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Which connection would be used to describe ads that a smartphone sends as a person walks around a retail store?

  • A. machine-to-machine
  • B. business-to-consumer
  • C. machine-to-person
  • D. sensor-to-device

Answer: C

Which building block of business model canvas addresses the customer’s willingness to pay?

  • A. revenue streams
  • B. cost structure
  • C. customer segments
  • D. customer channels

Answer: B

Which advantage is gained from engaging with senior IT and LoB leadership of the Cisco Business Architecture approach?

  • A. to describe the latest product features offered
  • B. to position technology
  • C. to demonstrate the latest product features
  • D. to gain an understanding of their business

Answer: D

Which option is a benefit of Cisco enablement resources?

  • A. the ability to create personalized "briefcases" of content
  • B. a single place to find business proposals and instructor-led training
  • C. access to kits of bundled content, including IOS images and more
  • D. it enhances the selling process for seller and the customer

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
810-440 dumps exhibit
Which proposal does the exhibit describe?

  • A. technology project plan
  • B. account plan
  • C. technical reference architecture
  • D. business roadmap

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
810-440 dumps exhibit
Which level does the exhibit describe?

  • A. Business Architecture maturity level
  • B. Technology Architecture maturity level
  • C. customer journey
  • D. solution selling stages and maturity level

Answer: A

Drag the two strongest factors to improve business outcomes for a retail industry customer from the left to the right.
810-440 dumps exhibit


    Explanation: 810-440 dumps exhibit

    Which two descriptions of the customer journey are true? (Choose two.)

    • A. The customer journey has eight phases to deliver business outcomes.
    • B. It spans the spectrum from business vision to value realization.
    • C. It is a business-centric view of the customer business.
    • D. It is an IT-centric view of their business needs.
    • E. It starts with the customer’s technology vision.

    Answer: BC

    When return on investment is expressed in a business outcomes story, which set of factors should be included?

    • A. financial benefits, overall business impact, length of time to realize benefits
    • B. cost savings v
    • C. today, speed to market, time to implement
    • D. financial benefits, speed to market, competitor revenue displaced
    • E. cost savings, length of time to implement, number of Cisco offerings

    Answer: A

    Which option describers Return on Investment (ROI)?

    • A. a percentage of dividing net return from a technology solution by the cost of that technology solution
    • B. a percentage of dividing total investment from a technology solution by the cost of that technology solution
    • C. a percentage of dividing net return from a technology solution by the margin of that technology solution
    • D. a percentage of dividing present value from a technology solution by the cost of that technology solution

    Answer: A

    Why are customer stakeholders important to the business outcome-based sales approach?

    • A. Because understanding the concerns, interests, power, and influence of stakeholders enables successful stakeholder engagement.
    • B. Because stakeholders consists of partners who are either part of the organization or are external to the organization.
    • C. Because stakeholder strategy influence business needs and their involvement in a project to change them.
    • D. Because relevant and potential stakeholders exist across customers' and sales professionals' organizational and functional roles.

    Answer: D

    Which activity is performed by the Cisco business architect?

    • A. Develop low-level designs.
    • B. Determine the required business capabilities.
    • C. Create a product build of materials.
    • D. Provide product-specific technical support.

    Answer: B

    Which framework is used to plan influential communication when seeking customer support for action?

    • A. business model canvas
    • B. principled negotiation
    • C. seven elements
    • D. stakeholder analysis matrix

    Answer: C

    Explanation: Business Model Canvas is to define the customer environment, business model, and motivators for change, whereas Seven Elements Framework helps in communicating and negotiating with stakeholders.

    KPIs are quantitative measurement of progress against the tactical goals of an organization. Which are three characteristics of KPIs? (Choose three.)

    • A. KPIs must be strategic and tactical in nature
    • B. KPIs can be financial, managerial, or operational
    • C. KPIs measure progress against goals
    • D. KPIs are set according to priorities: magnitude and urgency
    • E. KPIs define what needs to happen to achieve desired results in the time, budget, and level of expected quality

    Answer: BCE

    What is a key differentiator of the Cisco Data Analytics market solution?

    • A. It manages a higher volume of data than the competition.
    • B. It sets new standards for data capture and storage.
    • C. It includes a new Cisco category of cloud applications.
    • D. It offers an end-to-end industry platform.

    Answer: D

    Which are two reasons customers look for Cisco and its partners' solutions and services? (Choose two.)

    • A. To explore how technology innovation yields new revenue and lowers costs
    • B. To help make a retailer aware of a restocking need while more quickly relying on human interaction
    • C. To help business more effectively deploy, absorb, and adopt technologies
    • D. To enable customers to complete marketing research as part of their investment funds
    • E. To help business reduce the total cost of ownership for IT

    Answer: AC

    Which two options are characteristics of Critical Success Factors (CSFs)? (Choose two.)

    • A. CSFs describe what is needed by an organization or project to reach its goal.
    • B. CSFs receive special and continual attention from management.
    • C. CSFs are quantitative in nature and focus stakeholder relationships
    • D. CSFs link business initiatives to adopt solutions and services

    Answer: AB

    Which three sentences are true regarding the stakeholder power grid? (Choose three.)

    • A. It shows relationships of power among executives.
    • B. It displays the risk position of future investments.
    • C. It shows current and optimal future state.
    • D. It is a visual picture.
    • E. It shows quantitative information about stakeholder requirements.
    • F. It shows differences among stakeholders.

    Answer: CDF

    Which option is a key concept of the unique Cisco sales approach?

    • A. Add as many new Cisco technologies to the solution that meet customer needs.
    • B. Start driving outcomes for customers, and go beyond selling and implementing technology solutions.
    • C. Put together the most logical set of services for the customer.
    • D. Engage in dialog about customer needs and new technologies.

    Answer: B

    Which QUESTION NO: provides the best information to define customer success factors?

    • A. What are your business objectives for this project/initiative?
    • B. What tools are you looking for, to better measure your ROI?
    • C. What services do you need?
    • D. Which Cisco products best fit your goals?

    Answer: A

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