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A wireless engineer is designing a wireless network for a campus. Which two parameters can have a negative effect on the Wi-Fi coverage of an access point? (Choose two.)

  • A. authentication used
  • B. surrounding area
  • C. wireless channels
  • D. wireless encryption
  • E. type of the antenna used

Answer: BC

Refer to the exhibit.
300-360 dumps exhibit
An engineer has determined that Cisco 7925 phones are roaming between 2.4 6Hz and 5 6Hz radios on the same access points, which results in poor audio performance Which action must the engineer take to mitigate this issue?

  • A. Enable TPCv2 to normalize the RF environment.
  • B. Configure EDCA parameters for Voice Optimized.
  • C. Configure the Cisco 7925 phone to only use 5 6Hz.
  • D. Enable Band Select on the WLAN

Answer: B

Which purpose of using Metageek Chanalyzer during site survey is true?

  • A. to verify the antenna pattern of the APs
  • B. to show only the usage of the 2.4 GHz spectrum
  • C. to determine the sources of non-802.11 interferences
  • D. to verify the different channels used during the design of Wi-Fi networks

Answer: D

Explanation: A spectrum analysis tool like Chanalyzer + Wi-Spy which shows you non-WiFi interference from devices like cordless phones, wireless video cameras, and microwave ovens. After you've detected an otherwise-invisible non-WiFi device, Chanalyzer + Wi-Spy can identify it and track it down. Tool-

What is a common cause for signal attenuation?

  • A. Cinder block wall
  • B. Office window
  • C. Metal door
  • D. Glass wall

Answer: C

Which option is an enhancement of enabling WMM on an AP?

  • A. All access classes use the same IEEE 802.11 sequence number.
  • B. It disables U-APSD Power Save.
  • C. Each access class has its own IEEE 802.11 sequence number.
  • D. CAC is reserved for voice calls only.

Answer: C

You must configure IPV6 to drop unwanted or rogue RA packets that come from wireless clients. Which feature do you enable?

  • A. DHCPv6 Server Guard
  • B. IPv6 Source Guard
  • C. RA throttling
  • D. RA guard

Answer: D

An engineer has performed a post-installation site survey using Ekahau Site Survey with a recommended adapter.
Which two metrics can be different between the adapter used to survey and the client adapter? (Choose two.)

  • A. SNR
  • B. data rate
  • C. DFS
  • D. channel overlap

Answer: AB

Explanation: You must take note on what adapter was used in a site survey. The adapter should have similar characteristics to the adapters on the devices that are actually to be used in the wireless network. You should always verify what type of client adapter was used throughout the survey. A client adapter with a better receiver sensitivity and stronger antenna does not provide accurate results to compare against clients that are actually used in production.

A company has deployed a centralized wireless architecture in their headquarters. In this type of deployment, to which network layer do you recommend that the WLC connect?

  • A. distribution layer
  • B. Data center layer
  • C. session layer
  • D. access layer

Answer: A

A cabling contractor is working at a customer facility. The contractor is asking what rating of cable should be installed in return-air areas. Which information can be referenced to provide the contractor the requested information?

  • A. OSHACodes
  • C. NEC Ratings
  • D. IEEE Standards

Answer: B

The ClO of a company wants to start tracking inventory in the warehouse using RFID tags and their existing wireless network.
The company hires a wireless engineer to ensure that their existing network can support this new initiative.
Which tool in Cisco Prime can help the wireless engineer?

  • A. Planning Mode
  • B. Map Editor
  • C. Site Survey
  • D. Location Readiness

Answer: D

Explanation: Using Chokepoints to Enhance Tag Location Reporting Installation of chokepoints provides enhanced location information for RFID tags. When an active Ciscocompatible Extensions Version 1-compliant RFID tag enters the range of a chokepoint, it is stimulated by the chokepoint. The MAC address of this chokepoint is then included in the next beacon sent by the stimulated tag.
All access points that detect this tag beacon then forward the information to the controller and location appliance.

An engineer is preparing for an active site survey of a hospital and is informed that he or she should not enter any active surgery suites.
Which option describes how the engineer should address this restriction?

  • A. Conduct a passive wireless survey in the restricted areas.
  • B. Use the predictive AP placement tool on the wireless controller
  • C. Skip the area and estimate where to place the access points.
  • D. Arrange to perform survey activities after hours.

Answer: A

Explanation: Passive Survey
Passive surveys are surveys that are performed with a listen-only mode. The survey client never associates to the access point (AP). Such surveys can be helpful when you look for rogue devices or you want a good gauge of downlink RF coverage from the infrastructure devices. These can be accomplished with a passive survey.

When implementing video teleconferencing over a wireless network, which three attributes should be considered when cell planning? (Choose three.)

  • A. latency
  • B. jitter
  • C. throughput
  • D. packet loss
  • E. client association
  • F. number of users on the network

Answer: ABD

Which two information points should a pre-site survey QUESTION NO:naire contain? (Choose two.)

  • A. list of clients used
  • B. hours during which the survey can be performed
  • C. access point density required
  • D. approximate square footage of facility
  • E. total number of APs in use

Answer: CD


An engineer is determining the signal levels for the wireless cells. Which signal-to-noise ratio is an optimal configuration to achieve?

  • A. minimum SNR of -33 dBm
  • B. minimum SNR of -25 dBm
  • C. minimum SNR of 25 dB
  • D. minimum SNR of 33 dB

Answer: C

Explanation: The minimum recommended wireless signal strength for voice applications is -67 dBm and the minimum SNR is 25 dB.

An engineer is installing a wireless network in an industrial area with extreme temperatures and a significant amount of dust. Which enclosure should be used to protect the APs?

  • A. ACU
  • B. ADU
  • C. NEMA
  • D. WLSE

Answer: C

Explanation: Sometimes access points (APs) are located in areas where they are subject to extreme moisture,
temperatures, dust and particles. These APs might need to be mounted inside a sealed enclosure. The NEMA has a rating system for these enclosures, which are generally called NEMA enclosures.

A wireless engineer is utilizing the voice readiness tool in Cisco Prime for a customer that wants to deploy Cisco IP phones. Which dBm range is the network inspected against?

  • A. -75 to -67 dBm
  • B. -72 to -65 dBm
  • C. -85 to -65 dBm
  • D. -85 to -67 dBm

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
300-360 dumps exhibit
Which type of cable connector is displayed that is used to connect antennas to transmitters?

  • A. RP-TNC
  • B. N
  • C. SMA
  • D. SMB
  • E. MMCX

Answer: B

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