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Which three options are CallHome predefined destination profiles that are supported on Cisco NXOS? (Choose three.)

  • A. CiscoTAC-1
  • B. full-text-destination
  • C. pager-xml-destination
  • D. short-text-destination
  • E. xml-text-destination
  • F. pager-json-destination

Answer: ABD

Ethernet interface 1/5 on Cisco Nexus 5548 is connected to Cisco UCS C220 rack server. What is the status of Ethernet 1/5 interface for FCoE functionality?
300-165 dumps exhibit
300-165 dumps exhibit
300-165 dumps exhibit

  • A. Interface reset on Ethernet 1/5 is preventing the FCoE connection from coming up
  • B. MTU size of 1500 on Ethernet interface 1/5 needs to be changed for FCoE to come UP
  • C. Cisco Nexus 5548 needs a layer 3 daughter card for FCoE to come UP on the Ethernet interface 1/5
  • D. Ethernet interface 1/5 is operational for FCoE and the status is UP

Answer: D

Which task must be done before a zone set takes effect?

  • A. Add a member to the zone.
  • B. Enter the exit config t command.
  • C. Enter the copy running-config startup-config command.
  • D. Enter the zoneset activate name <zone-name> vsan <vsan-#> comman

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
300-165 dumps exhibit
Which two descriptions of the switch are true? (Choose two)

  • A. It shuts down any edge port that receives a BPDU
  • B. It shuts down any port that receives a BPDU
  • C. If a port in the range of e1/1-24 receives a BPDU, the port is moved to the errdisable state.
  • D. It prevents edge devices from sending or receiving BPDUs globally
  • E. It prevents edge devices from sending or receiving BPDUs on e1/1-24 only

Answer: CD

Which command allows a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switch to receive NTP configuration updates by
using Cisco Fabric Services?

  • A. N7k (config) # feature ntp
  • B. N7k (config) # ntp distribute
  • C. N7k <config) # distribute
  • D. N7k (config) # ntp master

Answer: B

Enables the device to receive NTP configuration updates that are distributed through CFS.

Which statement is true if password-strength checking is enabled?

  • A. Short, easy-to-decipher passwords will be rejected.
  • B. The strength of existing passwords will be checked.
  • C. Special characters, such as the dollar sign ($) or the percent sign (%), will not be allowed.
  • D. Passwords become case-sensitiv

Answer: A

Explanation: If a password is trivial (such as a short, easy-to-decipher password), the cisco NX_OS software will reject your password configuration if password-strength checking is enabled. Be sure to configure a strong password. Passwords are case sensitive.
Reference: x/security/configuration/guide/b_Cisco_Nexus_9000_Series_NXOS_ Security_Configuration_Guide_7x/b_Cisco_Nexus_9000_Series_NXOS_ Security_Configuration_Guide_7x_chapter_01000.pdf

Refer to the exhibit.
300-165 dumps exhibit
What is the result when you run the force command?

  • A. Port channel mode uses force mode
  • B. The command forces the addition of a port to a SAN port channel.
  • C. The port is enabled and active.
  • D. The command forces the deletion of a port to a SAN port channe

Answer: B

Which two functions are enabled when you set up vPC+ at the FabricPath edge? (Choose two.)

  • A. the ability to attach Cisco Fabric Extenders in FEX active/active mode
  • B. the ability to stop all Layer 3 egress traffic
  • C. the ability to attach servers to edge switches with port-channel teaming
  • D. the ability to attach additional Classic Ethernet switches in vPC+ mode

Answer: AC

Refer to the exhibit.
300-165 dumps exhibit
How does Switch 1 route traffic to the Level 2 network?

  • A. Switch 1 prefers Switch 2 as the path to the Level 2 network.
  • B. Switch 1 load balances traffic destined for Level 2 between Switch 2 and Switch.
  • C. Switch 1 sends 75 percent of the traffic destined for Level 2 to Switch 3 and 25 percent to Switch 2.
  • D. Switch 1 prefers Switch 3 as the oath to the Level 2 networ

Answer: A

Which action limits the maximum number of routes that are allowed in the routing table?

  • A. Use a BGP filter.
  • B. Use only static routes.
  • C. Use the maximum routes command inside address family.
  • D. Use a route map to filter route

Answer: C

A vPC fails a Type 2 consistency check during implementation. Which result is true?

