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Two fabric interconnects fail during a Cisco UCS firmware upgrade. Drag and drop the recovery steps from the left into the correct order on the right.
300-180 dumps exhibit


    Explanation: 300-180 dumps exhibit

    Refer to the exhibit.
    300-180 dumps exhibit
    You connect Cisco Nexus 5600 Series switches to Cisco Nexus 2200 Series Fabric Extenders by using FET-10G SFPs. Which command resolves the error that is shown in the exhibit?

    • A. switch#(config-if)# switchport mode dotlq tunnel trunk
    • B. switch#(config-if)# switchport mode fex-fabric
    • C. switch#(config-if)# switchport mode dynamic desirable
    • D. switch#(config-if)# switchport mode fabricpath

    Answer: B

    Refer to the exhibit.
    Boot from SAN fails. The host fails to detect the LUNs. You must resolve the issue. Drag and drop the WWPNs on the left to the correct zones on the right.
    300-180 dumps exhibit


      Explanation: 1- D, 2-C, 3-A, 4-B

      You have three VDCs named VDCI, VDC2 and VDC3 connected to the same environment, Due to a network device malfunction, there is an ARP storm in VDC1 Users in VDC2 discover that
      ARP is not resolving in VDC1. What is causing the issue?

      • A. The committed information rate is exceeded.
      • B. VDC1 is responsible for processing ARP for all of the VDCs,
      • C. The CoPP settings for VDC1 are Incorrect.
      • D. The CoPP settings for VDC2 are incorrect,

      Answer: A

      Which two maintenance policy options can you use to specify when the Cisco UCS Manager deploys a service profile change? (Choose two)

      • A. on the next reboot
      • B. when acknowledged by any user
      • C. immediately
      • D. when acknowledged by a user with root privileges
      • E. when acknowledged by a user with administrator privileges

      Answer: CE

      Refer to the exhibit.
      300-180 dumps exhibit
      A customer is having a problem with NPV. Which of these is the cause of the problem?

      • A. No server was requested or received by the FLOGI database.
      • B. One external link must be up for server interface to be up.
      • C. Multiple external links must be up for the server to come up.
      • D. Internal links are down and must be up for the server interface to be up.

      Answer: B

      You have enabled configuration synchronization between two Cisco Nexus 5548UP Switches. You create a port channel on switch 1 and determine that it was not synchronized with its peer. The peer switch can be pinged on the management VRF. When you check your peer status, you receive a "peer not reachable" message in the command output. What is the explanation for this?

      • A. CDP is disabled.
      • B. An LACP mismatch exists on the peer interfaces.
      • C. UDLD is disabled.
      • D. CFSoIP is disabled.
      • E. Multicast routing is enabled.

      Answer: D

      You discover that OSPF neighbors are stuck in Exstart and Exchange states.
      What prevents the external routes from being propagated to the leaf switches to which endpoints are attached for a given tenant?

      • A. The outside router is configured with an incorrect OSPF area ID.
      • B. There is an MTU mismatch between the OSPF neighbors.
      • C. The outside router is configured with an incorrect OSPF area type.
      • D. The outside router is configured for MTU 9000.

      Answer: B

      Refer to the exhibit.
      300-180 dumps exhibit
      Your customer reports that all storage traffic from storage array 11 to server 111 is taking the longest path, traveling from MDS-1 to MDS-2. You start troubleshooting the issue buy checking the Fibre Channel routing table. Which configuration set fixes the customer issues without affecting the storage array route of server 112?

      • A. MDS-Core(config)# interface fc1/1MDS-Core(config-if)# fspf cost 90 vsan 11
      • B. MDS-Core(config)# interface fc1/1 MDS-Core(Config-if)# cost 80 vsan 11
      • C. MDS-Core(config)# interface fc 1/1MDS-Coe(config-if)# fspf cost 60 vsan 11
      • D. MDS-Core(config)# interface fc1/1MDS-Core(config-if)# fspf cost 70 vsan 11

      Answer: C

      Which two commands will help an administrator identify any issues with an In-Service Software Upgrade? (Choose two.)

      • A. show cts interface
      • B. show incompatibility system
      • C. show license file
      • D. show install impact all
      • E. show install issu-failure

      Answer: BD

      You use a Cisco UCS VIC 1340 adapter. You discover that the actual vNIC order does not reflect the order specified in the connectivity policy. What must you do to change the placement order?

      • A. Change adminHostPort in the vNIC policy.
      • B. Change the adapter order in the connectivity policy.
      • C. Remove all of the adapters and recreate all of the adapters in the required order
      • D. Change adminHostPort in the connectivity policy.

      Answer: A

      Which two commands will show all the MAC addresses learned from remote sites in an OTV overlay? (Choose two.)

      • A. show otv route overlay
      • B. show otv vlan
      • C. show ip arp
      • D. show mac address-table
      • E. show otv site

      Answer: AE

      A leaf is programmed with the correct VLANs and Interfaces, but the servers in web EPG are unreachable from the outside Layer 2 network. You use a unique external L2out EPG as a Layer 2 extension Inside the Cisco ACI fabric. Which action do you take to resolve the communication issue?

      • A. Configure an MTU of 9000 bytes on the devices in the L2out EPG
      • B. Configure contracts between the web EPG and the L2out EPG
      • C. Bind the web EPG to a port/leaf.
      • D. Enable a spanning tree on the VLANs on the leaf.

      Answer: B

      Which command output shows the interface assigned as the designated receiver of each VLAN?

      • A. show system vlan reserved
      • B. show vlan internal bd-info bd-to-vlan all-bd
      • C. show port internal info all
      • D. show platform software enm internal info vlandb all

      Answer: D

      Which tools can assist in the troubleshooting of FC-0 issues? (Choose three.)

      • A. FC analyzer
      • B. SPAN
      • C. Device Manager
      • D. show interface fc1/1 optical-power-budget
      • E. PAA
      • F. a portable protocol analyzer

      Answer: ACF

      Refer to the exhibit.
      300-180 dumps exhibit
      The VXLAN configuration fails. Which action do you take to resolve the issue?

      • A. Change the multicast address in the range.
      • B. Change the mask of loopback1 to
      • C. Use a transit interface as the source interface.
      • D. Enable dense mode on loopback1.

      Answer: B

      Refer to the exhibit.
      300-180 dumps exhibit
      Which statement describes the output of the command?

      • A. The VSM is connected to the vCenter server.
      • B. The ports of the host are added to the DVS on VLAN 27.
      • C. The DPA interface a configured to use the incorrect VLAN.
      • D. The active VSM is connected to the standby VSM.

      Answer: A

      You upgrade Cisco UCS Director. When you power on the Cisco UCS director VM, the websock service fails to start. Which action do you take to resolve the issue?

      • A. Resynchronize the NTP time and time zone information on each node.
      • B. Import the correct SSL certificates
      • C. After you power on the VM, press Alt-F 1 to refresh the VMware console.
      • D. Ensure that the websock service starts automatically after an upgrade.

      Answer: B

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