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A software developer needs to perform code-execution testing, black-box testing, and non-functional testing on a new product before its general release. Which of the following BEST describes the tasks the developer is conducting?

  • A. Verification
  • B. Validation
  • C. Normalization
  • D. Staging

Answer: A

Which of the following describes the BEST approach for deploying application patches?

  • A. Apply the patches to systems in a testing environment then to systems in a staging environment, and finally to production systems.
  • B. Test the patches in a staging environment, develop against them in the development environment, andthen apply them to the production systems
  • C. Test the patches m a test environment apply them to the production systems and then apply them to a staging environment
  • D. Apply the patches to the production systems apply them in a staging environment, and then test all of them in a testing environment

Answer: A

A researcher has been analyzing large data sets for the last ten months. The researcher works with colleagues from other institutions and typically connects via SSH to retrieve additional data. Historically, this setup has worked without issue, but the researcher recently started getting the following message:
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Which of the following network attacks is the researcher MOST likely experiencing?

  • A. MAC cloning
  • B. Evil twin
  • C. Man-in-the-middle
  • D. ARP poisoning

Answer: C

In which of the following common use cases would steganography be employed?

  • A. Obfuscation
  • B. Integrity
  • C. Non-repudiation
  • D. Blockchain

Answer: A

A network administrator has been asked to design a solution to improve a company's security posture The administrator is given the following, requirements?
• The solution must be inline in the network
• The solution must be able to block known malicious traffic
• The solution must be able to stop network-based attacks
Which of the following should the network administrator implement to BEST meet these requirements?

  • A. HIDS
  • B. NIDS
  • C. HIPS
  • D. NIPS

Answer: D

An organization has been experiencing outages during holiday sales and needs to ensure availability of its point-of-sale systems The IT administrator has been asked to improve both server-data fault tolerance and site availability under high consumer load Which of the following are the BEST options to accomplish this objective'? (Select TWO)

  • A. Load balancing
  • B. Incremental backups
  • C. UPS
  • D. RAID
  • E. Dual power supply
  • F. NIC teaming

Answer: AD

A company’s bank has reported that multiple corporate credit cards have been stolen over the past several weeks. The bank has provided the names of the affected cardholders to the company’s forensics team to assist in the cyber-incident investigation.
An incident responder learns the following information:
SY0-601 dumps exhibit The timeline of stolen card numbers corresponds closely with affected users making Internet-based purchases from diverse websites via enterprise desktop PCs.
SY0-601 dumps exhibit All purchase connections were encrypted, and the company uses an SSL inspection proxy for the inspection of encrypted traffic of the hardwired network.
SY0-601 dumps exhibit Purchases made with corporate cards over the corporate guest WiFi network, where no SSL inspection occurs, were unaffected.
Which of the following is the MOST likely root cause?

  • A. HTTPS sessions are being downgraded to insecure cipher suites
  • B. The SSL inspection proxy is feeding events to a compromised SIEM
  • C. The payment providers are insecurely processing credit card charges
  • D. The adversary has not yet established a presence on the guest WiFi network

Answer: C

A database administrator needs to ensure all passwords are stored in a secure manner, so the administrate adds randomly generated data to each password before string. Which of the following techniques BEST explains this action?

  • A. Predictability
  • B. Key stretching
  • C. Salting
  • D. Hashing

Answer: C

A security administrator suspects an employee has been emailing proprietary information to a competitor. Company policy requires the administrator to capture an exact copy of the employee’s hard disk. Which of the following should the administrator use?

  • A. dd
  • B. chmod
  • C. dnsenum
  • D. logger

Answer: A

During an incident response, a security analyst observes the following log entry on the web server.
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Which of the following BEST describes the type of attack the analyst is experience?

  • A. SQL injection
  • B. Cross-site scripting
  • C. Pass-the-hash
  • D. Directory traversal

Answer: B

A symmetric encryption algorithm Is BEST suited for:

  • A. key-exchange scalability.
  • B. protecting large amounts of data.
  • C. providing hashing capabilities,
  • D. implementing non-repudiation.

Answer: D

A company's Chief Information Office (CIO) is meeting with the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to plan some activities to enhance the skill levels of the company's developers. Which of the following would be MOST suitable for training the developers'?