  • A. The interfaces may forward packets using an undesirable path
  • B. The vPC algorithm selects a link to deactivate randomly until the condition is resolved
  • C. The interfaces are suspended
  • D. The link to the secondary vPC is suspended until the condition is resolved

Answer: D

Which two actions are required when configuring LISP virtual machine mobility across subnets? (Choose two.)

  • A. Filter HSRP hello messages across data centers to create an active-active HSRP setup
  • B. Enable proxy ARP on the interfaces that allow virtual machine mobility
  • C. Configure different MAC addresses across all the HSRP groups
  • D. Ensure that all the HSRP virtual IP addresses are different in the extended LANs
  • E. Propagate ARP packets across all the broadcast domains of the data cente

Answer: AB

Which command activates the port security database for VSAN 1 regardless of conflicts?

  • A. port-security commit vsan 1
  • B. no port-security auto-learn vsan 1
  • C. port-security activate vsan 1 force
  • D. port-security database vsan 1

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit,
300-165 dumps exhibit
Which description of the output is true?

  • A. The default map-cache limit is used.
  • B. PETR is disable
  • C. The table output apply to the default VRF
  • D. The switch acts as an IPv4 LISP ETR

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
300-165 dumps exhibit
What is the maximum IPv6 unicast route memory allocated?

  • A. 4 MB
  • B. 8 MB
  • C. 1024 MB
  • D. 1 GB
  • E. 5 MB

Answer: A

Which statement about enhanced zoning on Cisco Multilayer Director Switches are true?

  • A. It allows partial zone set changes to be distributed without having to activate a zone set.
  • B. Enhanced zoning is compatible with IVR.
  • C. Zone changes can scheduled with a CRON job.
  • D. More than one zone set can be active with enhanced zonin

Answer: A

Explanation: Enhanced zoning implements changes to the zoning database and distributes it without reactivation. Distribution of zone sets without activation avoids hardware changes for hard zoning in the switches. Reference: 871274

Which two events automatically generate Cisco NX OS checkpoints'? (Choose two)

  • A. The license of a feature expires
  • B. The NX-OS software is upgraded.
  • C. The switch reboots.
  • D. An enabled feature is disabled by using the no feature command
  • E. A system crash occur

Answer: AD

Explanation: The Cisco NX-OS software automatically generates system checkpoints to help you avoid a loss of configuration information. System checkpoints are generated by the following events:
Disabling an enabled feature with the no feature command
Removing an instance of a Layer 3 protocol, such as with the no router bgp command or the no ip pim sparse-mode command
License expiration of a feature Reference:

ipv6 access-list MY_ACL
permit tcp 2001:cc1e:aaaa::/64 2001:cc1e:befe:cccc::/64 permit udp 2001:cc1e:bbbb::/64 2001:cc1e:befe:cccc::/64 interface ethernet 1/1
ipv6 address 2001:cc1e:befe:cccc::1/64 ipv6 traffic-filter MY_ACL in
Refer to the exhibit. Only the ACL in the exhibit is applied on a VDC, and only the default VRF is used. In which two scenarios is traffic permitted?
(Choose two.)

  • A. TCP traffic from 2001:cc1e:aaaa::/64 to 2001:cc1e:befe:cccc:abcd/64
  • B. GRE traffic from 2001:cc1e:befe:cccc::abcd/64 to 2001:cc1e:aaaa/64
  • C. UDP traffic from 2001:cc1e:aaaa::/64 to 2001::cc1e:befe:cccc::abcd/64
  • D. GRE traffic from 2001:cc1e:bbbb::/64 to 2001:cc1e:befe:cccc::abcd/64
  • E. TCP traffic from 2001:cc1e:bbbb::/64 to 2001:cc1e:befe:cccc:abcd/64

Answer: AD

Which statement describes what happens if a new EPLD version is released with a new Cisco NX-OS version for a Cisco Nexus switch, but these EPLDs are not upgraded at the same time that NX-OS is upgraded?

  • A. Any new hardware or software feature that depends on the updated EPLD image is disabled until upgraded.
  • B. Modules that use an updated EPLD image remain offline until the EPLD is upgraded.
  • C. The EPLD image version mismatch is detected by the supervisor, which automatically initiates an upgrade.
  • D. The Cisco NX-OS upgrade fails as a result of the mismatch between EPLDs and NX-OS version

Answer: A

Which information does the show fcns database command display?

  • A. FCID
  • B. port name
  • C. nWWN
  • D. interface

Answer: A

Explanation: html

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