Mode domain, the configuration lock can be acquired automatically
  • C. The Change Center has a link to view the changes made so far
  • D. Locking the console prevents other privileged users from taking the lock until you release it or activate your changes
  • E. After activating the changes to a server’s configuration, you must always restart that server
  • F. The Change Center is available only in a Production Mode domain

Answer: ABC

Consider a cluster of four servers: ServerA, ServerB, ServerC, and ServerD.
The cluster hosts a web application and is accessed using a proxy plug-in. This web application is configured to use in-memory session replication.
A user is directed to Server A. An HTTP session is established on ServerA and also replicated to
ServerC, but ServerA subsequently fails. Which server will this user be redirected to?

  • A. ServerD
  • B. ServerB
  • C. none; the user will receive an error message
  • D. ServerC
  • E. any other available server

Answer: D

Consider a domain that includes a Node Manager home directory. One way to enroll each Node Manager with your domain is with the WLST command nmEnroll().
Select the two scenarios where you do not need to use this command to perform the same task? (Choose two.)

  • A. The Node Manager is on the machine where the domain was created by using the Configuration Wizard
  • B. You create a managed server template by using the pack utilit
  • C. Then create the domain by using the unpack utility on the new machine where Node Manager will run
  • D. Use the administration consol
  • E. Select the machine, then the Configuration and Node Manager tab
  • F. Select “Enroll with the Domain.” Save and activate your changes
  • G. Use the script found under the WEBLOGIC_HONE directory in server/bin

Answer: AC

GridLink data sources are designed for use with an Oracle RAC database. By using the Fast Connection Failover (FCF) pattern, GridLink data sources can quickly react when a RAC node goes down.
Which two statements are true?

  • A. The Oracle Notification service is used to notify the data source of changes to RAC nodes.
  • B. The reaction is quick, because in using FCF all network timeouts are set very low.
  • C. FCF is faster because it polls and tests connection, freeing the data source from these tasks.
  • D. FCF requires the use and configuration of a database server in the GridLink data source.
  • E. You can use any Oracle Thin database driver with a GridLink data sourc

Answer: AD

Over time your server log files have increased in size to over 500 MB. Identify three techniques to help decrease the size of these log files. (Choose three.)

  • A. Increase the severity level
  • B. Redirect standard output to the log
  • C. Increase the rotation time
  • D. Create and use a custom log filter
  • E. Decrease the rotation file size

Answer: BCE

Consider a WebLogic Java EE application that uses a JDBC data source.
Which three steps would the application developer typically write code to perform? (Choose three.)

  • A. Test the connection to verify the database’s availability
  • B. Add a new connection to the data source if none are available
  • C. Close the connection to return the connection to the data source
  • D. Request a connection from the data source
  • E. Look up the data source using the JNDI name

Answer: ADE

The admin server’s domain files were backed up by using the tar command on Linux. The admin server crashes and the domain files become corrupted. The domain files are restored from the backup. You try and start the admin server by using the usual domain start script. The script does not run. The error is “permission denied”.
How should you troubleshoot this?

  • A. Check the ownership and file system permissions of the start script
  • B. Ensure you are currently logged in as a WebLogic Server administrator before running the script
  • C. Stop any running managed servers and then start the admin server
  • D. After the restoration of a domain, you must start the admin by using WLST
  • E. Be sure to start the admin server as the root user

Answer: A

Which WebLogic Server tool is used to create managed server templates?

  • A. unpack
  • B. Configuration Wizard
  • C. Administration Console
  • D. WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST)
  • E. appc
  • F. pack

Answer: F

Which two statements are characteristics of the Reconfiguration Wizard? (Choose two.)

  • A. You can upgrade any domain that was created using WLS 9.2 and above
  • B. The Reconfiguration Wizard allows you to change the domain mode
  • C. The Reconfiguration Wizard allows you to select a different Java JDK
  • D. The Reconfiguration Wizard does not allow the reconfiguration of JDBC data sources
  • E. You can upgrade only a domain which is running WLS 10.3.x or later

Answer: DE

A WebLogic server (WLS) domain was recently updated from WLS 10.3.6 to WLS 12.12. What is the mode of operation of the Node Manager after the update and what is needed to keep the same behavior as in WLS 10.3.6?

  • A. Nothing, Node Manager runs and behaves the same on both WLS versions
  • B. Node Manager runs in “per machine” mode and nothing is needed to keep the same behavior.
  • C. Node manager runs in “per domain” mode and requires manual steps to return to the “per machine” mode, used in WLS10.3.6.
  • D. Node Manager mode of operating and behavior can be selected in reconfiguration Wizar

Answer: C

View the following file except, which configures HTTP session replication:
From which file is this except taken?

  • A. weblogic-application.xml
  • B. session.xml
  • C. web.xml
  • D. config.xml
  • E. weblogic.xml

Answer: E

Select the two true statements about upgrading WebLogic server to version 12c (12.12).

  • A. To use the Reconfiguration Wizard, your current WebLogic server version must be 9.0 or higher.
  • B. The Domain Upgrade Wizard is no longer available in 12.1.2.
  • C. After running the wizard to update your domain ,you must reapply your start script customizations.
  • D. You need to update the domain’s administration server file

Answer: BC

Which two statements are true about multicast communication within a cluster?

  • A. Multicast can be used for cluster heartbeat messages.
  • B. Multicast is used to replicate session state between servers.
  • C. Multiple cluster can share the same multicast address and port.
  • D. You may disable multicast on individual cluster members.
  • E. Multicast traffic is often limited to a single subne

Answer: AE


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