  • A. A capture-the-flag competition
  • B. A phishing simulation
  • C. Physical security training
  • D. Baste awareness training

Answer: B

A RAT that was used to compromise an organization’s banking credentials was found on a user’s computer. The RAT evaded antivirus detection. It was installed by a user who has local administrator rights to the system as part of a remote management tool set. Which of the following recommendations would BEST prevent this from reoccurring?

  • A. Create a new acceptable use policy.
  • B. Segment the network into trusted and untrusted zones.
  • C. Enforce application whitelisting.
  • D. Implement DLP at the network boundary.

Answer: C

A security analyst reviews the datacenter access logs for a fingerprint scanner and notices an abundance of errors that correlate with users' reports of issues accessing the facility. Which of the following MOST likely the cause of the cause of the access issues?

  • A. False rejection
  • B. Cross-over error rate
  • C. Efficacy rale
  • D. Attestation

Answer: B

A system administrator needs to implement an access control scheme that will allow an object’s access policy be determined by its owner. Which of the following access control schemes BEST fits the requirements?

  • A. Role-based access control
  • B. Discretionary access control
  • C. Mandatory access control
  • D. Attribute-based access control

Answer: B

A critical file server is being upgraded and the systems administrator must determine which RAID level the new server will need to achieve parity and handle two simultaneous disk failures. Which of the following RAID levels meets this requirements?

  • A. RAID 0+1
  • B. RAID 2
  • C. RAID 5
  • D. RAID 6

Answer: C

The SOC is reviewing process and procedures after a recent incident. The review indicates it took more than 30 minutes to determine that quarantining an infected host was the best course of action. The allowed the malware to spread to additional hosts before it was contained. Which of the following would be BEST to improve the incident response process?

  • A. Updating the playbooks with better decision points
  • B. Dividing the network into trusted and untrusted zones
  • C. Providing additional end-user training on acceptable use
  • D. Implementing manual quarantining of infected hosts

Answer: A

A company provides mobile devices to its users to permit access to email and enterprise applications. The company recently started allowing users to select from several different vendors and device models. When configuring the MDM, which of the following is a key security implication of this heterogeneous device approach?

  • A. The most common set of MDM configurations will become the effective set of enterprise mobile security controls.
  • B. All devices will need to support SCEP-based enrollment; therefore, the heterogeneity of the chosen architecture may unnecessarily expose private keys to adversaries.
  • C. Certain devices are inherently less secure than others, so compensatory controls will be needed to address the delta between device vendors.
  • D. MDMs typically will not support heterogeneous deployment environments, so multiple MDMs will need to be installed and configured.

Answer: C

Which of the following control sets should a well-written BCP include? (Select THREE)

  • A. Preventive
  • B. Detective
  • C. Deterrent
  • D. Corrective
  • E. Compensating
  • F. Physical
  • G. Recovery

Answer: ADG

A small business just recovered from a ransomware attack against its file servers by purchasing the decryption keys from the attackers. The issue was triggered by a phishing email and the IT administrator wants to ensure it does not happen again. Which of the following should the IT administrator do FIRST after recovery?

  • A. Scan the NAS for residual or dormant malware and take new daily backups that are tested on a frequent basis
  • B. Restrict administrative privileges and patch ail systems and applications.
  • C. Rebuild all workstations and install new antivirus software
  • D. Implement application whitelisting and perform user application hardening

Answer: A

A small company that does not have security staff wants to improve its security posture. Which of the following would BEST assist the company?

  • A. MSSP
  • B. SOAR
  • C. IaaS
  • D. PaaS

Answer: B

A security analyst receives a SIEM alert that someone logged in to the appadmin test account, which is only used for the early detection of attacks. The security analyst then reviews the following application log:
SY0-601 dumps exhibit
Which of the following can the security analyst conclude?

  • A. A replay attack is being conducted against the application.
  • B. An injection attack is being conducted against a user authentication system.
  • C. A service account password may have been changed, resulting in continuous failed logins within the application.
  • D. A credentialed vulnerability scanner attack is testing several CVEs against the application.

Answer: C


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